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    just wondering, been listening to my collection the last couple of days and just occured to me (again) that besides it being an awesome band on all accounts what initially drew me in was probably the amazing guitars. that and the fact that i was already a huge Gong fan and the two always remind me of each other somehow.

    can't really decide on a favorite album, they are all masterworks for me. For those who haven't heard of them the Afterwish compilation is probably a good entry point.

    listening to Jurassic Shift at the moment and keep reaching for the volume button to pump it up :P

    The title track 'Jurassic Shift' is a great example of Ed Wynne's guitar wizardry.

    Another great guitar track is 'Eternal Wheel' from Erpland.

    Just seen that he 's planning to tour again but all shows have been canceled until end of the year. Guess i'll have to travel to brexitland end of the year if this happens 8o

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    It’s weird. I never experienced latency when playing guitar through an audio interface. Neither my new pc with i7 processor or my very old pc with i3 processor have had any noticeable latency. I never really understood the problem people talk about. I know it’s there of course. But I never felt it any different from playing an amp.

    i think it's one of those things that you can get used to but also it's one of those things that some people can live with and others can't. I've always been extremely sensitive to it and where i didn't mind it at some point (as long as it's below 10ms roundtrip) it has come back with a vengeance on keyboards now that i've been playing my analog piano so much. I recently went through all my guitar plugins again which i hadn't touched since i got the Kemper .. and even when cranking the latency as low as it would go it still didn't feel as immediat as my analog amp or the Kemper. But i know what you mean, i've had many people say to me "what the hell you mean .. it's fine" ^^

    been through pretty much every amp plugin on the market over the years, where all of them fall flat for me is

    1. latency

    2. the need to use a mouse and keyboard, and a computer

    the one thing i enjoy with the K is to be able to just switch it on and concentrate on the playing and have a familiar and easy to use physical knob interface to quickly and intuitively make the basic adjustments i need while playing.

    it's the same with keyboards btw, over the years i completely stopped using all the amazingly realistic grand piano plugins i have, and find myself really enjoying my physical piano because i can just sit down and go from idea to actual music in an instant. most times with any plugin i already forgot the initial idea by the time the computer, DAW and plugin is fired up and set up and having to turn away from my instrument and pick up the mouse to do adjustments and look at the screen is a pain and completely counterproductive and unintuitive for me.

    the latency thing is still a huge thing, even with a stable 10ms roundtrip latency it just doesn't feel immediate enough for me and is equally distracting on guitar and keyboard.

    keyboard players have always been embracing digital emulations heavily in the studio and at home for composing and producing .. but you still don't see many using laptops and master keyboards on stage and the stage piano and synthesizer market is still very much alive for the same reason i feel many will always prefer to have an actual Kemper on stage.

    did it yesterday, no probs detected after a couple horus of playing.

    however i'm still unable to use the check for update feature of the RM, has been like this since ages, when i select it it just does nothing at all. Anyone knows what's up with that and how to get that feature back working ?

    Amp setup - the real thing is set up cooking. it almost goes to fuzz land with guitar maxed. Many studio players have said using this trick to get rich harmonic clean sounds, but . Rev' the amp, but turn the guitar volume down where playing softly it's seemingly clean (but rich in harmonics) and digging in it breaks, works especially well with non-master volume amp.

    i think this is a good example of that technique from Tim Pierce:

    the Kemper not behaving like the real amp in this case

    there's a loser bottom end. These kind of things are clearly audible for me

    well a profiler rig is only one snapshot of the profiled amps settings, that's why most good commercial profilers have several versions of the same amp profiled at different settings. you can extend the range of the 'snapshot' a bit with the K's settings but you'll still be navigating around the same ballpark settings. With several profiles you can extend that range a bit but you'll never have a clone that provides a 1:1 settings equivalence (what i mean is the K's gain/master/b/m/t/presence settings will never behave exactly like the amp). so unless your supro profile was profiled with the exact same settings than he's playing on it can be a bit of a goose chase to emulate a sound of another player recorded in a completely different setting.

