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    Yes u r right. It does not necessarily being attached to amp gain. I would like such function having a „preselection“ option for performances. With this preselection one could decide what state should be activated for all slots when attached to morphing (base, morph 1, morph 2). I would like to use also the effect buttons for that. But not as fixed option. Should be at users choice.

    I think it is rather time to improve the tremolo effect (slicer, stutter). And further on some pitch based effects would be great. I imagine pitch effects only being activated at notes above for example e2 and the possibility to adjust the progression of my expression pedal. Just minor changes that would make me happy.

    A second morph level just for amp gain would be a great improvement but surely not something being constructed easily.

    I wish this powered cab would have included the possibility to drive additional passive Kemper Cab with the same integrated amp. It's not that there would have been any indications for this option, but I was just hoping for that. :D

    I don't really know what to do, should I get rid of the passive cab + SD Powerstage 170 and buy this active cab instead? Or keep this current setup and buy active cab to have stereo setup? Anyway, I'm not a fan of this passive cab + external amp so I guess I have to think about that again.. :/

    well that’s why I was convincing a cabinet builder to provide me a custom 1x12 cab with built in power, powercon and volume pot. It wasn’t so much more expensive than the powered Kabinet. And it looks like my old Marshall cabs (although way smaller than the 4x12). Maybe there are some businesses around your town?!

    I know. The scrolling topic happened „by coincidence“ as the performance skipping was solved. I only described the evolution of the OS 8.04 that solved the skipping a 100% and 8.05 that brought the skipping „back“. My Kemper is still randomly skipping performances as also mentioned by the other users. So my assumption was that there might be a connection between those two functions.

    Same for me. Maybe there still is some hardware related issue that cannot be solved by software?!
    There was the OS8.04 that was for me 100% solving that issue but then some users mentioned that there was no scrolling possible with the remote in browse mode. This scrolling problem then was solved by OS8.05. Maybe a coincidence maybe part of the problem?! It happens only randomly and since the updates very seldom but for such a great product a stain and a pain.

    In my opinion, it is not a well-done video. He did'n do profile refining(after Guido's video I think it is important step ) and set definition parameter without checking against AMP sound. I must admit that QC came out pretty close.

    Well I only heard too much of everything and think it shouldn’t be a prop to do this with any kind of gear. I would dare to say even my Korg Pandorra could mimic such sound 😎 Even Lasse Lammert showed he can nearly achieve same results with High End Amps and a 100 bucks no name pedal.

    The strength of today’s units should be dynamic and not only full throttle. In terms of dynamic the Video of ToneJunkie also was ok but not something that made me wanting it as it lacked something. In a bunch of years when the QC maybe kept up with what we already have it could be great though but we do not know yet. ..

    The question is: Will they then bring out a great Kone as well to provide the same aitr-sound we can currently get? Named „Coned“...
    And for sure there will be more to get from Kemper. Maybe a single pedal device for people liking fuzz and distortion pedals as perfect addition to the Kemper, maybe high grade pickups especially designed for the Kemper ... and to jump on a fast train will be difficult for others.

    So yet a new toy in town and pretty sure there will be buyers as with other gear.

    Well after some weeks was just remembering this post. So is there still need for this?

    How I use it today?

    Currently I only use it whether to reduce gain and add some effects (delay, phaser) eg. for my solo sound or alter the eq to better match the sound to my guitar in humbucker mode.

    What are my troubles today?

    (1) I cannot decide what mode is applied to all my rigs (base mode is always set). Why not morph mode until I change it? (I use morph feature by using the tap button of the remote)

    (2) As some basic effects are assigned to morphing - in my setup - the mix value is zero in base mode and eg. 70% in morphed mode. This is due the situation that effects assigned to morphing have to be set „on“ to be able to morph them. So currently in this rigs I cannot use the assigned effects separately because you would not hear any effect as the mix is set to zero. So maybe different for other user that would rather have eg delay set to 30% in base mode and add another 30% to have the mix by 60%. So just my kind of using the morphing option.

    (3) In some scenarios in a performance I would need to decide before switching to a rig if I want the slot to be activated in base mode or morphed mode (rarely but sometimes it would avoid little step dance).

    How could I use it?

    In one case I would apply the second morphing only or mainly to the mix value of the effects I would like to separately use in such rigs (activated by the assigned effect button)

    In a second logic I would only apply it to the gain stage of a rig (so at least three gain stages per rig adding up to 15 gain stages that could be setup) with maybe a slight adaption to the eq or some mix levels of the effects used.

