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    I have an issue with my Kemper Toaster, the hole that the strap button is screwed into has stripped itself (as I was pulling it out of my kemper bag, the screw was already loose), essentially rendering the strap unusable.

    Has anyone had this issue before / is it resolvable?


    No, If I am understanding what "Merged" means. I am still learning this thing. I assume "Merged" means that the amp was also done separately and then merged back with the same cab that was initially used?

    Someone please explain to me if I am incorrect in my thinking.

    "Studio" means the profile was created with the amp and cab in one session.

    "Amp" means that just the amp was used for the profile.

    "Merged" means I did both "Studio" and "Amp" and then re-combine those with the "merged" setting.

    1) Studio means you have captured just that Mic'd up sound.

    2) Direct means you have captured just the Head without and Cabinet Section

    3) Merged is a combination of the two! You capture a Studio Tone and you capture a Direct Tone, and it takes a difference of the two to get very good separation of the head and cab.

    Hope this helps!

    If you'd like to make a Direct profile of that Sheriff i'm sure people would be very happy :D

    Hey Guys,

    I've got my eye on the Misson Expression Pedal for Kemper (the one with the button in the toe down position) - mainly for Wah effects, but i've got some questions.

    1) Can the Kemper map any parameter to the Expression Pedal?
    2) Can the Kemper map more than one parameter to the Expression Pedal?