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    Lots of good info here.

    For those of you who haven’t used the UA interfaces: Their conversion and monitoring is crazy low latency and absolutely stellar.

    For cheap interfaces, I’d say going S/PDIF is beneficial for my our sound quality. From my experience with UA, I’d say don’t bother. Analog is A-ok :thumbup:

    Almost every time I scroll up and down performances on the head, it skips ahead two. For example, on performance five, I press the scroll down button and it goes to three.

    Happened since the first 7 beta.

    That’s happened to me a ton since even earlier. not when scrolling with the remote but always when using the up and down navigation buttons on my toaster.

    ...and before someone says you can have looser volume control via MIDI, there are two issues with that.

    1. Why should a remote owner need a separate MIDI controller?

    2. It only goes to -12dB, which is not enough for a fade out.

    Some low-gain profiles -I'm thinking of - at the Edge of breakup, get a Kind of harshness when they're pushed up even only a few dB (f.e. some profiles of TAF, whereas my MBritt-profiles f.e. are much more "tolerant")

    But maybe I'm overestimating either the difference-levels we're talking about or other user's Hearing.

    I’m just talking about straight volume, post everything. The tone shouldn’t change at all.

    just been thinking about this. I wonder if kemper could do a sort of normalization routine on all loaded performances (or in the new RM when releases). So long as the rig sounds are not altered and just the levels. You could then tweak any solo rigs or ones that need to be slightly lower or higher in volume?

    just a though and might be total bollocks...sorry rubbish

    That could help... I already try and balance them with an RMS meter and match the average. The only trouble is different tones stand out more than others. A profile with heavy upper mids will sound louder than a scooped one at the same average.

    I would just love to have a single control to reach for when I’m sound checking live and realize certain songs with certain profiles need adjusting.

    I don't use Performances, but this makes good sense to me.


    Only "catch" is I think Kemper would have to create an additional layer of level control between the Rig and Output tiers, so it could be tricky to implement / involve a fair bit of coding. :/

    Yeah been trying to think about where it could go since there’s no Performance menu like there is for Rigs. Hmm...

    Here’s the scenario, and it happens a lot:

    I make very detailed performances for each song. With different profiles and different effects, volumes differ. I try to balance all the slots within the performance to boost and cut as needed for the song. I also try to meter levels and make it comparable to previous performances.

    I get a setlist and organize the ones I need for the weekend. As careful as I am, sometimes whole performances end up louder or quieter than other whole performances. So I’m now adjusting volumes in every slot and re-saving. It’s tedious.

    Also, other people buy ready-made performances from different content makers and they can end up different levels as well.

    Having a Performance Volume control would greatly simplify balancing performances for a set as needed.

    Let me know what you think.

    Just turned on the Kemper after saving and creating two new performances last night - and it's duplicated one over the top of the other. It did it yesterday as well.

    This release seems to be full of issues - never had these issues on 6.0.0. Incredibly frustrating.

    EDIT: I left the Kemper alone for 5 minutes - came back, and the performance slot had changed back to what I'd originally saved it as....! It showed both slots originally as the same names, same profiles etc. (slots 18 & 19). Went away, came back, and slot 19 had changed to the original saved performance from last night.... very very weird.