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    so one thing i couldn't figure out from all the videos is if the 'Preset Management' will also apply to the rig presets, one of the things that's bugging me the most is to browse through the presets on the hardware with just one master list and no categories ... are we getting preset banks now so we can organize our rig presets properly (like say i'd like to have banks by amp type or by author or Mbritt pack or by speaker) ??? or is the preset management only for fx chains and we're stuck with favorites and the few filters in the browse dialog for rigs ?

    so this pretty much answers all my questions:…-19---kemper-kabinet-demo .

    I picked such a great time to jump onto the Kemper wagon, only had my powerhead for a month and was starting to get slightly irritated by the lack of preset management. also in the market for a FR speaker and a guitar cab (or pimping my current combo) ... so all my issues will be settled with a K-Cab and the new editor in summer :P

    hey everyone, new to the forum and still in total love with my Kemper which i got about a month ago.

    Although the KPA sounds glorious over my nearfields and headphones i have a small cheap (but really nice) combo sitting around so this weekend i drilled a hole in the back and soldered a speaker-in switching jack socket into it, so now without a jack pluged into it the amp still is connected to the speaker and working as before and when i plug in a jack to the Kempers speaker out the Vox amp is separated from the speaker and the Kemper is going directly to the speaker. The amp is a VOX AV30

    I still haven't had time to really dig into the KPAs settings to dial it in for this speaker though and maybe i'm missing sth. When i switch the monitor cab off the sound is a bit harsh and with the cab simulation on it sounds a bit better but quite muffled. Of course i have to dial the master out waaaay back so i don't blow the speaker. I'm still not sure how exactly i have to set up the powered Kemper with a guitar cab, i asked the guy in the shop if i need to switch of the cab simulation when trying out the KPA with a Bass cab and he said i don't have to do anything that it's automatic when you use the speaker out jack.

    What are the correct setting for running the KPA through a cab ?

    hey Monkeyman, thx for your help, i contacted support and they were super quick to reply, even on a Sunday :) Initially the store told me i bought the last unit and Kemper support offered to replace the unit directly. For sure it was a faulty front-panel and nothing that could've been fixed with software. But only half a Kemper was a bit frustrating so Monday morning i phoned the shop again and it turned out that they double-booked the unit out of their stock management system so theyx had another one sitting in the warehouse literally with my name on it :P

    so i've finally arrived in total Kemper heaven, bleeding fingers and all ... this thing really is off the hook, i'm glad my ampquest is finally settled.

    btw: happy new year everyone !!!

    hi everyone, glad to have finally arrived here :)

    picked up my power head and remote today and after playing with it for a while i noticed that 5 buttons are not working (Amp button, EQ button, stomp buttons) the leads are dead (except fro the EQ which is always on) and button presses don't work. Used the diagonsttic tool to confirm these buttons aren't wirking. Did a factory reset, updated the OS to official latest and then to spring reverb beta, buttopns still not working. Followed all tips and instructions i could find online .. the oonly thing i haven't tried is to re-install the firmware since i can't find a download for that anywhere. The unit is brand new and came sealed so it hadn't been out of the protective cadboard boxes.

    any ideas ?

    i can still use it to browse presets and do some fx editing but the stomp section is dead and no acess to the amp section and EQs is also a bit cruel for the first weekend with it ;(

    but apart from that it's totally awesome 8o