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    Have you reported this as a help request ticket to the kemper guys?

    No, I have not yet. Thought I would try the forum first. I have a gig coming soon so I’ll have to wait since it only happens when I’m using my computer connecting via USB.

    Thanks for the info. I do have a fair amount of IR's many which I don't need. I had my first big crash on the Kemper, the screen showed" something went wrong..." please contact ... I was getting a bit nervous, then I remember I backed up everything! I restarted it and it worked fine.

    Are you using PC or Mac? Does unplugging and re-plugging the KPA in to your PC/Mac do anything? Rebooting change anything?

    Is it switching to different profiles, that feels slow? What's the slowest feature that you're seeing?

    For the record: I'm not experiencing any problems or slowness with 7.1.0beta and RM 2.3.13.

    It just freezes but it still playing. I think I forgot to say that it only happens when the Kemper is plugged into my Mac. I do have the latest RM, but this has been happening for some time. I use a laptop and Mac Pro and it happens in both. It works fine when I'm not plugged in. But the Kemper seems a bit sluggish. Perhaps getting rid of some profiles might help? But it was never an issue before. Weird.

    Thanks for the tip! I did do the over-all eq and ir worked out fine. I wish the Kemper would have a parametric eq on the output side I use one after the amp/cab in all my patches just incase I want to make more detailed eq adjustments.

    The true test will be at band rehearsal with our super loud drummer !

    Ever since I upgraded to the new beta OS, my Kemper seems sluggish and it crashes when using the Rig Manager which is upgraded to the new one. It feels like the Kemper's CPU is reaching it's limits. I hope they can fix this when the new OS is released.

    He's joking using a fellow user's name from New Zealand, George. ;)

    Oh! Thank you for clearing that up! Nice to hear from you Monkey-Man!

    Before buying the Yamaha's I was ready to give up on the Kemper Profiler, but now my excitement has been reignited because the difference is quite incredible. I was back to using my old complicated set up which I enjoyed playing but not carrying since I had to bring 2 amps(with a switching system) a stereo Marshall cabinet, a Mesa 2 90 power amp, huge pedalboard and a smaller pedal board for time base effects. I had to bring my son to carry all that shit! It sounded amazing, but the next morning I couldn't walk due to my chronic back pain.

    Now I'm back using the Kemper Profiler and loving it. I have to be careful with my ears because the Yamaha's are much louder than the EV's even though the EV's are rated at 1000w(which I think is a lie) and the Yamaha's at 1,100 watts. The EV's peak SPL is 126 dB and the Yamaha's 132dB! To increase SPL by 3dB you need to double the power(depending how efficient the speakers are) so it's obvious that the EV's are not as powerful according to their specs.

    I can crank it quite loud in my studio because it was professionally done and so far I'm impressed. It stays clean and clear with plenty of power to spare. I have band rehearsal on Oct 10th so I'll find out then. I just wish I had a set of the old ones so I can compare. I got a $75 per speaker rebate, which is pretty cool! They're so tiny compare to the EV's but they kick ass!

    My Yamaha's DXR10mkii arrived yesterday. At first I though they where too dark sounding until I really cranked them. They sound flatter and much louder than the EV 12 zlx-p. The EV sounded so overhyped on the high and low end that I had to lower the tone controls in the back. I had to redo my profiles because they where too dark for the DXR10mkii but once I got used to them they sound more natural than the EV's. I don't know how the new DXR10mkii compares to the older ones as far as sound, but I know the high frequecy driver has a neodymium magnet and they're louder than the old ones by 1 or 2 dB.

    The real test will be at rehearsal because I couldn't hear the EV's and when I crank them the sounds starts to deteriorate , that's why I purchased the Yamaha's. If anyone is interested to hear how they sound loud, I can report back.

    Thanks for the great info OneEng 1! I was wondering about the DSR & DZR they both look quite impressive. Too bad that the DSR only has a 12" & 15" I like that 10's because of their weight. I would like to keep the weight below 40lbs. I can also fit 2 DXR or DZR 10's with the Kemper Profiler in my 2019 Camaro ZL1 so I don't have to borrow my wife's SUV for gigs!Lol!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I found out that EV ZLX-12p are made in China and the power amp is actually 210w for bass and 100w for treble.The specs are really misleading. Check out this video if you have the time This tech guy shows you how cheap they're made.

    So pretty much anything that produces 350 watts and up would be an improvement as far as loudness. I just need to go and try a bunch of self powered cabs and see what works.

    The Headrush 112 specs look good and it's peak SPL is 131 dB and continuous 128 dB at 1 meter. The Yamaha's DRX 10 has a similar SPL with less wattage than the Headrush.

    Looks like a nice cabinet, but it's 69 lbs! I guess I forgot to mention that I would like to keep the weight around 35 lbs or less.In their website they claim that it has 2 x 110, but they don't mention if it's RMS or what's the continuous and peak SPL. I'm sure it sounds incredible, but for that amount of money in my opinion it should be able to put out at least 500 rms. The Eminence 12cx with an ASD1001 can handle 300 rms(250 w for the woofer and 50 w for the HFD) costing a total of $175 each. B&C, Radian and other ones make a 12" coaxial speakers handling 350 watts RMS and some up to 500 watts RMS( the cost $350 to $1,000). I wonder why anyone has made an FRFR with those drives. Xitone uses the Eminence coaxial which are one of the cheapest and they managed to make a cabinet that it's apparently "flat response" The problem is finding a 2 way plate power amp that puts out 800 rms at 8 ohms total power. The Dayton plate power amp that Xitone uses claims to put out 800 rms(600/200) but according to the specs is at 4 ohms so it's probably 300/100 at 8 ohms which is misleading unless I'm missing something. Sorry about the thinking while typing! Thanks for your advice Glide-BPM

    Also the Yamaha DZR10 has a higher wattage an max SPL is 137dB, that's loud! But they cost $1,200 each. I don't know bout the Headrush models. They're only $319 so I wonder if the components are cheap for such a low price! It's max SPL is 131dB and the new DRX 10 mk 2 's max SPL is 132dB with less power. Perhaps I'll give the DRX10 mk 2 and the DZR10 a listen and see how they compare. I do use ear plugs or IEM with my band, but the other members(which don't use earplugs) keep complaining that they can't hear my guitar. Very annoying !Lol!Thanks Dmatthews.

    I've been looking at them and the SPL is higher than the EV's. They now have the DRX MK 2 which the SPL was increased by 1 dB I think. I've been thinking that getting a CLR, Xitone, etc might be a waste of $$ since the guitar goes through a PA anyway. As long as it's loud and clear, I'm fine.

    Did you have to do any eq tweaking on the DRX? I had to lower both low and high controls on the EV's significantly to get rid of the exaggerated low end and top end. Thanks for your response sir!

    I have a pair of EV-ZLX-12P which are supposed to be 1000w (which is really 500 w rms) I play with a loud band and pass a certain in volume, the EV's sound starts to collapse. I've been looking at Atomic CLR's, Xitones, Friedman ASC 12 FRFR speakers, but all of them seem to have less power than the EV's. Any suggestions from anyone who has had a similar issue? Thanks

    Amazing playing, the feel! Had to grab a guitar asap to try and copy the lick at 1:01-1:04. I'll sure check the vibrolux profiles you've uploaded on rig exchange, as well.

    Thanks. It took me 5 times because I kept screwing that part up! I have issues with my left hand so my playing is not as consistent. One day I play good and some days horribly! My left was feeling good that day so I decided to record it to try to play the lead the way I recorded it originally when my left hand used cooperate. The lick at 1:01-1:04 is just a weird sweep which I'm approaching an old EVH lick differently.