    my question wasn't about the lick or technique but about the Kemper not behaving like the real amp in this case

    yes i got that but what makes the amp behave like this :/ everything is related i think.

    i'm really not trying to say you're not right .. you feel and hear what you feel and hear i don't doubt that. i just doubt that with all the amazing profiles out there and with so many professional guitar gods and tone nerds out ther who are completely happy with the K over real amps there aren't some combinations that will hit your spot at one point. maybe it just takes a bit more time and experimenting for you to find what you're lookin for and that's why i was suggestiong to stick with one lick and sound and work that to death because it makes it easier to understand how the K behaves vs an amp.

    btw have you ever tried the Kemper with a Kabinet ? i know of some people who also didn't fall in love with the K right away like i did but when they tried it on the Kabinet they saw the light.

    Here I tried it again after turning the compressor off: Same thing, no compressor

    tbh i don't think the actual sound is the problem at all. it sounds like a pretty good base sound and as others have said i don't really hear anything 'wrong' about it. not sure how long you have been practicing this exact lick or how long you've been playing on that rig preset. if getting as close as possible to the sound of the supro guy in the video is important to you i would stick with it for a while: practice that lick until it becomes second nature. Once you got the lick down completely and can close your eyes and play it while concentrating (or deconcentrating .. opininons vary on that one) on the FEEL start tweaking the rig settings. record everything so you can analyze the progress and differences in settings with a fresh mind and ear. nothing is ever plug and play, every musician and engineer has their personal bag of tricks. but in the end it really is all in the hands ;)

    once you have a good recording put it in a mastering suite/plugin and add some post processing, just some gentle old school analog style mastering, maybe a tad of convolution reverb to add some room depth.

    also not sure about this video but do you have the exact same guitar as he does? do you know if he has his volume or tone rolled off ? is he using a Kemper and the exact same preset as you ? it wouldn't surprise me if he was playing on a Supro amp recorded with a killer mic (or two) through a high end pre and someone who knows his stuff about mastering tweaked it all in the end, and the guy is a really good player .. so really not surprising his version sounds 'better' :) but i'm pretty sure if he had a Kemper with your preset and the same post processing he'd sound extremely close and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference in a blind test.

    hey Kaschko .. wish i could help since i've been super happy with the K's sound since i got it. I'm also using the exact same headphones as you and actually nearly prefer the headphone sound to to my monitors and even the Kabinet. my workflow for sound blis is usually jam and record either on the Kabinet (during daytime) or the DT880pros (in the evening mostly but sometimes also during the day when i want to be more immersed) and then listen back what i record (straight from the Main Outs into the computer) on my tiny Dynaudio Lyd5 monitors (with and Adam Sub8) .. in all these configs i find the sound fantastic most of the times.

    that being said a couple things come to mind from my experience witht he K but not sure if anything will help (also waiting for my rice to be cooked and passing the time ramblin a bit):

    • some profiles i like more than others (i mainly use Mbritt stuff and bought most of his profile packs), sometimes a profile i thought i didn't like comes to life with a different guitar/pickup, there are some i don't like on all my 8 different guitars but those profiles i DO like don't necessarily work on all of them equally well.
    • some profiles sound a bit muddy or too harsh but sometimes when i listen back to the recordings of them on the monitors they sound amazing. i've made a habit to hit the record button everytime i play for post analysis .. it's just HD space of which i got enough so might as well. that really helped and my 'tone' has improved much over the 2 ywears with the K.
    • i work a lot with the looper to noodle and solo over loops and always use either a different pup, a boost/drive/delay or a different profile for the solo parts but always use the same guitar for both parts (out of lazyness mostly but also because in the end it works out nicely). sometimes i don't fuzz too much about the sound and will roll with something i at that moment think doesn't sound so great because i'm more about the ideas/music i play then the sound. and then when i listen back it sound amazing and i wish i could remember which profiles i used that day.
    • i'm a big fan of the definition and clean sense settings, they make a huge difference on different guitars and that's one of the only things i usually dial in for each guitar/pup type
    • if i get frustrated with my playing or i'm not in the 'zone' it usually reflects on my sound, i've come to realize that the 'it's all in the hands' saying is a universal truth .. when i'm in the zone the sound usually folllows the flow no matter the profile
    • i never ever dial up the gain knob, i haven't come across a single profile that takes this well and as soon as the gain knobv goes up the magic dissapears for me. i do however dial down the gain knob quite a bit on some profiles and that seems to work really well and some profiles i would have dismissed since i hate high gain came to life when i cleaned them up with the gain knob.
    • i have learned to throw my previous preconceptions over board with the K. I used to truely hate VOX and HIWATT amps (having played on some really good vintage ones that were loaned to me for years) .. on the K i've got quite a few Vox and Hiwatt rigs i'm fond of now.
    • the first thing i do with most profiles is to switch of the compressor since almost all profiles come with it enabled. i hate compressors, they suckk all the dynamics and tone out of a guitar. they have their place in a live band context or for certain music styles for sure but most times they are the best way to fuck up a perfectly good guitar tone

