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    If rebooting your Kemper and PC, doesn't fix the problem:

    Find Device Manager in Windows, look in Sound,video and Game Controllers - is there a yellow exclamation mark on the Kemper Profiler?

    If the Kemper does have a yellow exclamation mark, right click the Kemper Profiler and uninstall it, you shouldn't need to remove the driver, but if all else fails, uninstall the driver too. Then reinstall RM 1.6.

    Just picked up the 10 pack, played for 2 hours straight, and I'm still in awe of the tones that I just heard. No tone fatigue whatsoever, just endless stoke. My '59 reissue Strat hasn't had this much attention in a while, even the bridge pickup had practical application; whereas with most profiles, I don't bother with the bridge SC.

    What really got me excited was the ability to get an amazing tone out of every profile I've tried so far, with just a basic 3-position switch and '59 tone-pot wiring, so much to hear going on in these profiles.

    Just pointed, clicked, and played - with no adjustments or tweaks of the profiles necessary, for me.

    Well done and thanks, TAF!

    The Scarlet 6i6 has enough inputs for 4 people, which is great if someone wants to just show up, plug in, and jam with you guys.

    For the low volume jam, the Yamaha HS-8's out of the 6i6 are incredible! The clarity and definition of all the different Kemper profiles is blissful, very accurately represented. They can get loud too. We have been using this setup for about a year now.

    We also use a Roland TD-11 drum kit, for it's USB MIDI, to trigger Addictive Drums 2. This also frees up input on the 6i6.

    It's great not having to rent a practice space, it saves a lot of time and money, and sounds better than I could've imagined.

    I read a lot of reviews before I bought my 6i6, a few years ago. The reviewers were saying that the 2i2 and the 2i4, because they are powered by USB only, and don't have a separate power supply, their headphone volume was weak. The new 6i6 should work out well for you.

    Also, the KPA can only do 44.1KHz over SPDIF, which can add latency and make output feel sluggish. If that happens, try XLR's with your 6i6 set to 96KHz, with a 1.0ms buffer. The 2ng gen 6i6 does 192KHz, that should really minimize latency.

    What headphones are you using?

    I was unable to see the 4.2 Beta update from Rig Manager, until I went to File>Preferences then check the box that says: Also Check For Beta Releases. Then I was able to click Help>Check for Updates and it found and installed 4.2.

    The process was much quicker to copy and begin installing, than a USB stick, for me.

    I'd be content with the VST plugin just being able to recall the profile used for a particular recorded track and automatically selecting it when the track is armed. But to see a VST be able to take full control over the features and settings of the KPA, would be a game changer.

    Do you by any chance know how the 6i6 drives high impedance headphones compared to the kemper? I remember reading when I was looking for my headphones that sometimes you need a headphone amp for a 600 ohm headphone to get a decent volume.

    I think you're right about needing a headphone amp, just noticed the 600 ohm part. I use 64 ohm Sennheiser HD280's, I can get them to sound nearly identical, from Kemper to 6i6.…-volume-of-my-headphones-


    As a general rule, it is safe to assume that the headphone output impedance of all current Focusrite interfaces is less than 12Ω.

    Do you have the 1st generation 6i6, or the 2nd gen? The 2nd gen is supposed to have higher HP output.

    For ableton, I have a buffer size of 128 samples, the driver error compensation set to 0 ms and the overall latency shows at 17.2 ms.

    The SPDIF on the KPA is only 24-bit 44.1KHz. That's why I don't use SPDIF, at all. I'm primarily concerned with lower latency, for use with VST plugins.

    My settings for Scarlett Mix Control and Ableton, give me 7.90ms round trip, at 96Khz and a 1.0ms ASIO buffer. I'm hoping you find that one setting that's somehow not right, in order to enjoy just how well the 6i6 can complement the KPA.

    Let us know if you find anything.

    @JSB : I tried all the methods, the kemper is connected to the audio interface via 2 xlr cables from the main outs to the mic inputs( set up as line in the mixcontrol), and I added 2 spdif cables (75 ohm)
    listening through direct monitoring sucks wether I'm at 44.1 or 96khz, using main outs or spdif. I turned off the monitoring and retried the same thing through ableton live 9. the sound is different, but still not the same as headphones straight into kemper. The headphones are beyerdynamics DT 880 premium(600 ohm)

    Thanks for any help!

    If you press the Output button and go to Page 1, is your Main Output, set to Master Stereo (for use with XLR's in 1/2)
    In the Output section, on Page 2, is your Headphone Link checked when using the 6i6?
    Is Ableton set to arm, or record enabled, on the blank track?

    I get really good sound out of my 6i6, through Ableton, mine almost matches the KPA headphone output. Your's should get close too. I'm set to 96Khz (for latency and VST plugin chains), a buffer of 1.0ms, using XLR's in 1/2.

    My only problem with the kemper is when I listen to it through my audio interface (focusrite 6i6) it sounds dull, all that spark when the headphones are connected directly to the kemper is gone. I tried fiddling with space and pure cabinet settings to no avail. Maybe it's just the difference in levels (the audio interface clips if I try raising the volume), or the converters quality on the 6i6. I don't know.

    Welcome aboard!

    For your 6i6, are you using SPDIF? What DAW software are you using? What are your sample rate and buffer set to?

    Where is the donate button on this thing? I'm feeling like I stole some treasure. I'd gladly contribute for these, they really are amazing. Excellent work!

    My HSS strat hasn't had this much attention in a while; since you released your last profiles I'd been playing mostly a LP. But the new profiles are exactly what I was looking for, with Fat 50's single coils and a Diamond trembucker. The sizzling tubes and grit when you dig into some of them, makes me giddy. Love the reverb's, delays and boosts too.

    I didn't get tone fatigue from trying these all out, I got elation fatigue, no joke, had to sit down and take a couple breaths, was literally blown away.

    If I can't donate, all I can do here is give a big THANKS!!! You're a living legend in my mind, Mr. Ayalon!