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    stupid question: can you save different imprints to different rigs, so use a Jensen for a Fender profile and a creamback for a marshal and so on ? or is the imprint selection a global setting which you can't switch together with profiles ?

    so i've finally started to use performance mode more and one thing that is really annoying is that most of the Mbritt profiles i use don't have footswitch assignements. So i think i always have to go edit the rig to set the footswitches to switch fx slots on and off. Or is there a simple way to say always have reverb and delay on footswicthes 3&4 and the first two stomp slots on footswitch 1&2 ? That would solve most of my problems.

    Or is there maybe a quick way to do this from the Performance mode ?

    hey there. so i had noticed a while ago on my mixer that when the Kemper is completely switched off, even when i pull the power chord .. i have a slight hum coming out of the main outs (the direct and monitor outs which i have connected to record dry and fx are silent as you can see):

    here's a recording with the signal boosted by about 30dB:

    not sure what to make of it, the toaster is working fine as far as i can tell, i think i faintly remember that this has always been there but to be honest i just forgot to investigate sooner since it doesn't bother me, when the Kemper isn't on the channel is muted anyways.

    when i turn the Kemper on about a third through the progression bar the hum disapears. When the Kemper is powerd up and i pull down the volume pedal all the way the hum is not present.

    my toaster is connected to my interface/mixer with a good quality balanced/DB25 snake.

    could it be a fault in the kemper or is this normal ?

    man i'm loving this editor for one reason: changing the Mbritt legacy delays and verbs to the new ones :D that used to be a drag on the toaster but so quickly done with the editor. i wish Mbritt would update his presets at one point with the new verbs and delays .. just for convenience's sake :)

    but it's fuckin with my system now ... i used to just play the presets and be perfectly happy with what i got with a few adjustments to the front panel knobs ... but now of course i keep twiddling with the fx chains ... so i'm playing less and twiddlin more ... sounds better in the end for sure but not sure it's a productive development overall

    1°) The one feature i have always liked in RM is the ability, once you have selected a rig to preview on the profiler, to go to the next rig with the up and down arrow keys. This feature seems to be missing in RM 3 : when you press up and down, the cursor goes up and down, but the playing rig doesn't move. I guess the problem could be if there were unsaved changes that could be lost, but in this case there should be a dialog asking to save the rig.

    yeah that sucks, use this all the times and straight away noticed it was gone. pretty sure it's gonna come back in a future version.

    other than that no issues installing and testing, seems like a cool and practical controller.

    went to see Herbie Hancock yesterday and he had a guitarist with him i had never heard of: Lionel Loueke , here's his rig:

    just that and the foot controller with one xpression pedal .... Damn this guy went to places with the Kemper i had never imagined ... it's really hard to describe and i haven't found any youtube clips that do it justice (it's one of those things that you have to hear live in a place with stellar acoustics, this part here sounded amazing and the youtube clip is crap but it gives you an idea ... in this clip here at around 1 min there is a little good sounding bit of the less crazy funky stuff:

    ) .... so if you ever have a chance to see him play go for it. There really was some crazy beautiful shit and he sings and makes weird sounds with his tongue on top of it, wild stuff. At places it sounded as if his voice was somehow routed through the Kemper as well but maybe his mic was fed to Herbie who was twiddlin it on his Kronos .. i wouldn't know cause i was mesmerized by the guy and watched him quite a bit more than Herbie throughout the gig.

    he also played some straight up jazz solos and some killer wailing PAFy 70s rock fusion leads as well (i guess the Boogie cab helped with that) and everything sounded great and very much amp on the stage to me. at one point he also had this hammond organ like sound goin and if you closed your eyes it was damn close to a filthy John Lord sound.

    i really have to dig deeper into the FX and control sections at some point ... i'm still in the 'woah it sounds like all the amps' stage but will definitely have to take an excursion into the 'woah it sounds like the intergalactic fleet' territory

    i wonder how he's doing that without the editor, maybe he has acess to a VIP beta ?

    on a sidenote it was really nice for once to be in a concert where there was no one recording or taking pics with smartphones .. only at the encore a few people took some snaps. and the audience (as always with Herbie) wasn't particularly old fart jazz dudes but completely mixed sex/age wise so really nice surprise... maybe people will get tired of that stupid habit eventually. and that's probably why i couldn't find any good sounding clips on the web for it :)

    the gig was great btw, a bit challenging at times cause they didn't play a single 'song' (except for a super nicer version of actual proof and the obligatory headhunter encore) .. Herbie was just teasing lines from across all his stuff and then they went of into pretty crazzy freestyle bits with very many notes per second .. if i wanna listen to the hits i've seen him loads of time and got the CD's so all good for me but definitely not for the casual listener that gig :P

    ...and how would you connect it? No KPA has Bluetooth or a WiFi chip.

    I think the notion of a mobile app with the current hardware is complete fantasy.

    Phone paired via bluetooth or on the same network (doesn't have to be wifi, i have a mixed wired/wireless network where all devices talk to each other no probs). The new editor talks to the KPA over USB as well as to all attached/paired/reachable devices so i don't see what would be so complicated about remote controlling via app when the editor is running, or could be just a headless daemon as a bridge.