    now for your sound samples they are suuuper dry and personally i would never play or judge a dry sound like that unless it's in a band or mix context. i mostly play alone and rarely with other instruments because for composing i just like to stick with only the guitar. i don't use loads of FX but often a bit of boost (i use an EP boost pedal dialed down all the way which i prefer because i'm used to it and love it) and always a tiny bit of verb and sometimes a bit of chors/phas/flange and delay, nothin fancy but i definitely need something to 'open up' the sound to be able to fall in love with it. i have never ever been able to work with a super dry amp sound .. even with a Dumble i would hate it.

    and speaking of Dumbles that also reminds me that sound is so super subjective that most times i wonder what people are even talkin about when thy discuss 'legendary tone'. I was once in the first row of a jazz club in a Robben Ford gig, sitting about 2 meters away from him with his Dumble right behind him .. and not just any Dumble ... he has THE Dumble. It was one of the worst guitar tones i've ever heard in my life, super dry, super harsh, super loud. After half an hour or so i went to get a beer and moved around in the room to see if it was just because i was too close to it .. nope, sounded like shit from everywhere in the room (and it wasn't the room acoustics neither since i saw many other gigs that week in the same place and a lot sounded great). Funnily enough i quite like the Mbritt dumble profiles. Another time i went to see Eric Gales who's sound (and music) i love on record and even on youtube. He was playing his strat and a Victory stack .. same thing super dry, super harsh and super loud. In both instances i talked to other guitarists after the gig and most thought they sounded amazing (and nearly broke out the tar and feathers when i mentioned my opionion of the 'tone'). And don't even get me started on 'the Clapton beano tone' and other such internet delusions :D

    All this to say that i learned over the years to focus on the music and the sound i like in the moment and not so much on what i think/want/wish it should sound like or the sound other people accept as good.

    oki, ramblings of an old hungry man are over cause the rice is done :P

    The Looper was always a feature that can only be fully implemented and used with the Kemper Remote. Using external switches gives you more flexibility with the Remote. But the switches don't replace the Remote.

    not sure i understand, i have been using the looper when traveling without any issues with a Roland FS-6 without the Kemper remote. This gives me all the function of the first two switches on the remote which for me is enough to play almost exactly like when i'm using the remote. The only feature from the other 3 remote switches i miss is the half speed but other than that i find it more practical than the Ditto which btw i haven't touched since i got the K.

    You know stickman I'm at the age when your real first guitar become a real vintage guitar! Ha ha ;) I bought it new in 1979 and it is a Musician model. I love this guitar, It sounds fantastic, it has a superb sustain but it's very heavy too!

    haha, well that explains it .. similar generation here i guess :D i still remember when the MC500 came out, i was stilll a teeny then but already a regular in the local guitar shop here who were cool enough to let me come around after school despite me not having any disposable income to spend. I remember they had the MC in a glass case cause it was ridiculously expensive at the time (maybe it was even a 5000). There's something about that shape and this combination of woods that speaks to me even today. They also had a Yamaha CP70 electric grand (even more ridiculously expensive at the time) which i was allowed to practice on and those two instruments were the stuff of my dreams during my youth. Managed to find a nice CP70 20 years later but never found a good MC.

