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    I ran my stage through my PS-100 and into a 2x12. The sound was awesome. This is definitely a good way to do this.

    The other way I do it is to run the stage directly into a QSC K8 on a stand hooked up to the main outs. That way I can adjust volumes and know what it will sound like directly through a PA.

    When you ran yours through guitar cabs did you just use direct profiles or were you happy with regular studio profiles? So far I’ve only used direct but that limits my choices.

    I have a Kemper Kone that I was using in a Mesa Boogie cab. Sounded great. But I also have two Kone’s in a Victory 2x12 cab so I’m over Koned at the moment.
    I’m in southern Indiana if anyone is drivable (Louisville, KY. Nashville, TN, Indianapolis , In) I would consider interesting trades or just sell it outright for $125.

    OK that problem is fixed but I have new odd issue.

    I've been feeling like my Kemper is sounding pretty good lately. Downloaded the new AC50 profile from Tone Junkie and it's new to me but I'm really enjoying it. But I went to see if any different speaker selection on my Kemper Kone choices sounds better. I hold down the cabinet button but the screen to choose the speaker doesn't come up. That's odd?

    So next I hold down the output button and I find that I don't even have the Kemper Kone box checked. But it sounds really good. So I press the Kone button and it sounds bad. Like real trebbly and fizzy. Odd? I uncheck the Kone and it sounds good again. So I have 2 Kemper Kones loaded in a 2X12 Victory Cabinet and previously if the "Kemper Kone" button wasn't checked it sounded like shit. Now it's the opposite.

    But another thing is when I check the box and exit out and go into the cabinet button to change the speaker selection the screen is very dim and faint for the cabinets. It's didn't used to be that way either. Everything else shows up more bold.

    I'm running the very latest "trial" software. The 8.XX that just updated.

    Any idea what's going on?

    I have both a Mission Engineering Gemini 2 cab AND a Victory 2X12 cab loaded with 2 Kemper Kones.

    The Top Jimi Van Halen profiles have always blown me away with how much they sound exactly like Eddie's tone through the Genini 2 (FRFR). Just perfect and definitely not thin.

    But when I play through my Kemper Kones and I have to say MANY profiles sound AMAZING through that, the Top Jimi Van Halens profiles do sound thin and uninspiring. Not the same experience at all.

    The problem I'm having is when I try to import some older KIPR profiles I bought from Top Jimi it won't let me drag and drop or cut and paste them in my local library. I thought it was supposed to convert them to the new type file?

    I have been messing with lower gain profiles & turning the gain up and vise versa. Also using the volume knob as it works great too. There is a lot to discover here.

    In the Tone Junkie video he said if you take a low gain profile and turn up the gain you will not be getting that amps realistic gain sound. You will be getting a Kemper “fake” gain sound that may or may not sound like the real amp. BUT if you take a higher gain profile of the amp and turn the gain down, the Kemper does a good job of staying realistic to that amp.

    And the point is if you like to hit a low or medium gain profile with a boost pedal, you should try taking the higher gained version of that amp profile, turn the gain down some n the Kemper and then hit it with the boost pedal. The amp with act more realistically that way.

    Tone Junkie had a good tip on one f his recent videos. To take one of the profiles in the pack with higher gain but turn the gain knob down on the Kemper to a lower gain. He said that gives you the same low gain sound as selecting a lower gain version of the profile but the amp still reacts like it is driven a bit harder and sounds better. Especially if you plan to it a lower gain profile with a pedal.

    I would say that if you are going for like a Pink Floyd tone or a real processed 80's new wave thing the Gemini 2 can't be beat. But for a more raw bluesy realistic guitar tone the Kemper Kone is the one.

    I recommend just getting a 1X12 or 2X12 guitar cabinet (you can find bargain used ones everywhere if you don't already have any) and buy the Kone speakers and install them. It's really easy and comes with a clear diagram for 1, 2 or 4 speaker setups.

    I have the Gemini 2 and a 2x12 cab with two Kemper Kones.

    They both sound great in different ways. The Kone sounds more real like a guitar cab. If I could only have one it would be the Kone. But I’m keeping both.

    Kones are only like $150 if you have a 1x12 cab laying around. I would just get that and play with it before you sell anything.

    One time when mine sounded nasty I figured out that my noise gate was cranked way up. It’s the knob on the left side of your Kemper. Turn that way down to see if it makes a difference. When it’s crank up way too much your sound will be terrible.

    Anyone replaced their speakers in a 2x12 cabinet with Kones? I have a Mesa 2x12 with v30's but just wondering since obviously every tone I use today is v30's in the Mesa.

    I put two Kones in a Victory Cab that had two V30's in it. I like it. On heavy profiles the V30 setting usually sounds great. But on a lot of the clean settings it's my least favorite and changing the Kone selection improves the sound a lot. Worth the change in my opinion.