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  • Hello mate. Can you give me some advice on setting up reamping on cubase? i thibk my problem is the output buses on the di track. I cant set the di out put to spdif? is there something i need to set up in outputs in cubase?

    so far

    Ive got the kemper set to git/stack,

    spdif in and out connected to audio interface

    clock set to spdif and 44.1

    set left spdif as the di, works fine

    spdif r has the processed signal, works fine

    then a re amp track input set to the spdif all of that is okay i think. but im not sure what the outut settings should be on cubase to get a spdif option.

    I will screen shot my output buses

  • If you have trouble let me know?

  • Ok Robman?