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    I compared the sound with the video you posted where JMT goes through the profiles one by one (I guess playing with 1 guitar and without anythting else past Kemper). I added a OD pedal in the fron in order to make my sound similar to his. The thing is that he is not using an OD :) Wtf is going wrong...might there be another tweak?

    I know the andy sneap technique but before that I 'd like to see how close I can get to his sound through kemper tweaks...

    What I hear: Josh’s input signal seems to be maybe bigger and I’m sure he uses a multiband compressor for the palm mutes and the overall sound is compressed anyway. I should actually check the specific profiles (I haven’t used the JTM pack lately, I’ve used guitar-plugins lately for recordings), then I could answer exactly. Anno I liked his profiles, I commented here too, but like 99% of high gain Kemper profiles, it needed some post-tweak.

    - I cant hit the audio interface with enough gain and I am forced to use its preamps. But I have the master volume of kemper at dissapointed with all these crap:P

    It's strange, usually the problem is the opposite especially with active pickups: the input signal is too large and this causes clipping in the DAW.

    For reduce the 'oomph' (palm mutes): check the video below from 1:25. It is the Waves C4 Multiband compressor (very common solution in metal genre for the palm mutes - Andy Sneap made it "famous") but the settings works with other multiband compressors like the Fabfilter Pro MB that which Josh mentioned in the .pdf. This is a short, not detailed video so set the attack to fast and the release to short and play with the range and the threshold while you listen to the tracks to adjust the right amount of compression.


    Check at 12:27:

    - Check out the screen, for example: did you enable the pre and post eq section?

    - I suggest that try to set the pickups higher - the magnetic field is smaller than a passive so you can adjust the pickup near to the strings.

    - There is a read me.pdf in the pack, read the 'basic mixing tips and techniques for guitar tones' part - the multiband compressor part is important.

    - You can boost it if you want.

    Otherwise: the thing is Josh’s recording and the tone of your recording aren’t that different. I hear what you are writing about but it is easy to bring these sounds closer together, see multiband compressor, eq. However the overall sound image does not only depend on the particular preset. The two sounds will never be 100% the same. Why? Cliché but the sound starts at the hand. Somewhere there is a comparative recording where different people play on the same kemper profiles and the result is different. Obviously not huge but audible. Josh’s picking isn’t like yours - that’s not a problem but a fact. Beyond the picking hand and the angle of the guitar pick there’s the entire signal path, which again isn’t 100% the same.

    It takes some time to set up for a particular sound but I highly recommend stomp boxes - rather than the distortion sense feature though that might work. The important thing here is to never have the mix button at 100% because it already modifies the original sound of the amplifier that you want to keep. Try Lead Booster in this position: mix 40-50%, tone 4.0-4.5, Ducking 0.0, Volume 0.0-0.5 and put Green Scream next to it if needed but the mix button should be at max 40%, the Volume is max 0.0, Tone should not be higher than 3.0-3.5. (This obviously depends on how much gain the profile originally has.) Another useful option is the Definition knob (in the Amplifier menu) which allows you to give the amplifier more "force" if you set lower values - in addition to tightness if you set higher values. A value that is too low blurs the sound but between 5.0 and 7.0 is worth checking out. These are worth using together (Stomp box + Definition) and of course the sound depends on a lot of other things.

    He is definitely a great musician but what most if his fans describe as "strange" and "unique" is just great song writing beyond the major/minor/pentatonic limits.Orchestral,big,heavy rock sound..

    For sure Townsend is a great musician and not half as crazy as he would like to be.He knows exactly what he does and he does it great.

    You're right, crazy in a good way, that's what I mean. :) The image of him at that time before the Internet (or at its dawn) was more influenced by his stage or clip gestures and his appearance. I would add that I still remember that he was counted as a somewhat "crazy figure" in the rock / metal music scene at one time. Fortunately many online interviews are now available and he says that alcohol and drug problems (also diagnosed with depression) have played a role in his behavior in the past. He has been "sober and free of anti-psychotic medication since 2007". (wiki)


    Devin is on another level . :) (Anyway he has several contributions with Anneke, who sings in the video above.)

    I met his name in Steve Vai’s band. He sang on Steve’s ‘Sex & Religion’ album. I first saw the video clips: "Who is this crazy dude in the 'In My Dreams With You' video?" - I asked. The ‘Down Deep into the Pain’ video was even crazier. I already knew Steve’s music back then, so I got the record mentioned above and wasn’t disappointed. 3-4 years later Devin started his solo career and it soon turned out that the dude was a genius. It was completely different from the others. Meanwhile Devin’s band called ‘Strapping Young Lad’ (harder metal) has also started which no longer exists today but Devin has been a prolific composer ever since.

    There’s truth in what you’re writing but I don’t think that applies to Candy. Your example maybe true of a Nicki Minaj type performer, but I have to say she has an audience too. They are not us. :) By the way it almost doesn’t matter today because the media isn’t centralized in the sense that not a few radio and tv companies decide what people listen to and see. And anyone who consumes music on TV and radio in 2021 ... well, deserves it.