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    There's no link, mate, and welcome!

    If you register your unit at the main Kemper site (enter your unit's serial number observing upper and lower-case lettering closely), you'll have full access to the private forum, be able to PM members and download posted attachments.

    Thanks for the welcome! This Kemper is really inspiring so far, I have been playing a lot more recently because of it lol. And thanks for the input on registering! I will do that once I get home tonight.

    That's strange, I can definitely see the link. I'll try again

    Hey all!

    I know there is a section on the forums called "Link your music" but I couldn't figure out how to register my Kemper (I already did it through the RigManager though, that was simple enough). Hopefully this is an okay spot to show my first recording using the Kemper.

    So just got a Kemper and decided to solo over an interlude from my buddy's song. His band is called Koppel and they just released an album. Give them a listen!

    Simple playing, I'm not as fancy as you guys lol, but I am enjoying this Kemper so far!

    The patch I'm using is the Morgan AC20 with some Green Scream in it.

    EDIT: test link here

    They've given that same response, in various ways, in various forums.... DOZENS, maybe hundreds, of times. Really. Honest.

    Perhaps just read every third thread on this forum?

    Yes I am aware of that...

    Except here we are, along with many others, in the "Kemper 2 Expectations" thread when we have no reason to believe there will EVER be a Kemper 2.

    This is a thread for explicitly for expressing desires for the Kemper 2, idk what you're on about...

    EDIT: after re-reading my post, definitely didn't mean to come across as angry, just confused about the tone being directed towards me.

    Okay guys so I was bored and impatience so I decided to try to fish for information from Kemper about a standalone foot pedal. Yeah yeah, I know that's sort of annoying for them to have to respond to emails like this but I am very interested in a Kemper foot pedal like the AX8 and Helix hahah!

    So their response was as follows:

    "Sorry, we do not comment on further product strategies and plans. We have constantly increased the value of our products via free software updates and are not planning to change that practice."

    So obviously there is not much information here... they could be working on it, they might never have even considered starting the process, they might plan on starting 5 years from now, they might not have plans to ever do this. We simply don't have enough information.

    But beyond the closed-lip hush-hush about confirming or denying development of a standalone pedal, do you think that the fact that they seem content with focusing on software updates instead of hardware updates is an indication that they aren't developing a standalone pedal?

    Thoughts? Ideas?

    Once again, all speculation.

    As I recall, when Kemper were last asked this, the reply was something along the line of "well, we'd have to be stupid not to, right?".

    This gives me hope! And honestly this little bit of hope makes me want to research Kemper saying this.... was this recent? Do you have the link to the quote? I would love to pore through the responses to try to comb some sort of information on expectation date hahhahhahhah

    Has there been any hints as to a Kemper Stand-Alone floor unit like the Helix and AX8? I know that this is the #1 requested thing and people get tired of the threads asking, but in light of the Helix Stomp HX, decided I would bring it up again.

    I want to get a Kemper but with Fractal and Helix releasing cool new units everyday, it makes me look at all the cool toys like the new Helix Stomp thing they released last week.

    Hey I am getting ready to purchase a Kemper and want to make sure my set up will be good enough to play/record well enough at home.

    I will usually play direct to PA, but in some certain cases I will play through a soon-to-be-purchased FRFR cab or something (not the point of this post).

    I have my audio interface (behringer umc22 I think) that I will either use headphones or earphones with, OR I will use THESE desktop monitors (cerwin vega XD4)

    So I am thinking... guitar -> Kemper -> audio interface -> cerwin vega XD4 (or headphones) -> also USB'ed from audio interface to computer if I am recording.

    Do you think these XD4's will be good enough to monitor myself in the bedroom? I won't be playing too loud since I am in an apartment, but I am looking for clarity and accurate representation more than loudness in the bedroom. I am willing to use either the XD4's or headphones, whichever one will give me the closest sound through PA where I will be playing most (probably in-ears monitors).

    What do y'all think?

    Just as FYI, I have the ATH-50 headphones and the Shure SE315 earbuds that I sometimes use instead of the XD4's.

    My best advice is RENT one. Coz when you suppose how to make a set up , full of doubts, it means you need to experiment. Which is great ... But you'll end up using it another way if you experiment , based on your style your ears and the result of the sound test you'll make with the real thing in your hands Goodluck

    What are the options of renting a Kemper?

    Hey all!

    I am going to pull the trigger on buying a Kemper, and after researching a lot I will probably get a Mission Engineering Gemini 1 since it seems to be top of the line (and who wants to use a Kemper on anything other than the BEST lol).

    What I can't figure out is what route to go:

    1) UNPOWERED Kemper with a Gemini active speaker

    2) POWERED Kemper with a Gemini passive speaker

    Maybe I missed the forum posts, but I couldn't really get a pro/con analysis of each option.

    I am sort of leaning towards the POWERED Kemper with Gemini passive, since I will save just a little bit of money this way.

    What do you guys think?

    Thank you in advance.