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    I have this issue often. Panorama is not the issue. It is usually solved by a total reset of my interfaces routing software (TotalMix FX). Not sure what to make of it. It seems to occur whenever the KPA is switched off and on...maybe not every time, but a lot of the time.

    Edit: mine is a dip in the right channel.

    Yes, please do all these and more before buying a new interface, unless you just really want a different one anyway. I think the Scarlett should sound fine through the main outs if everything is set up correctly.

    Had an idea: what if I connect the HP out of the interface to AUX IN of the Kemper? That way I still hear playback from audio files I'm recording with a great guitar sound. I tried it, set the input to mono so sound comes from both sides instead of only left or right (AUX IN Kemper is Alternate input and return input for left and right). This works, and I record with a great guitar sound. I can play it back through the Kemper but then things sound real shit again. When I play it back through my speakers it is better, somewhere halfway between HP Kemper and HP interface. So luckily the recording gets better then the HP out from interface. Still way less then the HP out of the Kemper which is a shame...

    Yeah...I was thinking if you were only listening through headphones, than that was your problem due to the poor amp in the Focusrite. But to hear that it also sounds main when playing through your mains...that doesn't make sense to me, I think there is something wrong somewhere (sorry, I know that's not exactly helpful).

    The focusrite should have no issue recording and playing back your guitar tones without any noticeable loss of quality. Headphone amp is one thing, but for it to sound bad through your mains as well...I dunno, that should sound pretty good, I don't think the Focusrite is that bad.

    Regarding a replacement interface, I have used a UAD Apollo Twin, and they are excellent, great interfaces with the ability to run UAD's fantastic plugins from the DSP of the interface itself, freeing up the CPU on your PC.

    I have a RME Babyface, and love it. Headphones sound great, monitors sound great, everything is great :D These can be grabbed really cheap used these days for the quality you're getting. The hardware monitoring is really good, and the routing software (TotalMix) is some of the best out there.

    MOTU is also one to look at. Probably the most bang-for-your-buck of about anything out there, and from all accounts, just about as good of a "bang" as anything else.

    Just to provide a counterpoint (not jumping on you, haha), I think he strikes a good mix, though I haven't watched all the videos. A large reason why people follow/watch the people they do is because of their personality, and that's hard to get across if you just jump right into it while you've still got your clothes on. :D

    Again, personal preference, like you say.

    Well said...and you're a TNG fan, to boot!


    ... and of course I chime in by mentioning MOTU, predictably, Bruce.

    You can still run every audio interface it's ever made, even from the '90s, and load projects from 1984 into Digital Performer.

    I thought about mentioning them...but I figured you'd be along. :D

    They'll definitely be on my list for next time.

    Good call. I'll do that today.

    Get the know you want to. Rock solid USB drivers (RME was imo the first to really nail this down, it's not easy), great converters, and truly legendary support for products sold long ago. I know people using RME gear they bought 10-12 years ago, and running them on new PCs/OS. Can't say that for many others. Has RME ever actually stopped supporting a product? :D

    You getting the UFX? What a piece of gear that is.

    And TotalMix has quite a learning curve, but it is really phenomenal, deeeep, and can do about anything you'd need from it.

    ...rme. RME...RME!

    And you're right. I don't care that there is no USB interface, and I don't have a need or use for it, but it's so silly to act like the KPA is so special or different in some way, that an interface wouldn't make sense. Bullshit, it would simply be product parity, as you say. Modeler/Profiler is so irrelevant to this argument.

    Indeed Shawno; I couldn't believe what that guy said. :S

    I was impressed that Steven didn't try to defend the sound, even with all the "evidence" in the form of feedback within the thread, but instead chose to do the professional thing and offer a full refund, no questions asked.

    Obviously Steven could use some PR work in some areas ("Slate-time" is a different timeline than the rest of us occupy, he does himself no favors there), but his attitude has pretty much always been very patient and professional, and this just impresses me even more. Smart move. It's easy to get caught up in a ego battle with a customer, but he didn't, kept his cool, was VERY generous to the customer, though I'm sure he might have liked to say a few things differently haha, and I bet he gets sales based directly on people observing his behavior in that interaction. That is a class act, through-and-through.