    Found a ouple of MC500s over the years but since i've waited so long now i'm really picky and want a case queen where the wood grains is just right and not one that has been butchered, moded or refinished.I have an ST300 which is a bit the poor mans MC500 and very similar ... and yeah it weighs a ton like all the Matsumoko Ibanez. All the late 70 and 80s high end Ibanez are amazing guitars.

    Take the jack plate out and use the hole as a handle to pull off the back.

    yep, that's the way to get it out. mine had the rattle too even at low volumes. was a bit scary to pull the back out cause it was really tightly fit. after tigtening the screws a bit and puttin it back together the rattle was gone.

    before i did it i called Kemper support cause i wasn't sure if this would void the warranty. They told me it didn't but if i preferred i was welcome to send it back and they'd send me another one. I would try that and if that doesn't solve it and it isn't mechanical i would call Kemper support, they are really cool.

    It's hard to know for sure from a photo, but that Korg pedal appears to have a much longer throw than a Dunlop mechanism. I've never had any luck using long-throw pedals as wah controllers. A Mission pedal will put you much closer to the physical feel of a traditional wah pedal. Final sound tweaking is still up to you and others have posted good advice in that area.

    you might be right, will have to compare when i get back. the Korg is not super long throw, it's just buttery smooth and doesn't wobble around like the crybaby cause it's really heavy and solid metal. also really like the rubber on it, the rubber on my crybaby is long gone and i never bothered to put a new one on cause it works for me like it is.

    hey everyone, disclaimer upfront: i'm currently visiting the elders and only took the toaster with me not the expression pedal so i can't really try anything out right now. but there is one thing that has been buggin me ever since i got the kemper but i always forgot to post about it.

    i have a Dunlop Crybaby which i bought i think sometime in the late 80's or early nineties. at some point i swapped the switch for a true bypass switch (i'm the kind of guy who ALWAYS forgets to unplug the jack so pretty much everytime i wanted to use it the battery was empty, that pretty much was the only reason i went for the true bypass so i can still play even with an empty battery) and nowadays i have a power supply so i could stop polluting the planet with empty 9V batteries. I'm not a pedal nerd so i don't know if that particular model is special/different or if the true bypass mod changed sth.

    thing is when i dial up the crybaby preset of the wah stomp it's not even close to my old baby, the range, the sound, the attack all feels completely wrong. at one point i spent a day trying out all the other kemper wah presets and playin with the dials and just couldn't get anywhere i liked with it (to be fair i've never been a fan of any other wah than the crybaby). when i plug in the real baby it's instant bliss, despite the crappy mechaniscs of the foot pedal. i have this really nice korg XVP20 expression pedal for the kemper and i love it as a volume or morph pedal but i just can't get any wah going that i dig. i'm tempted to get one of these crappy mission kemper pedals cause it looks similarly cheap as the crybaby mechanics .. maybe it's just muscle memory habit that's the problem or the fact that i've been playin with it for 30 years and am so honed in to the sound and feel of that particular pedal.

    i'm gonna look into this a bit more when i'm back home after the holidays but before i forgt again i thought i'd post it here to see if there is someone else with old crybaby syndrom to see if it's even worth tryin. also since i only play at home and i have the crybaby i love it's a bit of a non issue but just out of intellectual curiosity i'd thought i'd ask if anyone managed to get a convincin crybaby to work on the K.

    It seems what everyone is really worried about it the prospect of free profiles going away. That's the underlying fear. Not inconvenience. but the perpetuation of free stuff.

    never used a free profile, bought all the interesting commercial profiles i was interested in, and everytime i checked for similar things to what i liked in rig exchange what i found sucked compared to commercial profiles. never gave anyone my commercial profiles and never had anyone offer me theirs. i know a dozen or so K users who operate on the same principle. also pretty sure theres people stealing apples in the supermarket down the road but would be strongly opposed to every apple being in a blister pack to prevent it.