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    Thanks for the reply mate.

    Well I have the greatest volume control in the world mate, it will rival at least 90% of people who consider their process to be the best. Above my little studio is the bedroom of my 1 year old twins so I ensure you, my volume is extremely conservative lol.

    Placement is always key. They are off the desk and on stands, the window is wall to wall so behind my speakers, which are cornered, are some heavy black out curtains. They are always open so the ruffles allow for some dispertian too.

    What I am looking to do it to place some dispertian on the ceiling above where is sing, 2 x bass traps and a pull curtain to divide the room when singing. It's a terrible soon for placement. It has two doors, 1 huge window and an alcove so not many options.

    New place will have either a log conversion or a dedicated annex outside the main house.


    One more question.

    I am upgrading from the original M-audio BX-8 speakers. They have been a work horse but I find the bass is just too much and doesn't transfer well.

    My question is would a smaller speaker work better or will the quality of the bass response from the Yamaha be something that will improve. Just the consideration between a 5", 7" and 8" speaker



    Have to agree with room treatment but this is a small garage conversion and with 3 kids it's never going to earn me money, it is, probably like a lot us here, just a hobby. All I want is something I can use to put together a decent representation of my music.

    I also agree with the rabbit hole but for me its about creating a reasonable representation of my music and that's about it. In saying that I am looking at some treatment as I am used to my room for mixing, I know it ain't perfect but I compensate for that but when recording my vocals I certainly notice how the room affects the quality. It thins out the sound and I am a loud SOAB so my acoustic guitars resonate.

    I plan on moving house in the next two years so I then plan on having a proper studio lay out but until then I am compensating.

    In regard to Yamaha I have owned a lot of there gear, I still own the Dxr10, so I am not drastically concerned by the quality. It is just something when researching to consider.

    Monkey man I have to agree with small improvements. How many products have radically tried to reinvent themselves to fall on there arse. Look at Cubase which is ugly as sin when compared to how modern day DAWs look, so close to how it did 20 years ago, but change it too much and you lose the old adopters the have to deal with the needs of a new crowd.

    It may be time to get me some Yamaha lol


    Thank guys

    I am dubious about looking second hand as I will hav eno idea what abuse they have taken over the years. The A7x look nice though but new they are £500 a speaker so out of my range. I can afford them but I can't justify the cost for what I do.

    The same for the KH120 just too expensive but I will say both are solid options, reviews are fantastic and the general concensus is extremely positive.

    Regarding the Yamaha HS8 I do like them and seem to be recommended by a lot of studio owners. My only gripe is Yamaha appear to have been having some quality issues. I owned the Steinberg ur824 soundcard and I was not impressed with the quality. Solid unit but the Hi-z clipped regardless of guitar and support could only confirm it was a known issue. Experience makes me cautious but the quality and reviews do make me feels its worth a punt.

    Genelecs I have zero experience off and never came up in anything I read so I am off to see what these are capable off.

    Cheers all, helpful as always.

    Hi all

    Well I went into my little studio today to do some recording and one of my studio monitors has blown. They are around 15 years old so they have been good workhorses for me.

    I am looking at the Yamaha HS8 matched pair but I am wondering if any of you guys have any other recommendations.

    I have £600 to spend and would like active monitors. This is a home studio, not a huge room and for mixing rock, hard rock guitar based music.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.




    I do agree the amount of times I have cursed this unit and I have had an eq on, compressor or noise gate on in Cubase or I have recabled and the issue was my fault I would say is about 99% of the time lol..

    Those rose tinted glasses are a pain in the backside, I seem to need them more and more. Not now though these JVM profiles tick the box for me.

    I suppose the complexity is subjective. I went from an amp that was pretty east to manage to the Kemper. I am technically minded so I took really well to the Kemper without any issue and there seemed to be only a few areas of a sound was bad that you needed to alter. Then as new things appeared it just seemed to become core convoluted. I am not saying beyond my abilities but I am an easily distracted and I hate anything that draws my attention away from what I am doing.

