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    I coukd be totally wrong, but I think the issue would be drivers for the dongle. If I'm right I doubt kemper have any means to put the right driver on the kemper so it wouldn't know what to do with the device.

    Then there are different drivers for different dongles etc.

    Best would be if Kemper could sell such USB dongle. Basic ones for PCs on the big A-Vendor-Website are sooo cheap. So why not sell it to legacy users. As it is only mentioned to work with the Rig Manager should not be a big deal for their IT experts. Would be a great feature…

    A combination with global effect buttons could be interesting. I would like to globally assign effects to a certain button (delay, pitch, phaser, tremolo). If additional fx are in a rig they shall be ignored then. And with a second tag one could decide if the fx remain on globally or just switch effects on a rig level. That could be switched via tuner or looper button.

    I hope that there will be added value to the folks still hanging on their rack units. Stage has wifi, head has not. Why not add value in regard of a second level-EQ for monitoring output only. A kind of quick access or better a split of Amp-EQ that FOH won‘t be affected by that. Just a thought. No function is a no go … hey ho let‘s go …

    Point three might even be the most important one. Because one of the comments i hear often is how the sound is more produced, making the bands live sound better. Just like keyboards (mostly) always sounds produced. The important factor here being that the blend just gets so much better. It puts the guitar in the same “ballpark” as the keys.

    Interesting as I needed a year to find an appropriate sound for gigging. And for that I need a whole bunch of midrange boost to cut through the band although I own a frfr cab with 400 Watts. Maybe it is different once all is mixed via PA but at least in our rehearsal room I still have to go at least for 75% of power. With my Custom Kone-Kabinet I need 100% plus Kone-Boost. With one of the typical „produced sounds“ (JTM, Keith, Deadlight, …) I could barely hear myself or get ringing ears due to the unbelievable highs.
    In the end might be the nature of Rock/Metal tones (although we play on Standard Tuning).

    Eventually I prefer my BlueAmp Spark FRFR over my Kone due to being closer to an expected PA sound and therefore closer to the crowd. Which is the key point you stated. It should feel well though better get the peoples ears crazy. „Can you feel it, see it, hear it today? …“

    There is always something to improve but surely nothing major. The main issue is how many resources does Kemper have. I got the feeling that since the Rig manager started and also the iOS world arose the complexity for Kemper became quite huge and this still has an impact on release times of new software features. Anyway pretty sure they will add value to the product but maybe it takes longer in the future. And I expect them to improve modulation and the triggers for those fx (pitch-based effects, dynamic based effects, more tonal impact on flanger and tremolo).
    But looks like I am still a kid that cannot wait any longer.

    Basically I agree a bit as some guitars tend to have too much input for the Kemper and therefore tend to potential clipping issues. So an additional option to reduce the input level on a global basis could be good as clean sense is for another purpose (balancing clean and high gain profiles).

    Same with me. It rarely occurred since. Some weeks ago I attached a security glass (from a vendor from the UK) and now no pressure so whatever is possible occurring to the display and had no problems since then. Something I can recommend. Best regards.

    Weren’t there some rumours about an adaption of the EQ-Button? Maybe this feature will be available with such update. Would like it as an global filter is not always useful.


    I devoutly believe Kemper is able to make it easy for all users. In the end we might all have to decide on each effect in each rig if the effect being activated by the remote will be a master lock effect or a lock per performance effect. The only thing that might keep them away is that there will be a group of people wanting only a kind of effect memory for a slot per performance and others might love to have it set all over a performance. So this could then cause problems, though I personally would put a marker in the effect slot. But that is only me.

    With the Freqout you get about 5 seconds of "feedback tone", then it just cuts off suddenly in a non-musical way. They'd really want to do better than that.

    I would say 5 sec is nothing for a guitarist. I often like to have a nice feedback right before a song starts or when the drummer is going to do an intro. So I can build it up…

    I think using morph to ramp it up would be cool.

    … I additionally would think about a pitch trigger. Let’s say everything above e2 will have endless sustain or endless feedback (with ducking to avoid spillover if too many tones) and every note below remains unaffected. So no care about morphing…