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    You can build one easily for about 10 bucks if you know how to solder a wire to a post. There is a thread somewhere here in the forums about it and I have built a couple of them successfully.

    is there a way to access my snapshots while in performance mode? I often do some tweaks to a rig and snapshot it planning to add to performance slot later after a gig but Icant seem to access the snapshots. I dont want to save over a rig in browser or create a new one and name and save during a gig. thought snapshots would be a quick way of doing this.

    After I clicked on the local library folder first to "activate" that folder, then dragged to the local library it worked. I am so used to be able to drag something to any folder on a PC that I didn't realize you had to first "focus" on a folder by clicking on it and showing its contents before dragging to it.

    Thanks for your help!

    I have expanded the "All rigs" and "All presets" folders. when I try to drag and drop one of these presets it gives me the "anti" sign over all destinations except "my profiler" and "Local library". When I try to drag to those it gives me the error message that I quoted in previous message post.

    I have tried the import function as well as drag and drop. Downloaded the presets again as well. Always get "Rig manager didnt find any suitable files to import.This happens if the items are unknown or damaged".

    BTW paults love your horn presets in exchange. Using one for guitar emu of horn lead in Segers Old time rock and roll and the crowd loves it!

    I was trying to import these into rig manager and audition/transfer to kemper from there but gives the error "did not find suitable file type. files may be damaged". Do I have to use the USB method, I thought rig manager could do everything the USB method could now.

    My locked button on my toaster is lit. I think I locked some parameter but don't see/hear what one. If I hold the lock button all buttons go dark except rig stays lit, which seems strange as I can broswe rigs as normal. I seem to remember about a quick way to tell what parameters are locked. i have scanned the manual and forum but have not found an answer. Thanks for any input.


    I can’t comment by myself but I know this product sells well and had a solid reputation here.

    I have this product as well as an older line 6 variax. I found the keys tone exchanger to be a handy sculpting tool and it does a pretty good job of making hum bucker sound a lot more single pole like I really like their P90 pick up setting. I hardly ever use the variax as it is one of the first series and the actual guitar doesn’t play as well as a lot of my others so I end up gravitating to my higher end guitars in combination with kemper and the Keystone exchanger for pick up simulations. YMMV.

    thanks for pointing out the short delay in that. Somehow that was the missing element that gave that sound the edge I sought after. Funny enough the broadcaster was having a technical error in his equipment causing that delay to be on everything temporarily, and that ended up being the secret sauce.

    Have the mission control ep1-kp pedal. Trying to get it to control the volume when their is no wah active in a rig and only the wah when it is active. In system I have pedal function set to WAH and in the pedal links page have WAHPEDAL>VOL checked. The volume function seems to work fine but when I enable a wah effect the pedal is controlling the WAH and the volume at the same time. Even weirder is that the volume control is reversed with the pedal (toe down is 0 volume and toe up is 100%).

    In the pedal links page I can see both the wah and volume parameters change when a wah is not active in the rig when I sweep the pedal. When I enable a wah effect, only the wah parameter changes when I sweep the pedal, but the volume audibly still changes as described in the above paragraph even though the visual slider does not change in the pedal links page.

    It seems that there is somewhere else that my Kemper is responding or linked to the pedals volume control and I am missing it. I've read the manual pedal links sections but does not shed light on my problem. Profiler and rig manager are up to date.

    Thanks for any insight.

    I noticed on the 2nd set of switches you recommended they have 3 solder points instead of the 2 on the original how would you connect the wires in this instance with the 3 prongs would you leave one out?

    Deej or nottoohigh or others...

    Did you ever figure this out or can anybody chime in about what solder points to use on the 3 prong switches?I just built a pedal with the 2 prongs switches and worked like a charm and I ordered and received the other 3 prong switches suggested by the OP but not sure how to wire these new ones.

    I have updated to latest RM. Then USB flashed my Kemper to new OS 7. Established the connections again and can communicate like I used to do. I do not see the new editor section however. It is just like previous versions of RM.

    When in the profiler section in a preset rig still looks like the old manager screen. No amp settings or knobs for parameters, etc. I am missing something stupid on my part I am sure. Any suggestions on what I am so overly missing?