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    I had the same amp and profiled it.
    It was so loud my wife came in from outside the house to look if I destroyed something.
    But the Celestion Blue's can take it. ;)

    Thanks for the response!
    I figured as much because I've never read a thread on the forum of someone blowing a speaker during profiling (though I bet it could happen).
    So I will "shake the house" :thumbup:

    I was playing around with mics and profiling my Vox AC15H1TV clean only. I've read the documentation that the profiling process will be louder than your guitar, but I didn't expect it that LOUD.

    I want to profile some distortion tones usually around breakup this amp sounds great, but even at that level it is quite loud (as tube amps can be).

    Question: This amp has a Celestion "Bluebell" speaker. Is it easy to blow your speaker during profiling? Because it is going to be REALLY LOUD!! :evil:


    I've been practicing a bit with the "Red Flashing" going all the time and put a few Rockabilly solos up to show off my profile.

    The licks are here

    And the profile I used is here

    The playing is a bit sloppy but you get the idea ;)

    ahah , that's perfectly true, as well as the white page syndrome ...

    best solution for me is to let the REC on while I'm jamming for ideas , or jamming on the fly on my tracks and hit REC when I'm warm enough

    I think that could be the cure.

    I go back to the days of the Tascam Portastudio to record demos and it would take me forever. I think because of the pressure of using a cassette tape and having limited space and what a pain it was to get it setup again might be the start of this.

    With digital and the size of hard drives you can just let it roll and I should probably just do what you suggest when working on a part.

    I like to record covers of some of my favorite songs (classic rock, folk, country) for my own enjoyment and to hear what my voice or guitar actually sound like. Occasionally I might get an idea for a song, but it's all for my own enjoyment and am not a professional.

    But this can happen with simple rhythms also. I might play it ok and keep time, but it can loose the "groove".

    I'm always blown away when I hear about artists like Brian Wilson and David Gilmour who can knock out a vocal part in 1 take. I remember seeing a Doc on Pink Floyd and David did a double for a vocal part in 1 take! No studio tricks just sang exactly like main vocal part in 1 take!

    Does anyone else make mistakes only when recording?

    I practice over and over on something and for some reason I "overthink" it when the red light is blinking.

    I need to find a technique to get over this. :|

    The shortboard is super compact, so if you like it, might want to look into that chip or converter that lets you hook it up to the Kemper. I have a mini board of my own and was quite happy with it, but my projects have become more complex and involve controlling lots of gear. Still keeping it though, might come in handy.

    I'll probably go the Behringer route when my financial situation changes. At the moment I have to make do with what I have. Since my HD Bean isn't worth a lot, it would not be very practical, but I bet I could control the Kemper through the HD Bean

    Care to elaborate? How do you put it to use? Are you able to control the looper? Do you control other external gear?

    I got a few years back to go with my POD HD, but I haven't played with it much on the Kemper, just been researching if it was possible (I didn't know there might be a solution!).

    It has an ethernet jack, usb port for hooking it to computer, and 1/4 expression jack which I'm assuming will allow me Wah and Volume if I plug into Kemper expression jack. (haven't tried yet).

    Line 6 has software to assign parameters to various switches so I've read about folks setting this up on their computer and then sending MIDI out of the computer to Kemper, however I'm still in the research stage (new Kemper owner and just learning all the ins and outs of this cool product)

    Interesting discussion I might be in the market for one soon. I have a Line 6 Shortboard MKII which I really like as far as build quality goes but there does not seem to be any path to using it as a controller for the Kemper.

    It does have an expression jack so I think I could at least use Wah and Volume, but I can't do any MIDI without routing it through a computer first :(

    I was used to the Line 6 ecosystem which had the "Custom Tone Library" but it was a "free for all". As a result you did find a lot of "duds" but also some really cool stuff.

    I understand this is a different beast with Profiling and the capabilities of this awesome device.

    It would be cool if there was the Official Rig Exchange as we have now and then another portal of sorts where people could share their creations they'd like to show off or search for profiles tone matched to their favorite artists.

    But then you have the problem of purchased content being used and that would be hard to police so it would have to be an "honor system".

    So the rules make sense, we can still share link in the forum.

    I use mine with 2 DXR10s (powered speakers) in a stereo configuration. I like the bigger sound I get with 2 speakers even when not using stereo effects. I know it's only rock & roll - but I like it with 2 speakers. :thumbsup:

    I still use 2 speakers from my interface I just change the Output settings on the Kemper to Mono.
    Since Reverb is very common to use and I use Delay a lot (for mild slapback or doubling effect) are there any parameters for "stereo specific" settings that need to be tweaked for it to sound good Mono Reverb or Delay.

    Isn't Modulation in Delay settings have to do with Stereo?

    Just curious how you guys run your home practice setup. I send Main into a Focusrite Sapphire 40 then a pair of Genelec 1030A studio monitors.
    That's the setup I use to practice or record into Logic Pro (which I haven't done much yet).

    I like to play a lot of blues and classic rock which I think was performed and recorded a lot in mono (I can always hear Keef's guitar in my left speaker).
    When I setup Kemper in stereo it almost sounds too good to be Rock and Roll, so I've been running in mono lately. I also want to put an external looper in line to the Focusrite so I figured mono was the way to go since the looper was mono.

    Just wanted to "pick you brains" and see how others are doing it.

    I like the natural finish!
    Interesting , no plate needed for bolt-on neck?
    Also looks like it has the same truss rod adjustment as my elite (the wheel down by the pups). I like it down there, easier to adjust.

    looks great - but be careful using pictures in the internet which were not made my yourself.

    They are my pics now. Sweet water has nice pics of each of their guitars so you can pick yours out and they gave me the pics (the least they could do for the price of this sucker)

    So many beautiful guitars !! I'm in Love <3

    I'm a newbie but you mind if I share mine?

    It's one of those "new fangled" Fender Elite Tele's. I know they are a bit pricey for a Tele, but I live in an old house with old wiring and my single coil guitars the noise is unbearable.
    I've never liked what I heard in any "noiseless" pup until I heard these Fender N4 noiseless pups. Very close to vintage single coil.

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]