    Wow, thanks man! That's very kind of you. Honestly I am always kind of surprised that people dig my clips, no accounting for taste I guess. :D

    But it's very gratifying that some people do enjoy them, it is a nice feeling.

    So Time (I think I may be having some sort of 12-hour stroke, every time today that I have tried to type "Tim", I type "Time" instead...why does it smell like toast in here?), could explain the Shaper a little better than me, but it basically brings out additional harmonics and works well with an overdrive stomp. From the Kemper wiki:

    "While most effects are more common for guitarists, the "shaper" effects may seem a bit confusing. Essentially, they attempt to "shape" the waveforms of the input audio signal. This is essentially what distortion is, but most distortion circuits use clipping to reshape the waves. These do something different entirely, but most end up adding harmonic overtones. The best advice is to try all of them at mild and hot settings, run both into a clean amp profile as well as crunchy one.

    Looking at stomps presets, many tend to use a combination of a shaper effect and distortion effect (and sometimes an EQ as well) to emulate various real-world distortion boxes, particularly fuzz type distortion."

    I think Tim's stomps are set very well, in that they are not overpowering, but kicking on the comp/shaper/dist definitely adds a little bloom and grind you might miss otherwise, and definitely brings the harmonics out.

    He also typically uses very mild settings for the delay, which can be very nice, then I can tweak it for more of a "solo" sound.

    I used to never use effects. For years my rig was PRS Singlecut -Ernie Ball Volume - Morley Wah - H&K Triamp MKII - Mesa Road King 4x12. I loved my tone, and was never happy with what I perceived as tone-suck from my stomps. I built several pedalboards (poorly, probably), and always just f**king HATED the tap-dancing required to use the things in combo with channel changes.

    Once we started getting bigger shows, opening for national acts etc, the band was basically like " have to use effects. This is bullshit, you don't even have a tuner", and they were right. Lucky for me the Triamp has MIDI channel switching. So I bought a TC Electronics G-System, was immediately in heaven. To go from to clean w/delay/reverb to high-gain, no effects with a single button...that was a game-changer for me for effects.

    I still don't use them a lot, I hate chorus/flange/reverb for high-gain stuff with a burning passion. But the KPA has great effects, always getting better, and it doesn't make me dance for them, so I can deal with it. :D

    I do not endorse the use of Delay to simulate double-tracking though haha, I haven't been able to sound decent yet with that. In the DAW is another story. I don't ever use it, I like to actually double-track, it helps me stay in practice, but a 20ms delay in the DAW on one track can be convincing.

    Locrain , those are great!!!!!!!

    Harmonically they are very modern and as good as any out there!

    Thanks Tim, I appreciate that! I was thinking this morning, "If I wrote these now, I'd probably like them"...doesn't say much for my progress as a musician hahaha...maybe I'll prefer to think of it as being ahead of my time...back in the day. :D

    I didn't think it was fair to take the toast me as an example for something kemper can't or won't do.

    Hmm, fair enough, though I don't know that I agree about the "won't. You're right, it's not an actual editor, only an interface to the perfectly good editor already built into the KPA. My point in bringing up Toast ME, was just to demonstrate my doubt as their ability/willingness to create routing software required if it were to be a full-fledged USB interface.

    As you point out, the editor is in place, all there needs to be is a software interface. And people have been clamoring for it since the KPA was released, it was easy enough for one guy to do it on his own, in his spare time, and...still no editor/interface from Kemper.

    My point really was the user-facing software does not seems to be Kemper's focus or strong suit, to say the least, and therefore the lack of USB interface in the KPA does not concern me, even as a "computer nerd", simply because it's not an easy thing to get right, I don't know that they would, and so it's not really a problem that the KPA doesn't function as a USB interface. Which is good, cause it's never going to happen anyway. :D

    Very nice! Great crunch/gainy tones here. I had an early morning and was feeling a little nostalgic, so I made a couple clips. Even managed to fit a ham-fisted lead into the end of the 2nd one. :D

    These are the first two songs that I can remember writing for the first band I was in, only about 15 years ago or so. The drummer and I are still best friends (I mean, he is a drummer yes, but he's a good guy), definitely some good times.

    Edit: These were both with the same profile the T75 02, same modifications/stomps as the clip I posted above.

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    Moderator Notice:

    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    This is not really a fair example. Toast ME is an ecxelent visualization and simulation of the KPA user interface.

    It is not an editor. You can't store or manage anything on your computer. It uses only the Kemper excellently elaborated and documented interface (which not everyone does).

    I don't want to diminish Damian's performance, it's a great job and I love to use it.

    Sorry, I'm not tracking. Not a fair example of what?

    Guys, you're so defensive of the unit that you come across really badly to new users. You have to empathise with new users otherwise they'll be completely put off. To those who've genuinely offered help, thank you.

    I put a lot of ground work in on this and many other first time users of the Kemper over the last few months, hopefully RayRay will attest to that. But I come here, read his thread and see that all he gets told is that he's wrong for making viable assumptions and that he's a troll. You guys aren't making a good impression and really need to look at yourselves. Seriously.

    Also, not everyone reads manuals. Not everyone understands I/O. Not everyone wants to have to worry about that stuff. Some people just want to plug and play and enjoy. It's not up to us to judge them for not bothering about any of the above. This is about user experience, and believe it or not, a forum is there to aid that experience.

    "All he gets told...", give me a break. He got good advice, some ribbing, several people agreed with him, he has resolved his user-error issue. I don't think he's tramuatized.

    And if you don't want to read the manual or educate yourself on the subjects that you are asking people to explain to you, for free, and can't handle or understand that might be a little disrespectful to those spending their time helping others, either expect some (hopefully) good natured ribbing, or talk to tech support. Not directed at OP, I understand his frustrations and am glad his interface issue was resolved.

    This has been a fairly even thread, maybe not the best hill to die on...

    You are welcome, I think it's going to be a nice product.

    Logic would suggest it's the new-fangled "physically-modelled" playback engine (round-robins gone and fancy-assed scripts that're designed to make it "play" more-naturally) that's responsible for this, Bruce.

    Thank you for the detailed review of the demo, mate. Tempted to hit you up to email me all your grooves once you're done convertin', brother... :/

    That would make sense, and first impression is that it seems to work well.

    Happy to do so, will probably be a couple months before I am able to grab it, but that'd be just fine man.

    I'm not surprised that those new to recording like myself would prefer SSD to SD just due to the Slate samples being ready to go OOTB, but SD3 kind of has a reputation for having the "best" samples that still need some work. So, for someone who has put as much money as they must have to get all the expansions, to prefer SSD5...certainly impressive. Like we were discussing, no good in getting too caught up in reviews, but they do seem really good.

    I did get the free version. The kit is pretty good, I think it's identified as a "rock" kit, though I did find it to have less "heft" than "rock" kits I compared it to in SD3...but it's hardly fair to compare, as I have the entire stock SD3 library to go through. I really like the snare. Nice and snappy. Overall, a well-balanced kit. Very dynamic, in the sense that it seemed to be less compressed than the SD3 kits, but I really liked that, it seemed to "cut" through at lower volume than the SD3 kits I listened to.

    I think it sounds more natural than SD3 with the midi track I made/modified from a groove in SD3. Dunno if that was just my mind playing tricks, but it sounded more like a drummer, less like a drum machine. I am not a great drum programmer yet, and I have noticed it sounding "choppy" in SD3. This seemed better.

    Took me a while to figure out to export a midi file of my track from SD3, and if there is an intuitive solution to getting that midi file to somewhere where SSD5 could find it, I missed it. I ended up using a solution posted for SSD4 that involved going to the folder where the grooves are kept, then creating 3 sub-folders with different file extensions so SSD could sort it correctly, then dropping it there...then dragging it from the grooves section of SSD to a track in my DAW, which then gave me a good bit of trouble, but I think I know why I had the issues I did, and how to prevent it in the future. There must be a better way to do this...I should finish reading the manual. :D

    The splash was triggering correctly (flashing blue) when it should have, but there was no sound, when I clicked it with the mouse, it flashed and sounded. Dunno, probably user error. :D

    The interface is bad. At the price point I couldn't care much less, but it's 10 years behind. I guess you could look at as Slate worked on the things that really matter, like the way the thing sounds, haha. But the GUI is pretty rough.

    It's still a must-buy for me. I don't get why it's so cheap. With the entire library, and all the grooves, it's going to be awesome.