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    Seems like another " watch me get them wound up"...

    Not worth responding, if you are happy with what you have, great...

    I had a Pandora....

    Yes..this forum lost like a hundred nice & friendly members but at least we have such threads like this one here..that's something too I guess..

    I think I read somewhere that it took them about a year to get his profiles the way he wanted them

    I read this too..

    But I don't believe this is about "micing & tweaking nonstop for a year" on one or two rigs..rather than working on many,many rigs used for a lot of Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits many rigs are we talking about;I guess a lot.I don't know but maybe we will learn at some point in time.

    Anyway..nothing against Metallica,Paul Gilbert or any other "metal shredders" who use the new generation of digital gear..I love them all but Mark Knopfler is absolute top when it comes to "feel" with very subtle clean and break ups..having him on the artist list will "do it" doubts left for the last hardcore tube nutheads.. thinking about it is really amazing.Technology has taken the last barrier in the guitar amp world.And it is not "digital Vs tubes" but a very nice Kemper without tube amps..


    I hope they took some vids of the profiling process of Knopflers rigs.How many views would this get on YT..:P

    I don’t want Mark’s profiles. Having access to his exact sounds would only deliver the final crushing blow to my delusions that I could sound like that with his rig. Even with his rig I would still sound as bad as I always do || while plugged into any old piece of garbage he would still sound like Mark Knopfler. I say keep his profiles secret and let me continue to dream. Ignorance is bliss ^^

    You sir are really a gentleman!Sad enough I can like this post only one time but often I thought exactly the same during the last years!"Hopefully Santana or Knopfler never use a KPA..that would mean it is really just me and my fingers unable to reach tone-heaven.."

    Now..all excuses are gone.;)

    This is the "biggest possible endorsement" Kemper could get.Congrats to @CK and his boys.


    Every guitar player wants "what the pros are using" has never been different.This is it.Started with pedals and continued with PUs,FX,guitars and finally amps analogue to the growing wages 1970-2008."Signature" has become key for any marketing out there a long time ago.

    And while we are at this..there are not many "pros" and "Rockstars" using digital "all in one" floorboards out there.This is a fact.Digital floorboards were always since the mid 80 "low level" and had never "pro-reputation".

    Kemper has like hundreds of well known "Pros" using their Profiler while the price is very "reasonable" for most guitar players out there.

    So what can Kemper win with one more "usual floorboard" on the market cheaper or same price with their KPA?

    A smart tool,very small and handy though..for all KPA users..that would be something we would see for sure even with big names using it for jam sessions or rehearsals with other big names.


    They produce a 911 which is the best car they can make, then do a cheap version called the boxster...then decide the gap between to 2 is too large so they make a cayman, which is purposely a cut down 911, to make it not quite as good...if they made it too good, no one would need to buy a 911

    Well..I guess this is all about?

    The KPA is "top-pro" buy it and you get what the "pros" are using.The exact same thing.Nothing "downscaled"..and all this for a very (already) more than fair price,top service & support plus longevity in a digital world..This is their reputation.

    Just because there is a "market" for something it does not mean that you have to follow it blindly.Today the market at midnight is "here" and in the noon it is "there"..nothing worth to loose your hard earned reputation.

    I guess the Kempers have all this "well thought" of and their "calculations" are serious..they have drawn their conclusions and we will see how these conclusions about "the market" will play out and what products we will see "next".

    For sure we will see some kind of floorboard from Kemper.I have no doubt.But I am sure(or at least I hope so) that it will be a clever solution.

    Dear @Dimi..

    This is what I really love about the brings us guitar players to admit what close minded creatures we are..

    Synth,bass-players and drummers had to adjust much earlier during the last decades than us electric guitar players..thanks to the KPA we finally start to discuss interesting issues like "amp-in-the-room",FRFR,the role of different speakers,cab sizes and finally the "real role of the EQ" on vintage tube amps..all funny stuff but yes we finally did it.Congrats to ourselves!


    Believe me my friend..if there is something you should be happy about then it is the fact that the EQ of the KPA does not "work exactly" like the ones of the profiled amps.It is a funny issue indeed and it would take pages to discuss a lots of Humor..

    The gain-knob is a very different issue.Tricky enough..we must admit that Kemper achieved a good solution.Can it be done better?For sure.In the future I guess.But right now and in my personal opinion the solution we have now is useable for a lot of (good) profiles and does sometimes "interesting and very musical" results to a few profiles I use.

    The point I agree is the "modeller"-thing..I also never saw the KPA as a modeller but always as a "sweetspot-copy generator" which allows me to profile my amps in the way I love them to sound like.Pkus to get all the very personal results of other players and their "view on things" plus their skill to get their preferences into the profiler.

    I guess there is not a single person out there who uses at least 60-70% of the current KPA-capacities and will not admit that we indeed now really need an editor.

    I have used the KPA at very hot conditions with no problems.But IMO it is important to put it out of the sun.Otherwise at daytime a cooling fan can't do any harm..;)

    It should be no problem to use the KPA at "hot nights".I have a 4HE rack and leave the bottom HE free..just to be sure..

    Actually in my case..I will use the editor very much as soon as it will be finally released..I wont even touch the knobs of the frontpanel anymore for anything to do with morphing(which slowly becomes key for everything I do now with two kpa´s)..

    So I would be nuts to say anything negative about the editor.;)

    But this dont change some facts:

    The KPA is the modeller which reminds all "usual tube guys" most of all modellers of an amp.

    You can use it as an amp with all its "classical" knobs for gain,EQ and volume.

    You can "copy" the sweet spot of your own amps.

