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    that was really cool to hear where this is all coming from. I really love Christophs attitude towards product and company development. I like my toasters sound through the monitors, through my cab and through my headphones, 3 different feels and sound but all good. Then again i'm not looking for anything specific other than inspiration and fun when playing so wether it's 'amp in the room', 'sound like on all the records i love' or introspective headphone trip .. as long as it's all good it's more than enough for me.

    really don't get the continuous bitching about the release dates of the editor or the Kab, it'll come when it'll come ... good things come to those who wait .. sure i sort of 'can't wait' as well cause i suspect it'll be awesome but after a year with the toaster i still haven't read the manual and am still dancin around on the tip of the iceberg with a huge smile on my face.

    ckemper : just keep on doing that thing you do like you're doin it ... fuck growth 8)

    hey Wheresthedug so coo, thx a lot. i literally only had 10 minutes to do explain this to my tech who had never touched a kemper before. knowing which paghe to call up was a life saver for us ... it's pretty easy indeed but would've been a lot harder if i had to dig through the whole manual to find it. i will really have to RTFM at some point but am still in the 'just play that thing and have fun' phase :) ^^

    thx for your help !!

    hey there, i know i should RTFM, but i'm on the road and need to quickly programm the foot controller so i can have 3 banks with 5 different amps each for people trying out 3 different guitars. I didn't have time to do this before the show and need to do it on the fly once i get there.

    What's the easiest way to do this, so i want to browse through my gazillion rigs on the Toaster and then assign them to the 3 different banks once i find some sounds that fit the purpose.

    ok cool, will send back the Tbag today and order the green one. They also have a separate bag for the remote but for both it'l come close to the original bags price. I really only need it for one occasion at the moment but it'l be cool to just have one bag for everything.

    thx !!!

    Ordered the Thoman Kemper bag last week after calling them and they told me the remote would fit in the bags front pocket ('cause that's what it's there for' he said)... the bag just arrived and there is no way to fit the remote in that thing ... so now gotta send it back and wanted to get the official bag, however Thomann says that also doesn't fit the remote.

    so i came across this video:

    so it seems that works ... is that a hack and does it not fit in the front pocket ? cause you know it seems like that's kinda 'what it's there for' :D

    so what's the deal here ?

    Back back in these days I got some BM5A MK II with the fitting subwoofer. With BM 6A or the BM 12 I think I would skip the subwoofer. At least that is what I thought after listening to all three models at Frankfurt musikmesse...

    yeah i had the BM6 MK2's about 10 years ago with the sub and sold the sub after a while since i did a lot of mastering and mixing back then and i just got carried away with the low end when using the sub and it didn't translate well into recordings. Even for electronic music the BM6s were perfect without the sub.

    nowadays i don't mix & master anymore and just play for fun so i love the sub cause it's just a much fuller and pleasant sound to get carried away in :) i rarely use the Kemper with a guitar cab cause i think it sounds better and more fun with the sub and monitors. before i got the sub i was using the guitar cab much more.

    i'd get a sub if i were you, i have pretty small sized monitors (Dynaudio Lyd5) and bought an Adam Sub8 after a couple of weeks after getting the monitors. Difference is night and day, for playing the Kemepr but also for everything else.

    I was pretty disapointed with just the monitors and first i just wanted to get bigger monitors since i had 30day money back option but i thought i'd give the little ones a try with a sub ... in the end i 'm glad i opted for the tiny monitors with the sub, sounds awesome and is plenty loud for anything i need ... even when a jam needs to get a bit too loud for safe hearing it still sounds amazing 8o my sub has adjustable frequency crossover which is a great feature i didn't have with any of my previous subs and something i wouldn't wanna live without anymore. It's really usefull for dialing in the mid/bass sweetspot on some profiles ... and with the sub the Kemper bass patches also sound killer.

    does anyone know if apart from editing the new editor will also have a new/improved and better way to arrange and manage rigs ?

