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    Hindsight being 20/20 you can bet your ass I'm going to make damn sure my backup is current if I decide to update the OS. As it sits right now I have the sounds I want, not any need to update it but I'm sure the tinker bug will bite eventually. Then I can go right back to my perfectly running current setup if it goes south.

    That tone is actually really nice...

    My Bogner lead tone is a lot like that, but whatever profile you're using (and we know some amps just won't have that tone, so there's that), neck pickup, roll the presence back, bump the mid a tick and judicious compression and you'll get there.

    I will concede this, though. I was in the market for a hardtail 7 string, and it was going to be a multiscale if I was going to be buying one anyway. However, in a fortunate turn of events I will have a signature guitar coming out in April....NOT multiscale. The builder gave me 100% freedom to do anything I wanted, and we are doing a few unique things, but when there's going to be a guitar available that has my name on it, I opted for standard scale, for whatever that says.

    IMO it's not worth having a multiscale six string. Ergonomically it's not any different. They're no more or less comfortable, just a matter of preference. String tension is higher to hit the same pitch on a longer scale, so the tension on the lower strings is higher. Some people like that. String separation is literally unchanged.

    It's a neat feel, and they are certainly very trendy. I've played probably a dozen, and I enjoy them but I would not buy one just to have one. I sat down and played one at the Aristides booth at namm for a good hour and loved it....but not enough to throw down another $3800 on. They're neat, and get one if you want one, but there's no real tangible reason. It gets a little more noticeable on 7 and 8 (an more) string guitars, but it's still just a guitar :)

    (and this is one of those subjects. Talk to 20 people, get 20 opinions. This is just mine)

    I have the 1010 with the UNO chip and it works flawlessly. That said, all the uno chip does is configure the 1010 to play better with the kpa, doesn't make it do anything it doesn't already do.

    On to answer your question: (1) it's simply *going* to sweep. That's what the effect is supposed to do. Mine does it just as fast as I can mash the pedal down. (2) the 1010 is a fantastic device for the price, but the expression pedals are not known for their stoic calibration. Try calibrating yours per THIS LINK and see how it fares. Then, go into the effect menu on the kpa itself and see if there is a pedal sensitivity parameter. I don't recall there being one and I'm not right near mine but something in there might help.

    Honestly, sound, tone, and timbre have little to do with tapping. Watch Erich Mongrain or Andy McKee or Trace Bundy do it on acoustic guitars with more proficiency than most electric players!!

    The technique of tapping itself is what perpetuates the sound. One of the drills I give my students is to tap various note combinations to a metronome.....UNPLUGGED. It forces them to learn how to articulate each note with absolute consistency, and leads to them being (much to their excitement) able to basically tap for infinite lengths of time. Follows the adage "learn to to it, then learn to do it well".

    I got a pretty good test drive of it today. Summer is indeed the goal. It´s pretty badass, very simple, smooth, and user friendly. The whole chain of items (amp/cab/effects/etc) is drag and drop in linear fashion, drag and drop effect presets, and so on, and so on. It`s awesome. And for you neat gadget nerds (I am a part of that club), when you make adjustments via the editor the device responds with corresponding changes to whatever shows the parameter in real time (ie, the gain led`s move etc). Not gonna be overnight, but it`ll be awesome.

    Kemper people - if you're going to NAMM let's get together. I'll be there tomorrow thru Sunday. There are several acceptable beer sites in and around the convention center.

    Text me: 985-956-0601

    I'm John!

    I'll be out there friday through sunday. I'll give you a shout after I've made the rounds :)

    I used MusicPro and they really came through like a champ a few years ago when my house was burglarized. Around here the homeowner's deductible is 1% of the home value putting mine at the time at $1800. My musicpro deductible was $100. I have a different policy now but I wouldn't hesitate to go through them again.

    - 34 songs is a big one. At my output rate that’d be 5 years work at least :)

    Thanks, it's a good 8 years worth of material I've been writing on the side as solo material between writing for the various bands I've been in. I'll make a separate thread for it once it's far enough along to start releasing some of it but I think you guys will dig it. A big focus for my trip to namm this year is to sit down and talk to the guy who has offered to help produce it all (believe me, I need the help!) and see how we can make that happen in a timely manner. I won't divulge who it is until we have an official agreement, but here's a hint: He was in Frank Zappa's band :)

    I need to pioneer a new internet shorthand marker. I`m going to start putting [tic] after sentences that are intended with Tongue In Cheek. Just having a little bit of fun up there, didn`t mean for anyone to take it quite so seriously.

    And I would have to politely decline an invitation to beta test for them. As I have only one device and I`m at right about the half way point in a 34 song, six EP marathon project I could not afford to have any unforeseen bugs . I need it to be as reliable as the sunrise and I`m happy to wait for the fully tested versions :)

    Good grief some of the things you guys will argue about. LOL.

    NAMM is two weeks away. I've seen the Kemper booth many time and it's always packed, always a good buzz regarding them. I'll have mine there doing a few demos for Wathen Audiophile and if no one beats me to it I'll post whatever news the folks at Kemper might have the minute I get it :-)

    (and yeah, I'll have my handy dandy thumb drive on me just in case there is a tasty show-only update)

    I'll be there. Anyone else going definitely feel free to give a shout. Let's at least give each other the finger as we walk past each other :-D