    Stbilty wise I also agree with you. If Rig Manager could just stop losing its connectivity I would be happy.

    In regard to degrade maybe the correct term I should have used was different. There is a difference but maybe its just me and my ears have changed.

    5 amps, sod that carrying the JVM was why I started looking at the Kemper lol. When it turned up last week I laughed as my silver jubilee is the 2525h version so the 20watt tube amp. Pick it up with 1 finger, the JVM is just about managable with 2!

    In regard to all the amps on the Kemper I couldn't agree more. Analysis paralysis is what I call it. That's why I put only the profiles I use on the Kemper and the rest I keep away from my PC so I don't get drawn into swapping amps.

    Cheers mate, I actually don't mind the whole process satisfied my curiosity and led me to profile my amp so no regrets here.


    I haven’t heard any difference in the sound of Kemper OS versions for a very long time (since the aliasing fix update a year or so after it originally came out), but people leave the space and pure cab settings on. You can roll back to older versions of the OS to check, but otherwise just disable those two and it should sound as it always did.


    It could just be subjective but to me there is a difference. I can roll back I totally agree but then what happens with support. If you are on version 6 with an issue and this is fixed in version 7 I would imagine that support would advise the upgrade.

    Cheers for the advise bud

    I'm still on version 6. But I'm interested in the question: Isn't everything so unstable in new releases?


    I can only speak from my expereince but stability between Rig Manager and Kemper has become unreliable since the editor was introduced. The Kemper itself is stable I would say but last night when profiling it would randomly add the Crunch Cabinet so I would have to redo these profiles and it's this type of thing that spoils the flow.

    If you look at the acoustic simulator as an example when released it just wasn't at the right level. It should have worked out of the box but, and this is just my opinion, the "we want it now" attitude I feel is forcing early release.

    I wouldn't be put off by the product as you can revert back to an earlier release but I would be loathed to hold onto a product that is tested extensively in the field.



    Can you upload the a/b comparisons with the rig and the exact software versions you are using?

    If you were happy 4 years ago, why did you update and did not stay with the old software version or revert to it?


    A lot of the updates I applied where for things like additional SPDIF capabilities, addition of the editor, which I actually thought I would use, which required a different version, the acoustic simulator which needed 7.5 which I wanted to test out.

    I have looked to revert back but just not gotten around to it yet as I was about to sell it.


    Hello eBay!

    So after much testing I was unfortunately back on eBay again….removing Kemper and adding my Marshall JVM. Why you may ask? Well the clutter was an issue, the heating of the room from the tubes was an issue but more than anything, the MBritt profiles sounded awesome enough to tell me that what I have now isn’t a bad sound but subjective sound.

    My JVM was purchased last night and is due for collection tomorrow. I have RMA’d the Torpedo ready for return.

    The pedals I purchased I am keeping as I wanted them anyway.


    Now I had sold my JVM after I purchased a Kemper, now I own a JVM and Reload and I am selling my Kemper, then I am selling my JVM and Reload and keeping my Kemper… I missing a trick?

    Now there are also some other very wise words on this very forum “profile your own amp” so before I have to return the Reload I sat up until 2am last night profiling the JVM. There I am creating a DI profile of every channel and mode from gain 1 up to gain 10, over 100 profiles of the JVM. At this stage I will say I have never profiled an amp and I was impressed that each profile took a maximum of 5 minutes including renaming and changing settings and if you are scared of profiling just bloody do it, it’s so easy.

    I selected a clean preset, loaded up the WoS plugin with the Slash 4x12 Marshall IR and holy crap the Gods were right, it sounded phenomenal! I go from mode to mode from switch to switch up through the gain stages and I cannot believe my ears……it just sounds like the JVM, the same response, the same feel and more so I can actually hear the gain in the amp better from the profile and it cuts through a mix beautifully even when layered 4 or 5 times…..and for the love of God the room is at a nice reasonably temperature.

