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    Man I am very sad to hear about your problem.Indeed reading stuff like this makes me feel "not worthy" because I really dont know shit about "real problems"..this is about the editor.This is about gear so I will try..


    Simple yes..the music..the gear?Lets agree to disagree..I have completely other memories.More like "the bigger the better"..I remember guitar players all doing the double stack thing "because it has the looks" and the much more "efficient" Mesa MK series being for the "snobby doctors and lawyers" who needed an amp "to fit into their porsches":|..add the fx-racks to all this..pure fun..

    I really would like to see "sales charts" from the 80s when some "more practical solutions" were on the market.Man..did I hate to lugging these massive tomtom racks,the dozen overheads and heavy double kicks around..not to mention the nice SVTs(tube) and their 8x10 cabs..this is what I remember from the 80s.


    Rock'n'Roll was NEVER about efficiency.

    I can't say it in a better way.It was always about transporting a certain feel of anger and energy which had never ever anything to do with convenience,"efficiency" or being "reasonable"..Rock'n'Roll was ALWAYS about anti-efficiency,in-conveniece,suffering and rageing against any idea of "workflow" in the right sense of this word.This was also expressed for a big(actually huge) part through the gear used.Bigger,heavier and louder..transporting the band gear was a huge part of the glue which kept a band together.It was a huge part of the "common band experience" and a huge part of the "story" of each group.Maybe it is even today.I hope so.Sorry to sound so graphical..I can fully understand when some younger guys laugh about this.

    But for me it is funny and for sure no coincidence that when Rock'n'Roll started to "smell funny" it was also exactly the same time when "UI" and "midi" became more important than pure sound and 4x12 stacks.Anyway..

    As an older guy now producing music I can't wait for the editor.Fact.For the workflow.

    I'm not going to try to parse that first half out. I don't mean to be rude

    Ofcourse you are not're a good,balanced glad we have you here..


    K, I'll be back next month. Ya'll be good

    Yes.Everything will be fine..don't worry..and don't forget your medication..

    If the editor was a true priority financially or otherwise, it would take not nearly as much time, and it would be done. I mean Damien did it in his free time through MIDI...

    True.For sure they have other priorities.But these priorities are not "for them" but what @CK believes are more useful and important for his customers..strange enough that some of his customers can't see this.

    In any case Kemper did very well acknowledged that now with all the new features an editor is useful and for this reason it will come soon.Right now it is a priority.No doubt.

    If the new speaker is just a "renamed" one why should Kemper wait a year (and maybe longer)to make it available?To make us believe it is new technology?You say they are just fooling us?Like the other guy who says the editor is a hoax?

    The amount of distrust and false claims displayed here by a handful of people is more than disturbing.


    I said this so often..I am convinced the "secret of success" of the Kemper is its amp-like makes the transition for tube-rig users to digital gear very easy and smooth..

    It makes no difference.The editor is in the works.It will arrive tomorrow or next week or next month..but it will come soon..

    All that counts for me (since I got the profiler) is stability & reliability.For this reason I am more than willing to wait as long as it takes.

    And Damian..I don't know about this group of people telling @CK that an editor is not needed..who are they?I don't believe this..sorry..I rather have a problem with the group of people putting pressure on the team to release an unstable version of the editor which should not even a first beta version.

    This would be a huge disaster.For many reasons..I hope the team does not follow this path..

    The editor is needed since the full release of the new delays.Doing morphing with two KPAs is a pita with no editor.The new reverbs and ofcourse all all the rest..cabs,fx presets etc..there is no player out there who is at least at some semi-pro level who is not waiting for the editor.It is funny that some guys here insist that there are "many people in this forum who say they don't need an editor" when there are none.This discussion is over since 2017.Why does it come up almost every day?

    And a word about the Kone..

    I wonder..saying (and we don't hear this for the first time) the editor is "more important than the Kone" and that Kemper must "catch up with the competition" must be the funniest thing I heard since "Taylor swift brought as many kids to the electric guitar as EVH"..

    We talk about the solution to the ampintheroom-issue which was always the plague to the digital modelling buiseness..but instead to see what potential this Kone technology has and how far in front of the competition @CK is with his thinking for the future..well..what else to is just funny..

    Soon we will see that the "competition" runs behind the digital imprints thing begging celestion to make the same for them as they did for the profiler..just a few years later..

    So many people stating that they don't need an editor

    Show me just one.Please be so kind..can you?

    Absolutely EVERYONE in this thread ,in this forum and in every single gearblog out there says that the editor is needed now and ofcourse will be a nice addition.

    Really..there is a fine line between serious discussion and just trolling but here we have an ocean dividing the (indeed) handful of people insisting on the same and again same arguments just for the sake of it.

    Again..everyone will admit that the editor will be a very nice thing.It is in the works!

    Saying that in the past before 2017 the Kemper stuff did not needed an editor is a valuable point.These things were easy to handle.But matter what we (actually the vast,silent majority of the huge Kemper Family) will does not change a Jota in what will continue to happen here..right?

