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    can we please stop with the pseudo legalese and tone it down again everybody? if there is doubt about anything, I'm sure the OP will be happy to provide more details and proof.

    Thanks @G String Certainly. The forum is taking a bad turn. I'm here for any information

    I think you might want to think twice about your decision to use pictures of David Gilmour in your marketing material as well. Just a PSA.

    Good morning. My lawyers have examined the chat of the forum and there are the extremes of the damage of image. We will ask for the registration data if this story continues Best regards

    I think you might want to think twice about your decision to use pictures of David Gilmour in your marketing material as well. Just a PSA.

    All used company names, label names and registered trademarks (in text or image or video) are property of their owners and only used for identification and description of products and achievements and to clarify the origin of the profiling. With brands and artists there is no contract or endorsment. I want to remind you that only technical questions are allowed in this section. From now on, any non-technical question will be ignored as per regulation

    No one attempted to ridicule your work... all questions about the authenticity of you and/or your company were immediately met with hostility, scorn and rudeness. If you can't respond civilly to questions from potential customers then you have no business being in business... and as you can see all posts are still here no matter how many times you report each and every one to staff. Its nice that members here can see who they are doing business with... or not.

    Questioning the authenticity of a manufacturer is a defamation. Requesting technical information is lawful. No technical questions were asked. Only one technical question was processed regularly. I would appreciate if only technical questions were asked from now on. Of course I will answer

    Any photos of you profiling amps?

    Hi Guys, the website is down but if you need something please email me at [email protected]. Thanks

    Hi Federico I would like you to remove the post as per regulation it is not allowed to intervene in Threads of other manufacturers Thanks. In this thread everything has happened unfortunately .... users who write only in a defamatory way and with the sole intent to ridicule my work I have reported them and to which I reminded that it is allowed to write only to receive technical info as per regulation Thanks

    Hey Kemper aficionados, I think it would be a great idea to put all the commercial profilers on a single list. I don't think it has been done yet and I don't know why, but since many think that commercial profiles are the way to go, why not write them down here and let people find them easily. The list is not 100% complete, so feel free to add comment and I'll add them. :)

    angelguitar-Kemper Tone in "David Gilmour Style" In Your Hand

    Hi Korga.

    Firstly, Welcome to the Forum.Hope youre enjoying the KPA.

    Can you tell me what gear ( amps ,preamps , pedals, mics, cabs etc...) you used for the profiles ?

    Hi i have a Hiwatt David Gilmour signature 100 watt..Pete Cornish p1-p2-G2-Butler Tube drive Cornish mod IR cab WEM starfinder cone FANE crescendo an Rola Celestion mic SM 57- Neu U87-Royer 121

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    That's great news that you have a customer who thinks almost exactly like you. That's the goal for any entrepreneur. Keep up the great work and still looking forward to photos that show you profiling all of the high end and rare equipment that you used.

    Thanks thi is my guitar rig that i have profiled. So you finally :) are satisfied !!!!!!!!!!!!Have good music bro,

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    Hi all! Piero from Itlay. I love and play PF since years. I’ve just bought the full PinkPack and found it a very good product. Many Performance, a lot of Rigs ready to use. A very complete collection of PF famous song. Delay timing well set, modulation always in right amount, a very dynamic amps and finally I have found in that PinkPack a real distortion-sound.. Not plastic sound, not iper compressed tone, they sound right. In some cases just a little bit of eq to match the type of your pickup. But no matter, you would do the same also with other product. As the Vendor details, the Rigs were made by profiling Hiwatts, Cornish and other famous brands closely Gilmour style. I tried that with the band and the Rigs have the right frequencies you need to hit the mix. If I can leave here a really personal opinion, the most expensive but the most professional product I ever seen and heard. Here in Italy Korga3, as Angelo Guagnano, is well-known for his passion for Pink Floyd, and his work is well appreciated because of his specialization only in one sound-style.. Gilmour sound. Not other commercial or general Rigs.. only Gilmour. Here in Italy he is one of the best-of. Cheers from a satisfied customer.

    Thanks Piero for your comment !!! A satisfied customer is worth more than 10,000 negative comments to us !!! I wanted to remind you that having purchased all three packages you are a "Gold" customer and you will be entitled to the new profiles for free coming soon. Good music Cheers

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    I am once again saying that David Gilmour's touch is unique. You said (Don't think I have a big problem with my hands! Just looking for authentic sounds! ".... you're comparing yourself to Gilmour. I'm not doing this and my profiles are an interpretation of the sound and not a copy. In conclusion I am not saying that your touch is not beautiful ....and The rig is not in the style of the original version ... but live

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    your answers are not very professional, if you want to do a business with your profiles

    sorry to say that

    My answers are not very professional for you ...ok but our " Kemper Profiles & Rig in the style of. David Gilmour" are very professional so is the right price.

    I don't need to do business. We created the profiles for personal use. If anyone wants them we sell them. In addition just follow the page and there will be discounts of % soon

    Cheers have good music !

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    Don't think I have a big problem with my hands ! Just looking for authentic sounds ! Cheers

    Ok !!! this is a right touch of playing rock... But the touch of Gilmour is very different . In addition This is an authentic sounds like a Marshall Jcm 800....Muff sound is another interstellar planet. imho
    I'm sorry but you're talking to a David Gilmour fan who makes a difference between a Muff built in 1974 and one built in 1975 ... Cheers have a Good Music

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    Your cryptic and rude response makes your profiles even more suspect and I stand by my original observation... your whole setup seems rather bogus to me. When you're done bristling do feel free to prove me wrong.

    In my country this is called defamation. My profiles are professional and unique as a sound in the world. I prefer not to respond to such accusations in the future and I wonder that this is an incorrect forum in this section. But for our brand this is not a problem. We don't care about the useless comments of unknown people ... recognizable by an avatar. Good music

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    Listened to a few demos , " Shine on " or any other doesn't sound like Gilmour's sound IMO ... I'll pass !! If you have the right gear to tweak things a bit , I would be interested !

    Gilmour's sound is unique. It only comes out of his hands. You will surely find the profiles you like. Your lack of appreciation for us is not a problem. Cheers

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