    So my JVM is now sold (after profiling I immediately accepted his offer), the Reload I am keeping as a friend with an AFD100 is coming around at some point for me to profile his amp and my floor is clear of clutter. I am now looking to purchase a host of amps to profile that I have always wanted to own (Mesas, Friedman etc).

    I will say I am nervous still about the direction of Kemper regarding making this beautiful product too complex with too many features. I know this is also a personal perspective, but I don’t need 500 delays, 15 distortions, an eq in, before, between every effect, on the input, the output…its too complicated to troubleshoot. Yes, they are there if you want them and I don’t have to use them but it also creates other areas of coding that can have a negative affect on the parts that I use such as the editor which I never use making Rig Manager, which I do use, unstable.

    I would love to see the day a smaller form factor or a 1u rack is released that is only the amp section with great connectivity. I feel there are people who want a great sounding amp and people who want the world on a plate……..I am the former.

    Hope that was helpful in some way.

    Hello all

    This is going to be a fairly long post but I am hoping that for those struggling with the quality of the Kemper or disenfranchised after a prolonged period of ownership or even feeling the draw for some tubey goodness it will aid in some way. It has been a frustrating, fun and almost extremely regrettable month of product testing and I thought I would share my story in the hope it helps somebody.

    Please be mindful that this is not a slight on Kemper, any individual or product provider but is my personal experience and nothing more.


    I have owned the powered rack version of the Kemper since October 2017 and I have used this at least 3 times a week since purchase. It was to be used in my home studio and live replacing my Marshall JVM410h which, whilst a fantastic amp, was heating the room to almost tropical temperatures and back breaking when trying to negotiate stairs.

    Additional to this I have owned modelers for most of my guitar playing days. I was never a tube snob or even a tube owner, that was until I bought my first tube amp almost 15 years into playing. I am familiar with modelers from all manufactures apart from the Axe as during researching the latest and greatest the Axe forum was littered with arrogance individuals, bullying and 1984 style post editing so I was not at all interested. With something as complex as a modeler you need a good community around you and coming from the JVM forums that is what I am used too.

    Plugging in for the first time

    I remember pulling the trigger on a powered Kemper, foot pedal and DXR10, nearly £3000 of equipment. I was nervous it would be another Line6 or Boss “this is amazing” moment to only find the honeymoon period left as quickly as it began. It arrived, plugged it in and the JVM quickly became a part of my amp history especially when I first took the Kemper to rehearsal, the weight difference was huge and the lack of feedback and control over my sound was just outstanding.

    How I use the Kemper

    In the studio I reamp a lot of my guitars to allow me to get ideas down quickly, keep the inspiration and edit my guitar parts later to tighten up the performance. I use a host of Choptones and Deadlight profiles when recording and mainly Marshall profiles.

    Live and in rehearsal I ran the Kemper through a 4x12 GT-75 loaded Marshall stack. I used Choptones JCM800ZW DI profiles exclusively live.

    Why are we here?

    Well I have loved my affair with the Kemper, about two or three months ago I started to become very unhappy with the product. Why you may ask? Well there are a few factors:

    • Due to the increased popularity of the Kemper over my 4 years of ownership I have noticed a LOT of new features and an almost “spoilt brat” attitude towards these requests. Some of these requests look to be taking the product down a road of complexity I did not want to be a part off, and the simplicity of the product was becoming an obsolete concept.
    • With that in mind I noticed a host of updates being produced that appear to be unfinished which in my mind was moving away from the old “you will get it when it works” to an almost pandering to the masses approach and releasing things too early. The Kemper is becoming like other products on the market, when you have an issue you have to scroll through a vast array of parameters attempting to find a solution, an hour passes and you have lost inspiration. I used to always say that if the Kemper sounds bad its you, and it always was, now that is not the case and I started to miss the simplicity of an amp.
    • The sound quality has changed and before anyone states that subjective, I do understand that is the case. So to ensure I wasn’t having a moment I reverted back to a few old recordings and as I have used the same profiles since I purchased the product it was easy to cross reference. After doing some cross comparison I found the profiles I used 4 years ago had more body, the same profiles in the current software version sounded fizzy and undefined when in a mix. I had to cut a host of frequencies to remove the underlying fizzy sound.
    • I never wanted to say anything too negative about the product as most is subjective, but I am going to have to point out one area that is truly dreadful in my experience. Rig Manager has to be the most unintuitive and buggy software controller I have every experienced. Hark back to the days before the editor section was added this thing was stable, never crashed and was the center of my recording world. Come to today with its built-in editor and the slew of updates that appear and it loses communication every x amount of changes, constantly warns of corrupt profiles, does not save performances so you loss your work and has absolutely no intuitive folder management features (cant drag a folder to a new location etc.). Multiple factory resets later and it just continues to happen again and again.