    A third option could be to use one morph setting for gain only and one for effects only.

    But that could typically raise another problem to Kemper that many users would like to have another morph for more gain options with the same effects. So in this case does it make sense to limit this possibility to „only“ 2 morph options? Honestly I do not know. At least for the gain question I only use four levels of gain.

    What could be practical?

    (1) Add the possibility to select globally or per performance in what „mode“ you are moving through rigs or slots. This means once activated morph mode this mode is selected for all rigs and slots until you change it to „base mode“ (if more morph levels are possible then it should remain in that mode until set back - should be possible to activate or deactivate that feature).

    (2) Why limit the morph feature on two levels? Why not separating it if needed? Gain morph, effect morph combined, single effect morph.

    (3) Include the remote in the Rig Manager so one could easily setup what buttons can control those features. Which means more flexibility. Eg I can only imagine the gain morph levels (eg 5 states) being controlled by the up and down buttons of the remote (which then needs another button to change the functions of the buttons - we win something and loose something else).

    Final statements

    To sum it up whether Kemper should decide to add more complexity (activated if wanted) to its product that makes it possible to create more tonal options and controlling possibilities as other companies are offering or Kemper should decide to keep things simple and avoid more morph states. Why that?

    I think just adding one more level of morphing is way to short thinking as it is not a giant leap in flexibility and could rather lead to a vicious circle („please give us one more morph state“).

    So in that case „small“ optimizations like (1) and (3) could be more helpful than more complexity.

    Looking forward to improvements of the Kemper Team.

    It would have to be a setting defined in the main Kemper Kone page, not morphing.

    The Kemper/Kone already has the ability to automatically switch to Full Range mode if you select a profile with a Cabinet section off (like acoustic profiles), so I don't think lag would be an issue.

    It will be an issue if you pass the threshold setting of gain with morphing. So what should then happen - as assigned by threshold, always FRFR, always Imprint, still rig settings? Also only „useful“ for a global imprint. Otherwise you already are able to adjust each rig to taste. So no crucial benefit.

    There are already products that provide digital „twins“ (eg. Fractal). Kemper goal: Capture sound and behavior of a certain sweet spot.
    Additionally I would expect thousands of profiles needed to achieve a realistic behavior. Why that: Every knob in every combination (Engl Amps have frequency shifts, different volumes, ...). I cannot imagine anyone being happy doing this 😎

    In the end as far as I can see there are many different options players seem to need. One Button to rule all fx (avoiding stress board routing), but then the routing again is wanted and again the step dance?! For me this would be too complex. Eg. will the effect remain on only in a certain rig (due to effect routing) or will it be on in all rigs (lock function). Happening in Browse- and/or in performance-mode or is it rig or even slot specific?!

    One question would be when is the rig/slot then reset or how can it be reset? Alle rigs or slots in a performance always have a stored base sound and with such feature there seems to be no base sound at all or the additional need to „reset“ all rigs before each new song?!

    I do not interfere in the Kemper becoming more complex as long as there are no additional configurations I would have to be aware of and therefore the ease of use and quickness of a lot change will remain.

    Would like to bring in another view.

    Listened to several (Live) Recordings of my sold rigs. Two examples of my gear used:

    (1) SansAmp PSA1 + Rocktron Velocity + Hughes&Kettner 4x12 (Rockdriver = V30)

    (2) JMP1 (modded by Tonehunter) + TC G-Force + Kammer TPA301 + Tonehunter 2x12 with EH EVM12L

    Well guess what: They all sounded the same once I dialed in the sound to my taste. My prophesy is that it does not really matter what gear one uses. Pretty sure you end up with the same sounds again. So in that case choose the toy to your taste. And for sure anyone posting in the Kemper Forum is a Kemper lover... and sooner or later back.

    Instead of having a KPA2 I would rather be happy if Kemper could make the perfect PU and bring in further tonal flexibility to the Kemper.

    Why that? It seems that my current PUs (though great passive Harry Häussel ones) do change any profile too much. Not that I am unsatisfied but this piece of upstream gear they should consider as a perfect match with the Kemper. And I am sure they would do it different than others but definitely perfect.

    Last statement in this thread: Chase your tones in peace.

    Gute Frage. Meine letzte Endstufe war eine Rocktron Velocity 300 anno dazumal. Ich persönlich würde bei 4 x 12 auf die große Endstufe gehen. Andererseits hatte ich immer die Palmer Macht 402 für Gitarren im Hinterkopf. Ob die aber zu doll färbt?!