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    TBH its probably because direct profiles are not used as frequently as Studio or Merged.

    They are only for running a conventional cab which doesn't help for running direct to FOH or direct into a DAW for practice or recording.

    Yeah that makes sense but with how "easy" these are in theory to make due to not worrying about mic placement, people should be making them all the time (I would think). Can always throw an IR in the chain for recording or FOH

    Yep! You may want to check out a thread I started a couple of days ago regarding this very thing.
    Here's the thread:
    "Direct Amp Profiles and DI Questions"

    Thanks. Watching your thread too. It's unreal how little info there is on the Direct Profile process, especially considering how long the KPA has been on the market. These profiles should be the easiest in the world to make. I just don't get it

    I have to be doing something wrong, so maybe someone can help. Looking to create some direct profiles of my amp. Signal chain is as outlined in the manual:

    Guitar > Kemper input> Kemper Direct out > Amp input > Powerstation > Powerstation XLR send back to Kemper Return > Powerstation out to guitar cab

    It sounds amazing when profiling, but when I disconnect the amp and go to the traditional Kemper/Powerstation/Cab setup it sounds very weak. Zero girth, just distortion.

    What am I doing wrong? Am I missing the Kemper DI box or is the power station fine on its own?

    Hey guys--- Grabbed an un-powered KPA (again), but this time I have a Powerstation I want to use it with. I love how it sounds with my FM-3, and want to see how the Kemper does with a real cab. Couple quick setup questions.

    Master Out, into the Powerstation?

    Any settings I should adjust in the KPA?

    Should I only use Direct profiles?

    Do Studio profiles sound good if you bypass the cab?

    You are unfortunately not alone in experiencing these kinds of annoying glotches in Rig Manager. I have had many many such issues recently including slots within performances being mixed up and unable to be be changed back into the right order no matter what I do.

    Basically the current RM is pretty rubbish and full of bugs. Fortunately, Kemper have a wonderful new Rig Manager/Editor in internal testing and due for release this summer. As we are now in Summer time I for one am hoping to see it very soon ?

    It looks like it is going to be AMAZING ?

    Glad to hear I am not alone, and definitely looking forward to a new (stable) editor! It seems every other time I plug my KPA into my RM I get the USB error

    Here's the issue (software on Rig Manager and KPA are both up to date):

    When using Rig Manager on my Mac, in Performance Mode, there is sometimes a weird glitch when I paste a rig into a performance slot. It's basically a delay in loading/populating the rig into that slot.

    Example: Let's say I paste a Mesa Rectifier into slot 3. The KPA will default back to slot 1 and I won't hear the newly pasted Mesa. Instead I will hear whatever was in slot 1. Clicking any of the other slots from Rig Manager will not change the slot. It stays on 1. The fix is that I then have to click a separate Performance, then click back to the intended Performance and the slots will all be there and work as intended. This happens probably 50% of the time when tweaking slots. It's very annoying.

    If I am in Browse mode and I double click a rig it will select it with no issue. This only happens in Performance mode

    I did once receive an error on my Rig Manager stating there was a USB connectivity error between Rig Manager and the KPA. I use this same USB cable with my Axe FX III and have no issues, so I can eliminate the cable as a factor.

    The Kemper is brand new. Do you suggest I exchange it with Sweetwater?

    Sold my KPA head recently and it was a mistake....I want it back, so I'm grabbing another! This time I may end up getting the rack instead. My primary intention is to use this for recording, but may end up using it live as well. The issue I have with the rack is the form factor. With the head, I used to place it on top of my Gator road case.

    For those who gig with the rack, where do you place it on stage?

    I got the un-powered head and have no regrets. No need to take a 50lb guitar cab IMO, and after all I bought the KPA for it's portability.

    I use a Yamaha DXR10 or go straight into the PA and it sounds incredible.

    For the record, I have always been a tube guy. I have a few Matchless amps that I love, but lugging them plus a 2x12 cab was getting really old. I finally gave in to the temptation and grabbed a Kemper (non-powered) a couple weeks ago. I was blown away when I first plugged in. The tones were amazing, both through headphones and the DXR10. Sure, it takes some searching to find the right profiles, but I quickly found 15 or so that I really love (all free). I also grabbed a used FCB1010 MIDI foot controller and installed the Uno4Kemper chip which works great.

    Over the last week I have been programming our set list, using different amp and effects combos, that I would then control with the FCB1010. I quickly pieced the set together, which was very easy to do. I decided--what the hell, might as well try it at the outdoor show this weekend! Being the singer too, it's much easier switching to a preset with effects programmed in for a part of a song, as opposed to tap dancing pedals non-stop.

    It sounded SO good...So good! I went straight into the PA. They had nice monitors so I didnt end up using my DXR10. I definitely recommend creating settings at gig volume though. I wasn't able to do this so I kind of guessed, based on headphone volume. Some of the amps had different volume levels and were "hotter" than I first thought, but overall not bad at all for throwing this together so fast.

    I can pretty much safely say I have no plans to ever take a tube amp to a show again. This thing sounds that good, and involves hauling about 70 lbs less in gear. I get it now. I'm sold!

    New Kemper owner here!! I love this thing, and can't believe I waited this long!

    Anyway---I have one of these that I use to store my UA Ox and I love it. So when I recently grabbed my Kemper, I checked to see it if would fit. It did, so I grabbed another from Sweetwater on their finance promo.…-amp-ata-tour-case-medium

    As you can see from the pics below, it fits perfectly. I added a sheet of foam on the bottom to rest the Kemper on (not included), then another piece on top (included with the case) so I can keep the cable in there as well. The foam blocks you see are included with the case as well, and they velcro to the sides. This is a great option at a great price. It's cheaper than a Pelican too