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    It was Kemper who I contacted initially, and they told me to do it through the retailer. The Kemper still went back to Germany though. Well, it's the weekend now, so I shall fire them an email for Monday. Half tempted to take it, personally, to Anderton's so that they can hear it for themselves. Unfortunately, that is about a 300-mile round trip, so it may not happen.

    Well, I'm not overly happy at the outcome. Received the Kemper back today, and alarm bells started ringing the second I powered it up. The profile that was selected prior to sending it out was still displaying, suggesting that little or no parameter adjustments had been made. I know it was the same profile as it the one that I recorded sound samples from to email to Kemper prior to sending the unit. Sure enough, it exhibits the EXACT same problem as before. It sounds absolutely atrocious. Pretty sure that all they've done, if anything, is just reset it. Which doesn't fix the problem.

    Not even sure what to do now. Can't keep it, can't sell it, and Kemper think they've fixed it.... :(

    Haven't contacted Kemper. I did contact Anderton's a while ago, and they told me that it would be 4-6 weeks. I just thought they were being excessively pessimistic, and the turnaround would be quicker. With 4 weeks now elapsed maybe their dour outlook had a ring of truth to it. I sold a guitar to a guy in Germany this week. Posted it on Monday, and he was playing it on Tuesday. I know that was the other extreme, with the shipping costs being very high for that level of service, but even so. Looks like the Micro Cube is gonna have to earn it's keep a while longer ;)

    Permission gratefully taken on board :D I really appreciate your efforts, honestly I do. It's just that the whole midi thing has taken the full attention of both of my brain cells, and I can smell burning coming out of my ears. I must be getting old, as my capacity for understand new concepts seems to be waning by the week. I need to stumble upon a youtube tutorial that leads me gently by the hand :)

    Thanks MM

    Although, I should point out that you're dealing with the layest of laymen here. An awful lot of what you wrote went whooshing straight over my head. lol. I am, pretty much tied to using usb as opposed to audio outs, as I don't have an interface between virus and mac.

    I run my Virus into Logic using USB Into Logic on a Mac as well. Are you going direct into the USB port on the back, or using a hub?

    Hi nightlite

    I am running straight into the mac, no hubs involved. I have read elsewhere that hubs create problems. The mac is an i5, 2015 model, so shouldn't really struggle. I know that others have no issues on older macs. Pretty sure it's a setting that's wrong somewhere. I tried to follow Access's walkthrough, but I think they were using Logic Pro 7 or something, and differences reared their heads pretty quickly. I'll have another play later :)

    I know it's supposed to be simple, but something's awry. I can use the Virus to control the Logic Pro's software synths no problem. But, if I try to play the Virus from within the Daw I get loads of white noise and crap introduced from somewhere, and I can't figure out why. So, if I combine the 2, all I'm able to do is to benefit from the Virus as a control input, and as a sound card for the software instruments.

    I've been hankering after a synth for a while now. Finally decided on a Virus Ti Keyboard. Totally loving the thing so far. So much power :) Haven't got my head around integrating it with Logic Pro X yet. The Access site is pretty useless as the instructions they give relate to quite an old version of Logic. I keep googling, but a lot of pre-knowledge is presumed, and I know nothing about MIDI. A steep learning curve, but I'll get there.

    An update on an old thread............ My Kemper went bad a few times again, each time I was able to restore it, and get it sounding good again. Until the last time, whereby it went bad, and stayed bad. I had been in contact with Kemper for a week or two prior, and was able, finally, to send them a sound-clip of the problem. They suggested a Return to Base, so it's on it's way now. Andertons were excellent, and arranged for the collection of it yesterday. Just have to be patient now, and hope it's fixed upon it's return. With it having been an intermittent problem, there is always the worry that it will behave itself on the day. Here's hoping that it stays bad ;)

    Hi all. I have a cheap, Casio keyboard, and wondered if I can plug it into the Kemper to enjoy the Kemper's effects? It doesn't have a Line Out or anything, just a Headphone Out. I'm worried about levels. If it is possible to use it, where do I plug it in? And will I have to adjust db levels etc? Cheers :)

    I really hope that the Helix LT sells by the truck load. If only to make Cris Kemper sit up and take notice. It makes little commercial sense to ignore producing the floor model that an awful lot of people are absolutely crying out for. I would sell one of my kidneys in a heartbeat to buy one. I love everything about the Helix except the important bit......... The sound. But to have the sound of the Kemper at my feet would be sublime. It has to happen, doesn't it?