    For talking directly from phone to kemper sure would be more difficult but judging from this thread it seems the editor will be such a vital element that most will be running it 24/7 anyways :D

    that was really cool to hear where this is all coming from. I really love Christophs attitude towards product and company development. I like my toasters sound through the monitors, through my cab and through my headphones, 3 different feels and sound but all good. Then again i'm not looking for anything specific other than inspiration and fun when playing so wether it's 'amp in the room', 'sound like on all the records i love' or introspective headphone trip .. as long as it's all good it's more than enough for me.

    really don't get the continuous bitching about the release dates of the editor or the Kab, it'll come when it'll come ... good things come to those who wait .. sure i sort of 'can't wait' as well cause i suspect it'll be awesome but after a year with the toaster i still haven't read the manual and am still dancin around on the tip of the iceberg with a huge smile on my face.

    ckemper : just keep on doing that thing you do like you're doin it ... fuck growth 8)

    hey Wheresthedug so coo, thx a lot. i literally only had 10 minutes to do explain this to my tech who had never touched a kemper before. knowing which paghe to call up was a life saver for us ... it's pretty easy indeed but would've been a lot harder if i had to dig through the whole manual to find it. i will really have to RTFM at some point but am still in the 'just play that thing and have fun' phase :) ^^

    thx for your help !!

    hey there, i know i should RTFM, but i'm on the road and need to quickly programm the foot controller so i can have 3 banks with 5 different amps each for people trying out 3 different guitars. I didn't have time to do this before the show and need to do it on the fly once i get there.

    What's the easiest way to do this, so i want to browse through my gazillion rigs on the Toaster and then assign them to the 3 different banks once i find some sounds that fit the purpose.

    ok cool, will send back the Tbag today and order the green one. They also have a separate bag for the remote but for both it'l come close to the original bags price. I really only need it for one occasion at the moment but it'l be cool to just have one bag for everything.

    thx !!!

    Ordered the Thoman Kemper bag last week after calling them and they told me the remote would fit in the bags front pocket ('cause that's what it's there for' he said)... the bag just arrived and there is no way to fit the remote in that thing ... so now gotta send it back and wanted to get the official bag, however Thomann says that also doesn't fit the remote.

    so i came across this video:

    so it seems that works ... is that a hack and does it not fit in the front pocket ? cause you know it seems like that's kinda 'what it's there for' :D

    so what's the deal here ?

    Back back in these days I got some BM5A MK II with the fitting subwoofer. With BM 6A or the BM 12 I think I would skip the subwoofer. At least that is what I thought after listening to all three models at Frankfurt musikmesse...

    yeah i had the BM6 MK2's about 10 years ago with the sub and sold the sub after a while since i did a lot of mastering and mixing back then and i just got carried away with the low end when using the sub and it didn't translate well into recordings. Even for electronic music the BM6s were perfect without the sub.

    nowadays i don't mix & master anymore and just play for fun so i love the sub cause it's just a much fuller and pleasant sound to get carried away in :) i rarely use the Kemper with a guitar cab cause i think it sounds better and more fun with the sub and monitors. before i got the sub i was using the guitar cab much more.

    i'd get a sub if i were you, i have pretty small sized monitors (Dynaudio Lyd5) and bought an Adam Sub8 after a couple of weeks after getting the monitors. Difference is night and day, for playing the Kemepr but also for everything else.

    I was pretty disapointed with just the monitors and first i just wanted to get bigger monitors since i had 30day money back option but i thought i'd give the little ones a try with a sub ... in the end i 'm glad i opted for the tiny monitors with the sub, sounds awesome and is plenty loud for anything i need ... even when a jam needs to get a bit too loud for safe hearing it still sounds amazing 8o my sub has adjustable frequency crossover which is a great feature i didn't have with any of my previous subs and something i wouldn't wanna live without anymore. It's really usefull for dialing in the mid/bass sweetspot on some profiles ... and with the sub the Kemper bass patches also sound killer.

    does anyone know if apart from editing the new editor will also have a new/improved and better way to arrange and manage rigs ?

    TBH i could live without an editor alltogether if there was an easy and fast way to browse rigs on the toaster. As other people mentioned before i also pretty much just fire up the Kemper and play, i have a couple FX presets to quickly load my favorite virtual pedalboard and almost everything else i need to dial in killer tones has a direct hardware dial on the front panel so i spend way more time playing than twiddling .... but the one thing that's doing my head in is finding and loading different rigs with that endless list scrolling. I know there are a couple of workarounds to make the listscroller less painful but it requires shuffling around things with RM or creating performance sets first ... which kinda goes against my current plug in and play philosophy.

    so will it be possible to for example make/assign our own categories and load rigs in a way similar to the new fx preset loader ? I'd love to be able to group the rigs i like into meaningful categories and have a more intutitve way of exploring rigs i don't know yet ...

    i don't care, i want my Kabinet and the new editor now :D

    i've never liked all in one floorboards where you have to bend over to twiddle with knobs, i have enough back and eye problems as it is. If i was Kemper i also wouldn't make it cheaper than the Profiler, Kemper have such a unique thing going that i wouldn't see the point of pricing it low. My guess would be it will be the same price as the non-powered toaster and it won't profile, so you get a floor unit for live use for less than a toaster with remote. With an FR cab it'll be around 2 grand which is still a hell of a deal since for that money you barely get a half-decent tube amp and a couple of pedals.