Profiler: Award winning and highly acclaimed

Kemper Profiler Head and Profiler Remote

The Kemper Profiler is the all-in-one solution for electric guitar and bass. It's a multi-effect-processor, preamp and optional poweramp. Due to its high connectivity it fits perfect to all purposes, no matter if you're playing live, at home or in the studio.

It ships with hundreds of the best amps in the world, profiled under perfect conditions in professional studios worldwide.

Profiler allows you to capture the sonic DNA of any amp with the press of a single button - a unique technology, called Profiling, invented by Kemper.

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Hundreds of preinstalled Amps
Multi-effect Processor *
Pro audio I/O **
600 Watt Poweramp
Color option: white
Color option: black
Weight 5.32 kg /
11.73 lbs
5.00 kg /
11.02 lbs
6.50 kg /
14.33 lbs
6.18 kg /
13.62 lbs
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* 4x individual Effect Slots Pre, 4x individual Effect Slots Post Amplifier Stack

** 4x analog Main Output (L/R, stereo balanced/ unbalanced), analog Monitor Output, 2x Switch/ Pedal, S/PDIF, 3x MIDI (in/ out/ thru), Alternative Input, Return Input, Direct Output/ Send, 2x USB (Host/ Device), Ethernet

Profiler Remote

Profiler Remote

The perfectly integrated foot controller for your Profiler

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Rig Manager

Rig Manager

Free librarian software for Windows and Mac users

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Profiler touring bag

Profiler touring bag

The most comfortable way to carry Profiler


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