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    Thanks for that Monkey_Man. Things are changing already, I've spend many hours on testing the process of cutting samples from Groove Agent (already in my DAW), as a way of trying the process. Although VST drums with all features will be great when it comes to recording, my immediate need is to get some good drum samples that I can process and load into my TD 50. Taking it all on the road is no longer an option due to cost, technical complexity (on stage) and I can already see loading these kits up will not be quick enough.

    So, you are recommending SSD5 with such conviction, I must consider it, but why do you rate it so highly? In my situation, good quality samples is a must, I only considered EZD because it is generally highly rated. Can you tell me if SSD5 is capable of producing a range of kits (say from big and deep to light and tight)? Your opinion will be much appreciated, thanks.

    Thanks to everyone for the good advice and information which has helped crystallise my thoughts. I’m going to have to compromise, but it has to be better than carrying on with a kit I don’t feel at one with.

    So I’ve decided to go with EZ2 and just suck it and see. It won’t break the bank, and besides I think as an e-drummer I should have decent VST drums anyway. I can trial it easier, as it does not demand the high resources of SD3, and if it goes great I can cross-grade to SD3. EZ2 will also respond to Program Change messages if I need it to (thanks for the link Chris Duncan ).

    So I plan to build the first kit carefully, strip out the eq, comp, fx and any ambient effects, and then cut 2-layer samples for loading into the TD 50. This will provide a dry kit for FOH, I will re-apply processing in the TD 50 for my monitoring. I know the compromise will be in giving up expression and articulation features, but I’m hoping the better sounds will more than compensate.

    I’ll come back and let you know the results, thanks again.

    Wouldn't even have to sell the kit. You can just replace the module.

    That said, the Roland stuff *plays* better than any other kit on the market, thanks to the patents they hold. If you use a software like Superior Drummer 3, there are options available for Roland kits that are not available for other kits, because of things like positional sensing.

    I would prefer to use the Roland brain with a VST any day over something like a 2Box. The sounds just aren't loaded into the brain, otherwise it is the same sounds, and you can also make use of positional sensing and the newer stuff they have incorporated into the TD50 snare (along with the kick and hi-hat, the most important parts of the kit, where you need more dynamics).

    Replacing my TD 50 module is not an option, that would mean dumping the digital ride and the digital snare (probably the best part of the kit and my sole reason for upgrading from TD 30). And you are right, if a VST can use the Roland TD 50 midi implementation to the full, you will have great drums - in the studio!

    It seems to me that the pivot point in all of this is that VST's are designed principally for the studio (doesn't mean they can't be used on the road), and for live work, modules that are sample based seem to be preferred. The TD 50 uses modeled sounds ('Prismatic' per Roland), which gives great control of tuning and playing nuances (such as the positional sensing you mentioned, but loads more), but limited in the stock sounds they produce. I've seen comments from others who are dissatisfied with these sounds, let's hope Roland jump back in with better kits on the next release, which must be due shortly.

    Thanks Nightlight. I weighed it all up a few years ago against an pro Tama kit, and finally decided to go for the TD 30 for all the benefits that e-drums provide. I did some great recordings, and had about 5 kits for live which were great (once tuned in for the PA). Then I upgraded to the TD 50, solely for the snare which is larger and responds more evenly across the head. But I just cannot get the sound that's in my head, I've tried coming at it from a number of directions. The toms are where I'm suffering most, the kick is just about fine, and the rest OK. So in this journey I'm on, I've come to a bit of a desert.

    I've ruled out using SD samples in the Roland, I will lose all expression and articulation, hence now looking to trigger SD live from my TD. A 1Tb SSD PC isn't cheap. I would need to have confidence that this will do what I want, not find out down the line that there is some limitation that will frustrate my efforts (again).

    Currently for recording, I route the guide track from my DAW to the TD, and that does work fine. In fact, I have two stereo channels available this way. So I think I can do this live, it's a simpler setup and saves space with extra gear. We don't always have FOH engineer, so I would set for live starting in SD. If I win the lottery I will just do it and let you know. In the meantime, any guidance will be much appreciated.

    I came to this forum as a result of a previous similar topic. It’s great to see such good and knowledgeable advice!

    My problem is, the stock sounds in my Roland TD 50 are just not doing it for me, and I’m looking at SD3 running alongside for live work. It’s going to cost in the order of £1,500 (ouch), but there’s not much worse than playing and not getting to sound you want. The previous topic gave good information on audio interfaces, but I already had an idea on another possible solution, which I hope you guys could give an opinion on.

    I plan to build my kits in SD, EQ’d and processed for live, and route it out on a stereo bus. The FOH desk will be set up with a clear stereo channel (for once the sound guy would have to trust me). I route the stereo bus from SD to the TD, via USB. From there, I can route it to the master out (to the FOH), route it to my monitoring, and also mix the monitor feed from the rest of the band coming back. And all on the TD 50. Is there any reason why this would not work?

    Also, it would nice to switch between SD kits without fumbling around with the laptop. Is there a way of doing this? What would be peachy is if SD could respond to Program Change messages, but I just don’t know.