    OTOH, The current buyers don't seem to have an issue with their time frames. It's Hard to hold someones feet to the fire when the heat doesn't really bother them.

    Thank you..actually this is what I said in my few last posts and it backfired badly..for what ever reason..I still don't know..

    As long as a product sells like @@ it is hard to question the philosophy of the company.I asked why people are buying this product like crazy and there must be a reason for this.Despite all the guys here in this thread,despite the paid agent provocateurs in several gear blogs,despite the trolls with their negative energy on FB,gearpage or wherever on my opinion and my explanation the reaction I got was quite funny..

    The product sells,Kemper did everything the right way(obviously) and we will all profit from the fact that Kemper found a way to take a huge chunk from the competitors top selling products (helix & fm3..obviously not hxstomp..)where these did not expect it..this is a fact..sorry to repeat myself,I said this many weeks ago..

    Stage and even editor may never have been part of the "initial plan" for the Kemper product line but both show that it is stupid to say that Kemper does not react to the market needs.That they don't listen o their customers.They do.They just don't shout and brag..they do it in a "more serious way" if this is still possible in our times..

    The editor will come.And ofcourse it better will be good.If so the quarells with the Stage will be forgotten as fast as the teething problems with the very first KPA Led-issue back in 2012..for this I have no problem to say that the editor can wait untill it "works" sufficiently together with the other huge upgrade package we will get.Dont forget it is not only "just an editor"..we talk here about a whole system of systems the competition does not have(just think about the morphing-function which is indeed unique).

    Give the guys all the time they need.We won't regret it.

    I for one, have no interest in the stage sales numbers. The thread is about the editor so we should keep it at least close to the topic. I realize that after 2,304 posts there may not be a lot to say, other then some cathartic bitching and moaning about the delay. :|:rolleyes::thumbup::saint:

    Okay.I have nothing against this approach.I even agree and again have no idea what brought me to "contribute" 5 posts in this kindergarten of a thread..I guess all I wanted to say is:Let this thread die.The editor will come when it's ready and Kemper has absolutely no need to listen to anyone who wants to tell him how to do his work..his stuff sells like crazy and we should play our guitar instead to feed this freakin' apocalypse of a needless discussion..


    For me it's bizarre to read poems about the missing editor.This whole drama here is bizarre.

    It is funny that none here answers me to the simple fact that the Stage is out of stock because it sells like crazy.

    I tried to give an explanation for the huge gap between some guys here going mad about the editor while it is selling like crazy.This is the gap between reality in the shops and back orders and the drama we see here in this thread.

    You have to allow me to at least talk about it..


    Do you mean the Kemper Profilers is a "new product"?Really?I always thought it is 5 years older than the helix..but..hmm..ofcourse this is just my reality..^^

    Or do you mean the "form factor"?Well..speaking about categories and putting things as we like..

    Like it or not.Most customers getting right now the Kemper (which form factor does not matter in this case) are obviously okay that the editor is still not there.The whole drama in this thread is funny.And sad.And this is my opinion.

    The most and really only ridiculous thing is to deny another person's experience and opinion.

    I don't know how many guitar players are this or that.I know that most players in my experience are ofcourse "tube only" players.Now live with that.

    Besides my very first post about this snissue I definitely stated that "I don't know but.." don't make me quote myself.

    Stating that despite the pending editor and first qc-usues the product Kemper stage is a top selling product is nothing but the truth.I don't know why you and other people are so mad about it this simple fact.But for sure you will get over it..

    Look guys..I don't even like the Stage..I would never buy into this "form factor" which has no real benefits for me.A huge pedal board is completely useless for me.

    But it should be allowed to state the obvious.

    It is a "sold out product" despite qc-issues with the first batch and a pending editor.Reality.Not?Presenting "alternative truths" is not hip anymore btw..


    Excuse me..which again is the "relevant category" for the stage;If it is not "guitar preamps" I're one of the more intelligent folks here..please stop playing with words.


    Again..I could not care less about the "success" of anything.I don't care about the stage.I only stayed that Kemper reacted " to the market" and took a huge part of the competitors of the competitors announced a floarboard and fukced up.Still.The other big competitor despite being cheaper,having the "worlds best editor/UI and whatever eats dust..

    So important is the editor to potential customers;The answer is obviously "in the charts"..if this is good or bad I really don't care. Just a fact.

    Maybe it is another Thomann?From mars or the Venus?

    When I Google "Thomann Kemper Stage" I get this:

    Number one in the category of "guitar preamps" is not that hard.And it is there since it appeared.Out of stick everywhere..

    Twisting reality is the last resort for the desperate..

    If sales numbers speak the truth... for example about good taste... you should not look at music charts ^^

    I agree with you that the charts(are they still relevant today;) don't say much about good taste but gear is not as much about good taste as it is about sound,reliability and ofcourse personal needs..I just don't believe that people today spend double as much money for the stage as they could save buying a helix Lt or whatever half the price and with "the world's best editor/UI" because they "don't know" that the editor is still not ready or that some kpa-stages have qc-issues..

    Obviously most customers don't care..and there must be some reasons for this..;)