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    You can assign multiple functions to a single button definitely as that's how I used to use it. Can you assign the freeze parameter, that's the question.

    From memory turn on stomp A on the Kemper, press and hold stomp A and press a button on the pedal. Press the Kemper pedal button to turn off stomp A. Now turn on stomp b, press and hold stomp B then press the same button on the pedal, they should cycle.

    My first LP. 2018 Classic Player Plus P90. Had my heart set on a goldtop but this was too good a deal to pass up. The P90's do not disappoint!

    That is one sweet guitar. I am considering my next Gibson to have P90s but I just bought two classics in the last month or so.

    My only problem with the 2020 range classics with P90s is the 50s neck, prefer a 60s.

    Beautiful guitar, a gold top will be my custom next year.


    How I mix rock and hard rock music to provide power is:

    Create 2 buss tracks, I call them Guitar Main and Guitar PP (parallel processing)

    On your audio track route them to the Guitar Main and Guitar PP buss

    On both those tracks cut the low end with a filter to remove any rumbling

    Turn the volume down on the Guitar PP track whilst recording and playing back and keep it there until you have all your guitars sounding good in the mix.

    On the Guitar Main add a bit of light compression to glue the tracks together

    When you are happy with your recorded guitar tracks:

    Adjust the compressor until your are happy with the Guitar Main

    On the Guitar PP put a hard compressor and compress the crap out of it, use extreme settings.

    Use a compressor that allows you to EQ the signal too but if you don't have one add one before and after the compressor and remove the low and high end so you are only compressing the mid range.

    Once it is compressed start to turn it up until you can hear it thicken the guitar then turn it down a little.

    To do this I use Fabfilter or the WAVES renaissance Compressors. Prefer the Waves but it requires an eq. For eq the stock plugins in Cubase are good but I again prefer Fabfilter as you can do an eq matching.

    One thing that will happen when you do this is the drums can become weak sounding so do the same process on drums too. This also works great on Bass, in fact anything.

    Sorry this was a convoluted explanation but to be honest I spent so long trying to eq and compress and use loads of plugins to get guitars to work and in the end this was the least complex option that worked for me without battling with downward changes when you adjust something first in the chain.

    I agree with both comments above, you can't be directed to what sounds best but you can have a standard way to do things. In regard to plugins don't go with 1 vender, there are loads of quality plugins that are free and not all plugins by all providers are good so pick and mix. Ones that generally get good reviews are Waves (cheap), Fabfilter (mixing) and Soundtoys (sound sculpuring)

    One thing I do and was mentioned above is Reamp as it is frustrating to capture a great performance to only find the amp does not sit in the mix.

    I have never used Logic so I am unsure what the stock plugins are like.




    This is excellent information regarding the Mikko product, where do I send the commission? Lol

    Strangely enough I loaded all my profiles into the Kemper and systematically identified the ones I truelly found inspirational. I found it was 1 amp over 6 profiles of the AFD100 and the same ones I have been using since the day I purchased the Kemper.

    I then purchased the Ownhammer Heavy Hitters 1 and 2 and found that adding a 4x12 V30 Marshall cab to the AFD100 profiles real bought it alive using my Gibson Les Paul on the Rhythm position but thinned the sound out too much in the Lead position. Although the lead sound was poor there are now 12 profiles I really can use to write with.

    I then took all of my profiles and decided to add some Ownhammer IRs to see if the actual profiles I disliked improved and I was shocked to find the results were poor. The profiles I disliked sounded different but just as bad as the original profiles.

    Looking at the profiles I bought and counting the cost I have spent over £500 on profiles and I use a £10 Deadlight AFD100 almost exclusively. This has made me realise that the I do not use the Kemper in a way that justifies the cost and with each update it is becoming more and more complex, the main reason I moved away from other modellers, and feature rich in ways that don't benefit me. What I have learnt is I don't need 100 different delays, 50 distortion pedals or 60 different wahs, I just want a realistic amp sound with development in an area that levels off the profiles so they are not so varied.

    This has got me considering two things:

    Do I profile my Silver Jubilee (Di plus Ownhammer cab) and see if that turns out to be as good as the AFD100 and if so I have two quality amps that justify owning the Kemper. This will also mean I can profile the sounds I create per song and not have to constantly adjust the jubilee.


    Do I just use the Silver Jubilee with a Torpedo Reload and sell the Kemper on.

    There are other reasons I am looking at an alternative product:

    1) I love the Kemper and I have always been an advocate but I have found that with each update introducing loads of new features it has become slow and using it is becoming more of a hinderance to my workflow for example loading Rig Manager whilst in performance mode means I cannot search for profiles on the Kemper itself as the menu does not move and locks up, also where previously if I selected an amp in Rig Manager it would update the name in the slot on the Kemper, now it does not so I have to sit and dial in the name manually. This still occurs after many factory resets and using the release version. I have contacted support but again this means spending time doing diagnostics on a device that it meant to make life easy and speed up workflow.

