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    Remember the time zones and if it's a preowned unit they will verify with the previous owner to see if you robbed his house. :thumbup:

    Yup, NVM! All fixed now, just me being impatient.

    I tried the KPA today thru my 5150's power section into a Bogner OS 212. It was pretty darn monstrous!
    I just need to learn a bit about some EQ workings to help the "in the room" feel.

    The one thing I'm really loving is the sheer playing inspiration from the tones. Those notes are just flying off my fretboard!

    Anyone know how I can update my account on here use the Private Forum section?

    When I registered on here, I did so as a non-Kemper owner, but now I have one, I'd like to change that status.

    Welcome! First impressions, Ben?

    I played thru it really quick before work. Interestingly enough there were a bunch of 3rd party profiles on there I wasn't expecting like Lasse Lammert, Ola Englund, and Keith Merrow.

    I played a couple of the LL profiles (ChugChug and Mean B*stard), they were both insanely killer! Like I didn't need to do any tweaking, they sounded amazing right off the bat, and their response to my picking / feel was awesome. I instantly thought, "there's that missing 10% I felt with the Axe Fx Ultra".

    I've got a lot of learning in front of me, but my initial response was very positive. Can't wait to try it thru a power amp + cab for that "in the room" feel.

    It’s tough being a lefty metal player so I treated myself when I seen these come up on the used market. First is a Jackson USA SL2H Soloist and second is a Ltd Elite M2 which is what esp made first and after a year of elites changed the name to the current lineup Esp E2 M2. Both are awesome ! I can’t put either down which makes it difficult to play with a guitar in each hand lol.

    Another lefty here!

    Here’s my newer Schecter PT-7 Garza from earlier this year! This is one of my holy grail guitars!

    [Blocked Image:]

    I'm picking up a KPA this weekend. I've owned a Axe Fx Ultra, Atomic AFB, and Line 6 Helix prior to this, before going back to tube amps earlier this year. Hasn't taken me long to get sick of the up keep and amp-jumping, so Kemper here I come!

    Prior to going digital for the first time last year, I've owned over 50 amps (from Fender to Engl to Fryette). I mainly play high gain, my favourite amps being Fryette Pittbull, Framus Cobra, Diezel VH4, Engl Blackmore, Peavey 5150, and Cameron CCV. Can't begin to afford all those tones separately, so I hoping the Kemper will help with that.

    I plan to use the KPA with both a powered monitor FRFR and thru a Fryette Power Station into a Bogner OS 212.

    I've been watching some great beginners tutorials, looks like I have a lot to learn!