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  • Thank you for the profiles! AMAZING work!

  • Hello, I cant believe the quality of your profiles and you have managed to bring of the taste and the texture of the amps you profiled. Many guys make good profiles but not all of them can manage to make them sound different and have the texture and taste of the real amp. You have work to do my friend! Please dont stop. I maybe upload a video with your profiles. Please make more! One thousand thanks for your ability, your taste and for sharing!!!! ([email protected])

  • Best profiles so far on this RE!

  • Thanks Bro! Your too!

  • Your first follower, George. You know why. Never give up, bro'.

    • Hi. I have a quadzillion commercial rigs from some of the greats but I tried your rigs off the exchange and I must say they are EXACTLY what I am looking for . With my Les Paul into a Laney 4 X 4 there are none I can fault. Very well done. and thanks you.

    • Wow! Thanks! I have a few that I like out there, but you should try combining the cabs from my profiles with others out there and I think they sound better to my ears. I like the TopJimi profiles, but Ai like them better when I combined with my cabs. I hope you make beautiful music with my profiles! Thanks you!

    • Ramjam, just 'cause you're from Cape Town and I'm an ex South African doesn't mean you can jump on this bandwagon with me. Leave George alone, bro'. I found him first! LOL

    • hehehehehe - The sun is shining here :)

    • You've got me seriously beaten there bud. Melbourne's weather really is the crappiest of any civilised city I've been to.