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    The 2205/2210 amps weren't horrible. You just had to keep them away from a 2203/2204. I gigged in a band with a guy who played a 2205 (2210 - not sure). I thought his tone sounded good. In his next band he played with a guy who had an early 80s 2204. The difference in tone was unmistakable. Life is sometimes a matter of perspective.

    oh yes..

    The same funny thing happened with many mesa guys and their caliber 50/studio preamp rack with the graphic EQ (always "V-tweak") in these two-guitar-players bands...

    Mesa guy:"Hey guys listen..this is the metallica-sound.."

    Marshall guy: graaaaang....

    Mesa guy: "I can't hear me,I can't hear me..."

    It was always the same. Hehe...

    I actually knew a guy who had a very convincing sounding 2205 back in the day. But in general there was a 2204/modifying hype specially after the this hype spilled over from the USA and a very famous (back then) german guitar player went on tour with a Baldringer modified 2204. Which sounded fantastic. REALLY fantastic.

    The issue with all these mods..they broke down a lot. Preferably during the gig. The reason I never modified my beloved 2204..I went one day to the shop to this amp guy with the amp and the money in my hands ..and there were like 6-7 plexis & 2204 standing and waiting for "repair" while an angry player just left the shop saying in an angry tone that "this is the second time" and that he would "need his amp on stage and not in the repair all the time".


    Until the Rectifier and the 5150 appeared the "hunt for the grail tone" was a mess. Broken Marshall's,silly racks and expensive Mesa mk amps.. and ofcourse the epic '80s "fx-loop misery".. haha..

    And then people ask why whoever went though all that ..loves his Kemper today..

    Dalls Rangemaster was used by many well known guitarists. Didn't many guitarists used rack effects with built in OD's in the 80's?…angemaster_Treble_Booster

    For sure..and many other treble boosters,some even custom made (eddie kramer for jimiand others) but this is not my point.

    My point is that there was never a "nerdy pedal hype"..This came in the late '90s and became "transcendental" and somewhat ZEN in the following decade.

    The MXR+ was not a treble booster. For me the trick was to use an almost dead 9V battery. It was maybe the best drive pedal ever in that configuration.

    The DA treble booster was a great unit as well. Plugged right into the guitar. Did way more than the name indicates.

    We have a slighty different perespective. Maybe due to location? I appreciate your viewpoint.

    All good. I fully agree with you. I just don't remember anyone back then in the 80s who was into any kind of pedal hype. That's all..

    I had a Dan Armstrong treble booster, a big muff, an MXR distortion +, and Fuzz face myself. I bought the treble booster in 75 and all others came after that.

    From memory Maestro fuzz, Fuzzrite, Tonebender, Rangemaster, Boss offered a few I think.

    Along the way 80s and beyond I owned many others


    Treble boosters..that mxr..wasn't that a treble booster too?

    All the drives and distortion pedals came later in the 80s. I wouldn't say that people loved them. As they did not love the od-channel of the 2205/2210.

    Otherwise there would have not been this hysteria with the marshall mods of the 2204 back then.


    Even back then ..100w were "to much".

    Most players I knew were hunting for 2204. I had (actually still have) a 1981 2204..

    Had some "obscenely good offers" but kept it because I wanted it to modify and use it myself. It is still in original condition and I see now offers again in the 3000-4000€ on eBay.. hmm..

    I guess it depends on how you define the 'golden era'. Pedals were being used in the 60s and 70s A LOT. And I don't remember them being the enemy no1. Didn't happen IME. It seems you and I are from different generations with different memories or viewpoints. All good...

    How many pedals do you know from the 60s and 70s?

    I mean OD and Dist-pedals?

    And in the '80s which pedal was the "choice of the guitar heroes"???

    Don't like to argue with you. Just curious.

    There were lot's of 'traditional' amps modded with cascaded gain staging, diode clippers(silicon, germanium, LEDs), different types of master volume, PAB, biasing, etc... Most were looking for more, like goes to '11'. ;) Also, music was changing and super high gain became a thing guitarists desired.

    Boutique became a thing, but mods came first simply because so many amps already existed and it is easier to mod an existing amp rather than build a full amp from scratch.

    Judging by the effect pedal market, it seems not that many ditched pedals for very long if at all. Guitarists seem to be on an endless, outward search for some 'magic'. IME, most never look inside of themselves.

    Things developed rapidly in the '80. Ultra Fast. Mods,racks,"boutique"..Ofcourse for us europeans..whatever came from the USA..we copied it.

    But pedals were never part of the hype in the "golden era". Not at all. Rather the "enemy no1".

    I remember vividly when I noticed this "pedal-revival" at the beginning of the 2000s and young lads asked "what OD used Eddie on eruption" or Ingwie on far beyond the sun..

    That was an interesting time.

    The answer is ofcourse that all the tube amp technicians put an extra preamp tube (12ax7 I believe I don't remember anymore ) into the circuit. People wanted "tube gain" and were obsessed by it.

    Btw we talk only about the single channel JCM800s.. 2204/50w..

    Except most Marshalls and many other "tube amp" legends use Solid State Clipping Diodes in the pre-amps anyway. I'm not an amp tech but from what I hear the JCM 800 is pretty much a distortion pedal with a valve power section I think :D

    So what went wrong and thousands and thousands of guitar players all over the world ditched their pedals and either went for "modifications" of their 800s or bought SLOs/5150s or Rectifiers??

    The whole SLO-/5150-/Rectifier-/Bogner etc hype grew out of the hate and the desperation for the boss and ibanez OD/DIST-pedals..

    I don't remember a single '80 shredder who did not ran with his jcm800 to a local tube amp guru for "some modification "..

    This is ofcourse something that nobody wants to hear about today.

    Think Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains ...


    Maiden is marshall tones. I really would try to find a nice beefy,chunky aggressive marshall profile (think JCM800 or JVM/DSL kinda thing..not plexi..) with not to much gain.

    I know in the past maiden used mxr drives/booster for their lead sounds. There are really enough profiles to go for this. My recommendation would be steavens poundcake profiles.

    Alice in chains...dual rectifier revision G. This was the sound back then.

    Pearl Jam.. yes definitely TS. they used a lot of tweed amps.

    In general I use pedals only for "certain special tasks" like 60s psychedelic sounds (jimi!!...fuzz!) or a nice throaty fusion sound with a TS into a '65 champ..

    Other than that.. I am no "cheap-transistor-boost my tube boutique amp" kind of guy..🙃😉

    Exactly. I don't know her songs. Also Taylor swift..not my thing..

    But if something is not is not good!

    I don't like this "yea but she has a million fans and 10 Grammys and you are only jealous"-kind of thing. This is not valid. Or any porn actress with their "million clicks & fans" is a better actor than any nameless but talented actors in the small little but precious theaters I know.

    Enough with this BS. This goes to long.

    As I said.. I don't know HER and I don't care about Taylor Swift. They may deserve everything they have... just leave this "they are famous and everything they do is class"-thing out of this.