Profiling with UAD OX Box

  • Hi all, I’m very new to Kemper, but I’ve had an Ox for the better part of a year. I was able to profile my Dirty Shirley Mini with it, but I’m still experimenting with different settings.

    Is anyone out there doing this (I’m sure I’m not alone) and can share your profiles and experiences?

  • There was a thread a while back about using things like the OX to bake in 3rd party IRs, and whether that constitutes a "new product" legally that can be sold, etc..

    So yes, people are doing it.

  • For me, the Ox was key in making the first satisfying profiles of my amps.

    I started with the Behringer DI; bought a Countryman; and also tried to mic up my cabs both direct into the Kemper or with a combination of mics/preamps/mixer in my bad-sounding room. The profiles were okay, but didn't want to make me give up my tube amps.

    After buying a PRS DG30 head, I got the Ox to use as a reactive load. Only after owning it for a few months did I think to try it for profiling.

    For the first time, I could use a proper A/B setup with the internal profile and reference amp during profiling. When I heard the first profile results, I knew my problems were over. The profiles are accurate, feel more alive and dynamic, and are inspiring to play.

    The only adjustments I made to the Ox rig preset I use for profiling were to mute the room mics, and set each cab mic to on-axis. My ears usually prefer an off-axis sound, but the Kemper seems to like the brighter response - likely gives it more frequencies to work with and analyze during profiling.

  • Apologies for the thread necro, but here we go.

    Would it be possible for me to disable speaker emulation in the OxBox during DI profiling, and then load in an IR later? Has anyone had any experience with this?

  • How does it colour the sound, if no Cab Sim is enabled on the OxBox?

    EDIT: Oh I see, is it an issue with the Ox passthrough itself?

    There is a DI option at the Simulation side, but I would put the DI box before the OX.
    The OX is cool, I'm not head over heels on the cab simulations, I still feel it is aimed at lower gain applications even with the V30 cabs.
    The magic is the room simulation, it just makes the whole experience a 100% better. Really hard to get close to it, I can only approximate it with using the UAD Ocean Way Studios plugin or mixing in room IRs with Libra with a whole bunch of EQ. It's really tricky.

  • Sorry for thread Rez but i've also seen that Boss has a very promising offering in it's Waza Tube Expander. Looks a tad more feature complete than the UAD Oxbox.

    What looks particularly promising with the Tube Expander is the ability to blend in a room mic. Food for thought.