    In general it is "simple to use" untill you go for a lots of FX,morphing,changing cabs etc..then ofcourse things will become tricky.But in the very first years of the KPA all the new fx and the morphing feature did not exist.Back then the editor was not important.In hindsight we must admit this. a tube amp guy you will use the KPA very much the same way like an amp.For the first periods of time.Whatever happens then..the editor will be the biggest help for "discovering" everything the KPA has to offer now.

    If you doing movies/scores-stuff I could imagine that an editor might help "with a million cues"...but my experience the engineer does everything when mixing the guitar.How many "different settings" can you do with a marshall rig or a deluxe/JC120 anyway?

    As for often did the engineer ask me to decide myself on reverb or delay and let me record it from start with my own tools?Hmm..

    I don't know..I just talk from my own experience and from other guys I have met over the last 30 years in "several studios" I can be of course wrong..;)

    I believe that today we could have much better solutions..more clever in any case.The whole concept of expensive floor-stuff which cost more than 1000€|$ is outdated IMO.

    We already have the remote.Maybe we don't need an extra floor-style "profile player" but just a (much)smaller "Pocket-Toaster"-Profile Player which could be used together with the remote?

    For very small gigs,rehearsals and jams I do not need much tweaking of my presets.An smartphone app to do basic adjustments before all starts(volume,fx-mix) would be more than enough.

    I would love to see such an idea become reality as a "option" for KPA-customers exclusivly.But since "any code can be cracked" I don't have any idea how to get this working..maybe there is a way?

    Re-thinking the whole "profile player"-idea..since I have the toaster (had the rack already before) I must is a cute little thing..who needs a big floormodeler?Plus some EV-pedals?How much more "convinient" is a big floormodeler plus external pedal-stuff vs a toaster plus pedalstuff?

    It is all about "just one more bag".Right?

    I dont talk about the rack-version which is indeed another issue but the toaster is small and light.

    A small profile player (remote size) would be nice for certain gigs and jam sessions..but soon as you also use a wah and one,two is all the same.

    Absolutely allowed to have an opinion; it's not like we use an electric chair as some kind of opinion-changing punishment. But others don't even need to "love fractal" to think these criticisms are unfounded, exaggerated, you-name-it. There seems to be a difference between "preferring one business model over another" (where they are truly different) and just trying to define-out-of-seriousness an entire company.

    I don't care..really..I am just so happy that I did not went for the AX8 some weeks ago.I know how I would feel now If I did..

    Funny...every time a new product is released its the same debate....

    Is Kemper behind the times or not. Do we prefer Axe or Kempers business model..

    Everyone as a purchaser has an opinion of what they want so apart from stating what we individually want, you can't really go beyond that.

    Thank you..easy as that..


    AFStandard/Ultra/2/2+/2xl/XL+/Fm8/Ax8/ all the Footcontrollers of which the first do not fit to the many of these products are not "supported" anymore(or won't be so soon) with all the consequences for updates/resell value and so on?The AX8 will not be "supported" anymore(CC said this himself) just after three years after they released it..enough said..

    If I have the opinion that Fractal is more of a funny cult with a guru and his disciples than about serious business it is my opinion.I said the same many (many) years ago about protools(now avid) and received a lot of bad reaction for this from the very same people who today are more pissed about pro tools than I ever have been..

    But hey..if someone loves something so badly I will not try to convince anyone not to..but I am allowed to have an opinion.


    Φίλε..let's not twist words here.."obsolete" means that some (digital) device stops being "supported".How much of L6 and Fractal has been stopped being supported now?It is a kindergarten for guys with GAS.So be it.I am fine with that.It is just not my thing.

    On the other side..take what Christoph said.Even with a KPA2 the current one will continue to get "supported" by all means just like Kemper does with their synths for some two decades now.It is just a very very serious company which has "musicians first" written big and fat on their banner since the first day.Not because they are the mother Teresa's of the music industry..but it is their buisness politics and musicians love that.

    Let us not deny the facts here.

    Two days ago I went to the fractal forum to read about the fm3..and was heavily surprised that I read a lot of comments about how happy the guys over there are with the AF3 because of its front panel for "fast editing" with no laptop.Specially the musicians who indeed play a lot of live and do a lot of recording are happy that they don't need to depend solely on the fractal editor..

    The whole (little) amp section of the Kemper does not need any editor anyway.The profiled rig is already the "edited and tweaked rig" is not serious to compare this to other modellers which you need to edit "from the scratch" need an editor.

    That being said..the new editor will be a big help for tweaking FX,selecting cabs and most of all (and here I guess the whole thing needs a lot of work untill summer) for morphing..I am no software developer(like half of this forum here..obviously..) but I can only guess that a flawless morphing for all parameters needs indeed some time.This is for sure not an easy task which can be done "in a week".

    I'd like to see a spillproof floorboard Profiler from Kemper myself. I'm sure they'd have thought of that. Make the damn thing bulletproof, with gorilla glass and sealed aaperture

    actually a full blown floorboard profiler does not make sense..and it would be to expensive too.Imagine a "stage proof" floorboard as you describe it.This would be closer to a tank than to a music instrument..

    I talk since years about a "modular profile player" and I am a little bit sad that I see other companies doing exactly this.Going "modular".

    But to Kempers big luck the competitors are either to greedy (fm3+fc6=1500$) or sound wise not close enough.

    Kemper should definitely "do something"..but in a clever,reasonable and "cheaper" way..something musicians can't reject.;)

    "Digital gadgets"... as opposed to kemper.. which is a tool instead.. right...

    Indeed I was thinking about to edit this phrase..but the fact that the AX8 is obsolete after just 3 years..this is a classical "gadget" phenomenon.Just compare how much obsolete products Kemper and Fractal have(even since 2012)..enough said..;)