    I understand that this is not the same experience for everyone but I came to the conclusion that the product is no longer suited to my personal needs and been developed to a point it is more of a distraction than anything else.

    So what’s the new world?

    After posing some questions on the forum and through some research I decided to satisfy my curiosity. I own a Marshall Silver Jubilee so I purchased a Torpedo Reload which would allow me to crank the Marshall and record at low volume. This would be used in conjunction with the Wall of Sound IR product from Two Notes for speaker emulation.

    How did this compare to the Kemper?

    Night and day! The sound was in your face, raw and more than anything I could feel the bounce from the strings and that tube amp\player relationship that I could never get from the Kemper. This was such a positive experience that I purchased a JVM too and started to record with that and WOW that was an experience. I started my search for an AFD100 and a JCM800 2203.

    Then I noticed something I had not considered. Where the hell in my small studio can I store all these amps, I had cables all over the room, the heat increased, and the mess was awful with pedals under my feet. Not really considered how much the Kemper kept my space tidy……but its about sound quality not aesthetics I told myself.

    Hello eBay!

    So I had two weeks to decide if I wanted to keep the Reload, after 7 days I put my Kemper on eBay and set myself up in the new yet old world of recording. I was so committed it was out of my rack and in its original box ready to be shipped.

    I spent the next few days getting my studio set up and tailoring my sounds with my new amps. I decided as I was 13 days into a 14 day return policy of the Reload I would test again to ensure I wasn’t making a mistake.

    Is the new\old world that good?

    Before the return period expired I record sections of a new song with the Silver Jubilee, JVM and then the Kemper and I was still adamant that there was such a tone difference that I had made the right decision. The JVM and Jubilee required zero EQ to sit in the outside of a LPF but the Kemper just needed so much EQ work to make space and remove the fizz. Then in the back of my mind I remember reading a lot about how people did not like MBritt profilers but the people defending said they are better at volume and for recording as that’s when they come alive.

    Taking the advice of people with more experience than myself I loaded up every MBritt Marshall profile and completed a recording, leveled them out and bam! It was still terrible, no definition, too much bass and not cutting through the mix but not fizzy (this is personal taste and not a slight on Michaels good work). Now there is one thing I personally love about MBritt profiles that I feel sets him apart from other profilers and that is the lack of boost pedals in his profiles. His amp profiles sound like an amp, react like an amp and a host of other profilers seem to think the more gain added, the more boosting they put in front the more it will sound great but to me the more you boost the less of the actual amp I am hearing.

    So whilst I was disappointed I was not defeated so I cracked open my OwnHammer IRs, added my trusty Marshall 4x12 to MBritts JCM800 and Silver Jubilee profiles and the thing sprung to life. Next to the JVM recordings it sounded fuller, less cutting through the mix but the difference in sound was more personal preference than quality. The more I recorded the more I really liked the MBritt profiles.

    Well I took the plunge and ordered a Two Notes Reload.

    After playing about with the WoS software it didn't use much CPU and I got some really good sounds so the big test will be this weekend. Plus whilst I was happy to pay for the studio I like the idea I can crank my amp with it too.

    Not easy to find but managed to get one for £525 new.... Not bad so paid the extortionate amount for Saturday delivery.

