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    Think of it this way:

    If you disable the Monitor Cabinet, and also disable the Cabinet Module in a Rig, you are using two separate software switches to turn it off twice.

    Hi Paul,

    That’s what you would think, but checking ‘Monitor Cab Off Enabled’ doesn’t seem to turn it off in the Monitor Output, as the ‘Cabinet’ button still toggles the cabinet in the sound.....

    Maybe my question wasn’t clear... Not east yo explain in a form. I appreciate your reply.

    Thanks sleiweke .... your comment made me do some research (and check your website - nice stuff... )

    You are correct, the ISP will ‘saturate’ when pushed past 80 watts at 4ohms. It will jump to 10x it’s .1 rated distortion when pushed to 90 watts, and the peak ‘180’ is burst only.

    I also saw the issue you had with this unit in a different thread; your description was really good.

    There was a documented issue with some units where they had bad capacitors causing the very issue you described, and the capacitors were replaced free of charge by ISP (or they would send them for user replacement is handy with a soldering iron, which I suspect you may be)

    So - if you still have th unit, call ISP, and they’ll send you out some parts that I’m guessing you can replace yourself. If not they may replace them or send you a new unit.

    I received my unit today, and find it very clean at the levels I would use a 1x 12” cabinet... not sure I would trust it pushing my Marshall 1960A cabinet...

    I hope this helps, take care.


    MIne does...

    Playing through the Kabinet, (plugged into the ‘Monitor Output’), the front panel ‘Cabinet’ button still toggles the cabinet effect.

    I thought that with the ‘Monitor Cab Off Enabled’ setting checked in the Output Menu, that the profile’s cabinet would be disabled through the Monitor output.

    I hope this reads clearly... Thanks for any input, and I promise I did search for this issue, AND I read the manual...:/

    Hi All,

    FedEx just dropped off my Kabinet this morning.

    Despite the partially smashed box, all is intact, no rattles or other damage.

    Here’s my question.

    I noticed that my Kabinet doesn’t have any black piping (trim) around the grill cloth.

    The pictures I’ve seen online do have it... I have no preference, but was wondering if a change was made, and if there were any other changes the Kemper may have made.

    I saw these... for home use, with an unpowered Toaster, I like the idea of a small separate (inexpensive) Class D amp sitting alongside or behind the Kabinet or head.

    For larger gigs, I have a Crown XLS1502 or the DXR10s, but a simple Kabinet with a Toaster on top seems like a great “in the house” setup... and for about $75, seems worth a shot. No mods, easy....

    The “official” Kemper branded powered Kabinet would be ideal... but Kemper hasn’t offered any update on release date, so it could be vaporware...

    Hey steel glad you have it all sorted out. Would you please add the word "Solved" in the Topic header, so that everyone will know at a "glance" the problem has been fixed?


    Please?? It really does help others, just as you were helped... Thank you.

    Great point, I believe the stock speaker is 8 ohms, and that the power amp section would expect that.

    I knew that would have been too easy...

    I’ll either keep using the stock G12T-100 speaker (which actually sounds pretty good), or go with two nice empty1x12’s (I like stereo) and start putting together a new setup for home use. Father’s Day is coming... :)

    Thanks for the replies.

    Hi All,

    I usually play through my unpowered Toaster and 2 DXR10’s in stereo, but really want to find out what the Kemper Kone buzz is all about.

    (Plus, I’d like to have an ‘Amp In The Room’ option...)

    I have a Fender Mustang III (v1), which has the unprocessed effects return into a 100 watt Class D amp, and Celestion G12T-100 speaker... Sounds pretty good, but obviously can’t compare to two DXR10’s, nor does it need to, when lower volumes are desired.

    QUESTION - do you think the Fender Mustang cabinet and its integrated 100 watt amp would make a good “Host” cabinet for a Kemper Kone?

    It’s an open back cab, but the Kone literature states that’s fine, and for a single 12”, might be even better than a sealed cabinet.

    Anyone done this? Any reasons you can think of why I shouldn’t waste the time/money... except the cabinet Tolex isn’t green? :)