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    This is great news as I experienced such issue as well. Had dropouts at two rehearsal. Not really funny when sound disappears all of a sudden and is not coming back…

    After rebooting and putting cables in and out of the Kemper it suddenly worked again. Updated to beta yesterday and will see on Sunday if it turns out fine.

    I love my Kemper but hopefully it won‘t loose its reliability in the future due to updates or debugging other issues… as there has been no major update since a year it got me wondering what caused such issues…

    Maybe start a thread on suggestions on what to include for Kemper 2 - JOKE!

    nwmusic32 - I agree it would be great and its been requested many times. I think its as likely as a plug-in :(

    I think that the Profiler develops great. One more thing that should be possible is a software feature that can work as a Rig Manager for my DAW. So one can use the Kemper like a Plug-In. Profile should be activated and stored automatically…

    I did not use RM for a while due to its bugs. Currently I was quite surprised how good it is when tweaking sounds while recording.
    One thing that still makes it quite a hazzle is that I have to save the tweaked rig on my PC or Kemper and transfer it manually to Rigkeeper.

    So an alternative to Rigkeeper would be great.

    My features needed:

    - A button to send the dedicated rigs to the VST-Plug-in in my DAW which is Cubase in its current state

    - Best would be if I could activate each rig automatically when recording a certain track.

    So far a small wish with big impact on my workflow.

    Agree with some of the earlier posts:

    - A studio/graphic EQ in input/output section (save soms slots)

    - A better way to connect ipad/iphone app to kemper head (USB dongle?)

    - Better way for browsing trough rigs in RM

    In another thread someone mentioned that the USB of the Kemper is not capable of handling datatransfer from such Wi-Fi-dongle. I wondered why it then is possible to transfer data from pc to the KPA and back by USB-cable but not with a dongle?
    Would be great if someone of Kemper would let us know. Would be happy if it could be possible due to the fact that I plugged in an PoE permanently to my KPA to not wear out the fragile cat socket.

    what could be great would be to have some pre set eq type templates in the amp block.
    like - original eq - mars eq - etc. Not replicating the complète eq circuit but just mimicking those.

    It’s only a matter of frequencies, range and peak after all.

    Wish my EQ-Button could be used to switch the EQ or add an basic EQ like the stomp ones. Currently my KPA has an EQ-Button that is really useless and I do not get it why … why not make something useful out of it…

    I cannot reproduce such issues with OS 8.7.10 just hitting the up and down buttons of the RIG navigation cross of a Head model nor the up and down foot buttons of a Remote or Stage. If I hold a bit longer, scrolling starts as intended. If Rig Manager is connected or not makes no difference. I can even hit a button multiple times (hearing multiple mechanical clicks of the button) and the PROFILER follows steping up or down the corresponding number of Performances.

    If you cannot control single steps versus scrolling with the current OS, please open a support ticket and send a video demonstrating how you hit the button and how the Performance gets loaded.

    Dear Burkhard. Lucky you. I was on holidays and made a video today. It still appears randomly. I will sent the video to you. I am on the latest OS.

    Best regards


    Hi Don.

    Thanks for the hint. I tried everything but still find it a bit unatural and in band context kind of not audible.

    Was just an invitation ad offerendum. Maybe there are others that have the same idea about it.



    I had a look at the addendum these days and figured out that the pitch fx seemed to be one of the earliest fx in the KPA (OS 1.8, OS 2.0). Personally they always sounded very unnatural to me and as I never use them (although I really like these sound options, e.g. Leadlines of 5FFDP) I never could get any really usable sound out of it. So maybe we can expect some upgrades as with delays in the future?!

    I can realize feedback without problems with my Cabinet. Personally it sounds very artificial to me. But cannot speak for others…

    I would rather prefer a/the sustain option (like ebow). That would make me happy. Endless notes …

    I’m still in love with my original one. I am hopeful the modulation effects section gets an overhaul soon in the same way the delays / reverbs / distortion / fuzz did. I’d like to be able to save fx chains within rig manager and apply as a batch to a bunch of profiles. Both of these are doable with what we have so I’m hopeful. But otherwise I’m good.

    Would be nice if tonestacks worked as per the original amp but again I’m not broken hearted about it - I’m happy with the sounds I get even if it means multiple amp profiles to cover the bases as opposed to one and ‘you’ve got the amp as it actually is’.

    A yes for me … rather a „golden buzzer“. No need for Kemper 2. In my opinion Flanger-Effects are not really good, same with Phaser. Tremolo is nice but not able to do Stutter-/Killswitch-Stuff. A second morph level or the ability to use fx with the effect button (on/off) as well as with morphing. Currently you have to make a binary decision…

    Something great would be a kind of room correction. Meaning that the room effects on my tone could be erased by plugging in a simple microphone in the return input. I still have problems in our rehearsal room… compared to my earphones they seem to be miles apart although I own two high end BlueAmp-Cabinets…

    there are several threads dealing with such issue. Some people were asking for a second morph function. But that would not necessarily solve your issue. I think it should be possible. As on or off is typically a MIDI Command stating 0 or 127 … so not a big deal anyway.

    Sure is! But the complexity of that setup with Poe-injectors, and Ethernet cables everywhere makes it not worth it for me. I want less cables, not more!

    Same here. A USB-Dongle for a direct access to the KPA without any further WLAN and additionally with all profiles on your personal rig exchange space. So it can be managed everywhere from a simple Smartphone App. Also the Backup function should be possible and so forth …

    I think it is not only the style of music. It already begins with the guitar. I own two guitars where only the body has different wood. Everything is the same (Strings, PU, Eletronic). Guess what … my master profile needs so much tweaking to get comparable results in tone and feel. And additionally guitar tone is also dependent on other instruments. So maybe sounds anything but good to ones ears.
    Apart from tonal matters why spend years, month, weeks to get your tone and spread it to the world? Everybody wants her/his tone not ones else. So it is also part of your personality. I doubt anyone wants to share something like that …