    TBH i could live without an editor alltogether if there was an easy and fast way to browse rigs on the toaster. As other people mentioned before i also pretty much just fire up the Kemper and play, i have a couple FX presets to quickly load my favorite virtual pedalboard and almost everything else i need to dial in killer tones has a direct hardware dial on the front panel so i spend way more time playing than twiddling .... but the one thing that's doing my head in is finding and loading different rigs with that endless list scrolling. I know there are a couple of workarounds to make the listscroller less painful but it requires shuffling around things with RM or creating performance sets first ... which kinda goes against my current plug in and play philosophy.

    so will it be possible to for example make/assign our own categories and load rigs in a way similar to the new fx preset loader ? I'd love to be able to group the rigs i like into meaningful categories and have a more intutitve way of exploring rigs i don't know yet ...

    i don't care, i want my Kabinet and the new editor now :D

    i've never liked all in one floorboards where you have to bend over to twiddle with knobs, i have enough back and eye problems as it is. If i was Kemper i also wouldn't make it cheaper than the Profiler, Kemper have such a unique thing going that i wouldn't see the point of pricing it low. My guess would be it will be the same price as the non-powered toaster and it won't profile, so you get a floor unit for live use for less than a toaster with remote. With an FR cab it'll be around 2 grand which is still a hell of a deal since for that money you barely get a half-decent tube amp and a couple of pedals.

    ah cool, nothing to worry about then. thx for your quick reply ! i switched it off and on again and didn't get the message again. the 'contact support' message got me worried for a minute there :D

    i just got this same message today .. i contacted support as advised on the erro message. Raoul23 did you ever get to the bottom of this ?

    Also don't have it clocked to anything, not using SPDIF, only analog connections.

    Hey Thanks DamianGreda many thanks for checking. What kind of midi monitor app are you using? The output you get is much more detailed than mine. It's weird that on your Kemper it sends out various MIDI messages, on mine it only sends out the same note off one thousand times. I'll have to do more tests to see if the messages change in different conditions.

    For the interface freeze it's no big deal but it took me a couple of weeks to figure out where this was coming from ( icompletely forgot that i still had the MIDI cables plugged in so i first was investigating USB and Ethernet issues). For sure the interface shouldn't lock up when it receives midi messages and i'm working with the interface maker to troubleshoot this since it's still a beta hardware/software at the moment so it would help them if we could figure out a bit more about what and why the Kemper sends out these messages.

    Hey everyone, i just posted an issue with MIDI here: Profile sending out a thousand MIDI note off messages and MIDI reset msg on startup - why and can i switch this off ? and was wondering if any of you MIDI experts have a take on this ?

    ToastMe is great btw, i just don't really use it cause whenever i switch on the Kemper i just get sucked in and play and my lofty plans of complicated rigs, automation and such completely went out of the window a while ago when i realised how good it is to just play for once and not fiddle with the mouse all the time.

    The issue is not a big deal since i have a workaround for my issue but it's intriguing me why the Kemper does this :)

    i have an issue with the Kemper freezing up my audio interface when i switch the Kemper on with MIDI leads connected. I'm working with the manufacturer of the interface to figure out why this freeze occurs and i've checked with a MIDI monitor on another MIDI interface and found out that when the Kemper is switched on it sends out around a thousand MIDI Note Off messages on C02 followed by a MIDI Reset message. After startup it sends out active sensing pulses continously.

    I can work around this by disconnecting the MIDI leads which i only had connected because i was trying out the ToastME software at some point and forgot to disconnect the midi cables afterwards. I'm not going to use the MIDI editor anymore since i'm waiting for the new Kemper editor, so it's no big deal, but i'm still intrigued why the Kemper sends out so many redundant midi messages on startup.

    hey everyone, i was thinkin it would be nice to try out the Kemper with some virtual instruments or sample players to get a bit more lively sound out of modeled or sampled emulations of those e-pianos (or connect a passive Rhodes when i find a good affordable one around here someday) ... the built in amp/speaker all have a very special characteristic ... haven't played one in ages but can still remember the magic of the sound.

    i'm trying to convince a friend to do it, he's a backliner and possibly has access to both and a bunch of cool Mics... but he doesn't have a Kemper and lives in another country so it's not looking good ...

    ... i'm waiting for a new keyboard to arrive later this week (i'm moving away from plugins and wanted sth i could just switch on and play like the Kemper) which has pretty good emulations and will give it a go with the guitar amp profiles ... i used to do it with amp modlers and/or IRs but it was always such a fuzz to set it up but now with the Kemper i might as well ... i'll let you know how it goes .... but in any case it sure would be nice to have the originals profiled so if anyone has some connections to make this happen i could maybe provide some motivation 8o

    here are some pics of the beasts there are several versions, i'm not lookin for any one in partiular: