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    This is simply a limitation of the software, no matter which way you cut it, unfortunately. For example, I have a collection of performances that I want to swap out the amp for.

    I cannot do this without a kemper plugged into rig manager. Unfortunately, the software is not very user friendly, and hasn't improved since I purchased a kemper in 2018. Seems a shame that this is an aspect that has been left behind.

    Performance editing is a huge pain as it currently stands. As far as I can see there is no way to adjust the Stomps, Amp, Cab etc of a performance without loading it into the kemper and tweaking it from there.

    Why is this? It's 2022, and yet the software feels entirely stuck in the past. Time for a refresh please.

    I only really have one point to add here - but the QC is more intuitive and simple to use than both the Axe and the Kemper due to it's focus on UX, and arguably it has more features than both (maybe not Axe, I haven't had much experience with the Axe Fx).

    The way I envision an increment on the Kemper technology is a modeller with the profiling tech, like the Quad Cortex. Anything shy of that for a new Kemper would be a step back from the Quad Cortex, therefore it would arrive to the market redundant.

    Neural DSP have really kicked it out of the park with this one. I often find that when recording in studio sessions - the output from the Kemper does lack *something* that a plugin / amp modeller can add - so I rarely use solely a Kemper tone. The beauty of running modelling and profiling side by side is that the flexibility of modelling allows you add things in where they might be lacking from the profile, whereas the profile is very much pre cooked and rigid. The beauty of the Quad Cortex is that you can do modelling and run a capture simultaneously.

    It'll be interesting to see how Kemper decide to reply to this new competitor on the market.

    Sorry for thread Rez but i've also seen that Boss has a very promising offering in it's Waza Tube Expander. Looks a tad more feature complete than the UAD Oxbox.

    What looks particularly promising with the Tube Expander is the ability to blend in a room mic. Food for thought.

    Apologies for the thread necro, but here we go.

    Would it be possible for me to disable speaker emulation in the OxBox during DI profiling, and then load in an IR later? Has anyone had any experience with this?

    I'm feeling this. Leaning towards pulling the trigger on the Kemper Kone when it comes out, only issue is that I now feel "stuck" with the powerhead, when I could have saved some money and not bothered with the poweramp!

    It is what it is though, I guess.

    Hey, get the official Victory Kraken pack and turn off the cab, they're excellent!

    I might try this, however I have heard mixed things about this pack.

    Here's a question for all you powerhead users out there: What are the "best" direct/merged profiles on the market for use with a cab?

    My definition of best is that nice trouser flapping feeling of a full, present profile. For reference - the MBritt profiles are a touch too distant through a cab for my tastes.

    I've had some good experiences with some merged profiles from STL Tones.

    Looking a vendor with a wide range of punchy profiles.

    EDIT: As an aside, if anyone has a very good Tremonti style Ubershall profile that is Direct/Merged i'd be all over that!




    I have an issue with my Kemper Toaster, the hole that the strap button is screwed into has stripped itself (as I was pulling it out of my kemper bag, the screw was already loose), essentially rendering the strap unusable.

    Has anyone had this issue before / is it resolvable?


    No, If I am understanding what "Merged" means. I am still learning this thing. I assume "Merged" means that the amp was also done separately and then merged back with the same cab that was initially used?

    Someone please explain to me if I am incorrect in my thinking.

    "Studio" means the profile was created with the amp and cab in one session.

    "Amp" means that just the amp was used for the profile.

    "Merged" means I did both "Studio" and "Amp" and then re-combine those with the "merged" setting.

    1) Studio means you have captured just that Mic'd up sound.

    2) Direct means you have captured just the Head without and Cabinet Section

    3) Merged is a combination of the two! You capture a Studio Tone and you capture a Direct Tone, and it takes a difference of the two to get very good separation of the head and cab.

    Hope this helps!

    If you'd like to make a Direct profile of that Sheriff i'm sure people would be very happy :D