    So I'll be trying my amp with the Two Notes and comparing it to the Kemper. Then I will. Profile my amp and see how that compares.

    Thank you all for your suggestions.



    I actually took 4 tracks with a Di recorded and added two wall of sounds to each then copied those track about 20 times and the load was very low.

    The only attraction to the studio is CPU load being off the computer. Apart from that, like all products, each do a bit of what I want. The reload does seem to be the winner for me as the WoS will do the cab stuff and I can purchase a JVM and crank it as I regret selling that amp. Along with my Silver Jubilee the Kemper can be used for other things, like profiling my amps using the Reload.

    It's only a short drive to Liverpool bud, don't forget to pack the Reload lol.


    Thank you all for the tips.

    I have watched quite a few reviews and studio tests on YouTube for all the ones recommended and the Two Notes products really do stand out. This is not for live as I only sing live but if I do play a guitar live again I have a 2525h which is 20watt so would be full on most of the time anyway.

    I have been testing the Wall of Sound again on a new track I am working on but using the Kemper, MBrit profiles with the cab off and I have to say I am impressed so far. I am not a fan of the Mbritt cab so I use an ownhammer Marshall 4x12 V30 and it sounds great on the Kemper, dialed in the same on Wall of Sound with only two cabs panned and it was enormous. It got rid of some of the bass in the Kemper and sounded like a mic'd cab.

    This leaves me with 3 options now.

    First is the Kemper with the Wall of Sound plugin. This will greatly depend on the CPU load in cubase. I would probably only use 2 cabs in 2 instances to get what I want but I want to see how it affects work flow. I also want to see how other profiles behave too as the cab is so much of the sound it may open up other options.

    If the first goes well in regard to CPU load in Cubase then I need to decide if I want to use my amp with the Reload or stick with the Kemper. What I don't know, and seems to be a problem with the Reload, is if I am using all features at once (Di, attenuator and reamp) how will the Reload perform in regard to latency. So you are playing, recording the DI and sending the DI back to the reload and reamping back into another track with the wall of sound on can it cope? . From what I have read the latency is bad.

    The third option is the Two Notes Studio. This would remove the need for the Wall of Sound but I would lose the reamp feature of the Kemper and the Reload. That may not be a bad thing as capturing the moment perfectly to me is more important than fixing timing issues.

    Lots to consider. I will be spending tonight on the Wall of Sound product to see how it fits. I am hoping it works well as it's the cheapest and best option.



    Where's the Dug

    Yeah I remember you saying you rated it. It may be the options I go with. Just put a few things up for sale to fund it as I don't mind buying gear but this is just to experiment so I like to recycle the cash.

    Missed one on ebay for 450 last week.

    Can I ask how you found Wall of Sound? I didn't like the fact if you disabled the preamp then hit a preset the volume jumped extremely.


    The Ox seems massively expensive for what it is. It seems you whack a UA sticker on it. I agree half the price and I would be interested in one.

    The Two Notes Reload intrigues me but there smaller load boxes are eater in Ohms so I have discounted them. The othw rthing was the Wall of Sound plugin 2as dreadful when I used it. Everytime I set the volume then change a patch it would just destroy my ears, I was not impressed at all.

    Will look at the Boss Waza now and see what that's about.

    Cheers guys

    Also looking at the Bugera PS1 too as it's a lot cheaper.

    Rather have quality though.

    Would also be nice if it could act as a load box and a Di out so I can record the DI profile of my amp too.

    Thank you

    Hi all

    I am looking for recommendations for an attenuator for my Marshall 2525h from playing at home. Looking for a post covid band as a guitarist as I only sing in my other band so want to polish my skills at home.

    I could use the Kemper but for live I want to leave the Kemper in the studio and take my amp.

    Cost isn't an issue as I am looking at the Two Note Torpedo Reload as an option as I can then profile my amp too but I would like something smaller for gigs or low volume rehearsals.

    Not to concerned by IRs but the Suhr Reactive Load IR looks good.