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    Update: Still did it after a restart and multiple attempts. USB stick update worked fine.

    Now that it's done and dusted for me, I remembered I've got the KPA connected to the computer through a USB hub. G String said this error is often USB connection-related. That may have been the culprit.

    Did you take the first option the message suggested - to "please try again", Ruefus?

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    Uh....No. This is my very first rodeo. As a professional salesman of 20+ years, I've learned that persistence is a waste.

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    I did try several times, but not the usb stick method. I will try again. Just making sure I wasn't forgetting something. Because, y'know.....that never happens........just ask my wife. :rolleyes:

    At least for me, I had (and kept) all my drive pedals when I bought the KPA. Even the Tube Screamer.

    Working on a midi solution to run them all in the loop via a switcher like the VooDoo Lab Hex or possibly a Disaster Area DPC. :)

    The Alto in HW's video is the only non-guitar specific speaker in the shootout. Too much bass? Yep....but it doesn't fall on its' face next to the Mission Engineering. The Mission sounds better, period. But for nearly 5 times the cost?

    Would be nice to hear the Headrush version in this.

    In this interview @17:24 Christoph talks about running a profile being processor-consuming and suggests running them simultaneously isn't possible currently. Definitely something that sounds like it would require a Kemper II.

    Interesting how CK talks about modeling stomps and running multiple amps. It makes sense why it isn't being done right now. Even slap-my-forehead obvious now that he said it. Each profiled option (stomp, preamp(s), poweramp(s) etc) would effectively require it's own Profiler in terms of processing power. Even after 7 or 8 years of computer processor development, that's a lot of grunt.

    I suspect beyond processing power, there are other problems to solve. Latency is perhaps one (parallel processing helps), cost another. (Yeah we can do it. Do you want to pay ten-grand?) How does the profiling process of a sinlge pedal/preamp/poweramp differ from the current process? How do you profile a pedal, then mate it with an amp....then mate it with a power amp......etc. Stacking them so they work together properly in any combination? Yeesh.......

    This is why there are people who *love* mathematics, and then there are people like me. Who do not. :)

    The fine line between 'asset' and 'pain in the ass' I guess...

    Am hiring manager- this would move my file directly to the blue bin under my desk - especially for the role of social media manager... but, then again I don't work at Kemper. Maybe they like that- who am I to say?

    When you’ve got nothing, the blue bin represents an answer.

    Something he currently doesn’t have.

    This thread will help your chances of landing the job.

    When you’ve got nothing, what’s to lose?

    Initiative and not taking nothing for an answer? Worth quite a lot.

    Ok, and what is wrong with the scenario on the picture?

    The buttons of B, C, and D are unlit indicating that those modules are in off-state.

    The color LEDs indicate the effect types in those modules. So, there is a flanger or phaser in module B waiting to get activated. That is the idea.

    Nuttin wrong. That’s me showing how it should be vs what’s being asked. my question is whether the op is referring to the on/off buttons or the colored LEDs.

    (Loop Distortion, btw ;) )

    Wondering if Freeze is accessible via the remote in any way or if there is a midi cc assigned to it. Morphing will work I suppose if you keep it always on and then change the mix from zero to taste but I find that can leave traces of some effects even at 0% mix.

    Not in front of my KPA, but I'm nearly positive that Freeze is a latching function available on the remote and has been for some time.

    Hot Ticket Tip for previewing profiles:

    Instant preview mode. Double click on one profile. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move down the list and the profile will change on the Kemper. I love this for scrolling through without a lot of hassle.

    RE: patch-diving......the only time I've really done that is when I can't find something I like. Something inspiring. Which has always happened with modelers. Find a decent amp sound, EQ the snot out of it.....then root through a pack of IRs. Drives me absolutely insane.

    I'd spend forever comparing, tweaking and generally pissing myself off until I got something I thought reasonable. Then I'd come back the next day and think "What is THAT crap? *liked* that?!?! Ultimately I settled on an Atomic AmpliFire for the last 4 years. Literally using ONE amp and ONE cabinet augmented with pedals. I was done tweaking, comparing and pissing myself off. The first time I plugged into a KPA was when the church bought one. I thought they were nuts......but I dialed up a clean profile of a Fender, twiddled the EQ ever so slightly and was off. In under 5 minutes I'd obliterated what to that point was considered an excellent sound by many who'd heard it.

    That was December '18. My personal KPA arrived a little over a month ago and I have zero regrets. Been copping a lot of Freddie King of late with it. I kept my beloved dirt pedals, though. Even then, all but one sit on a shelf right now and that one is off most of the time.

    I was concerned with a new model coming out "any time now". But, unlike modelers, profiles are not processor-intensive. New hardware isn't going to open some gateway to improved sounds. The KPA as-is isn't really being taxed.

    Another way to think about it is Strymon. The Timeline has been out since 2011. It's certainly a matter of taste, but is anyone looking at Strymon going "When's the Timeline 2 coming?" and waiting as a result?

    With the level of development going on right now (OS7, editor, Kone speaker, powered/unpowered Kab) I see zero indication that a new model is on the way any time soon. The amount of development bandwidth needed to do all of that AND create an entirely new box with 'new' features? Nah. Generally speaking, that's not how Germans go about their business.

    Check it out. OS 6.0 is public. Details related to Formant Reverb and Ionosphere Reverb are described in Addendum 6.0.


    I know that the question of "when" for the editor is a daily constant for you. I'm here to add to it. :)

    With that said, is this release and renaming any indication that V7 is close (ish)......or that it's far enough off that this is a bit of a morsel to tide the ungrateful and impatient masses for a bit? From the notes the timeline hasn't changed, but we never knew that anyway.

    (scurries off to waste work time messing with the new 'verbs. Home office has it's trials.....)