    2) Having so many profiles of so many amps is paralysing for someone like me who loves to tinker with things. Although I use the AFD I am always tempted to try out a Mesa and find I waste hours trying to justify having the device.

    The reason I mentioned all of this is I was hoping the IRs would bring some new profiles to life for me even using them with DI profiles but it just didn't work.

    I am not giving up yet, hopefully next week I will profile my Silver Jubilee and add some IRs and see the world though different eyes.



    I have added some IRs and copied across a load of DI profiles into the Kemper. If there a way to save a Cab to all highlighted profiles in Rig Manager. I was hoping to avoid having to save all of them individually.

    Thank you



    I can very highly recommend Deadlight and Choptones. Both have free profiles in the Kemper to try out (Deadlight profiles are under Tone Hammer)

    Personally I love Deadlight AFD100 and Choptones JCM800ZW. Even more so I like using the JCM800ZW from Choptones with the AFD100 Cab from Deadlight AFD100.

    AFD is not really metal but does have some lovely hard rock tones and the JCM800ZW is fantastic (great pinched harmonics just don't do as many as Zakk does, every 4 bars is bloody annoying lol)

    Deadlight also has some great Mesa profiles, if you want something between a Boogie and Marshall look at the Mesa Atlantic, falls between the two.


    Hi Andy

    I don't use the Kemper in this way as I record and monitor in the same room but what may help is knowing that the SPDIF and Aux inputs are not disabled in any scenario. What does work this way is the front input and the alternative input where if you plug a guitar into both the front input takes president.

    It may be worth understanding if you are trying to reamp the sound or not. Also may be worth understanding how you intend to monitor the guitar signal in the live room where the Kemper is (studio monitors, physical guitar cab)

    My personal way of doing this:

    Guitar front input - DI out to soundcard - feed the DI signal to the Return in on the Kemper - Main out to soundcard.

    This allows me to reamp the sound from cubase and monitor via cubase. I am sure you could then send a mixer signal back to the live room.

    I hope this helps a little, as I say I don't work in the same way.


    I just want to thank you guys for your efforts. I am looking forward to trying this out on my Gibson. Want to see how it sound swith the humbuckers and the coil split.



    Just to say Choptones have always been nothing but professional with me so maybe something is lost in translation.

    I am sure it will get sorted but in the meantime let me know the actual name of the amp pack.



    If you can remember the profiler you bought them from you could email them directly.

    If not load the profile into the Kemper or Rig Manager and you should be able to see the creator of the profile.




    This is what I found with just taking cabs from one profiler and adding to the amp of another. Think I need to search for a few IRs to test which I prefer.

    After using my cab with all profiles it does raise the question of the Kemper ability to capture the cab constantly due to mic placement and room treatment as the amp head portion to me sounds as good as if I bought the amp itself.

    Man I do love the Kemper though. Think I may be in my 4th year of ownership and I have zero regret buying this.


    Evening all

    A few weeks back I was having a terrible time with the quality of sound from my Kemper. During the process I became so frustrated I decided to go old school and mic my Silver Jubilee 2x12. This was at extremely low bedroom volume with an SM57 so I was not expecting much but as it tuned out the attack and dynamic was there at such a low volume. I was shocked and started to contemplate selling the Kemper and just purchasing some low watt amps to record.

    Later that evening I decided to try the Kemper again and this time I had in my mind "if it sounds like crap it's your fault" which I find is always the case with the Kemper. Low and behold between some bad eq choices on a Cubase template and a dodgy SPDIF cable I was back in the zone of lovely Kemper tone.

    During the gap between the amp recording and finding the error I set the Kemper up through my cab as this was how I used to play live. I then went back through my purchased profiles from the following profilers:





    Now as a bit of history when I played guitar in a band I used Choptones DI profiles of the Jcm800 Zakk Wylde with the cab from Deadlights AFD100. I send that to the board but used my 4x12 for monitoring. It was a fantastic combination. When recording in my little studio I used the JCM800ZW with Deadlights AFD100 cab plus Deadlights AFD100 profiles extensively.

    The Top Jimi and MBritt profiles never hit home for me. No desrespect to the guys as they are both extremely popular but for my taste it just did not work.

    Anyway during my test I found that running profiles from all profilers sounded really good through the cab including ones I previously didn't like. A good example of this would be Top Jimi's AFD100. To me as a profile they almost sound to distant like the mic is far away from the speaker but with no room reverb. Deadlights AFD100 sounds big, inspiring and up front. I was taken back when I loaded up Top Jimi's AFD100 through my cab and it was fantastic sounding where as Deadlights was not, a complete reversal.

    Now this got me thinking, am I missing out on top profiles by not using alternative IRs to the ones provided by the profiler? I would be interested to know what other people's thoughts and experiences are with using IRs (free or purchased).

    Apart from your thoughts, I was also looking for recommendations for Free IRs (4x12 V30 would be great) to try this out to see if using IRs opens up other avenues to other profilers.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give some background.