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    The Audio Technica M40X headphones are great for playing guitar, dialing in tones, and mixing if needed. They're the flat response version of the M50x model and are slightly less in price also.

    I've actually gone through the grueling process of ordering a bunch of pairs of headphones and trying them all out to see which was best for what I was looking for. It's much easier to make a clear decision when you can directly compare them.

    I tried out all of the following headphones : Audio Technica M50X, Audio Technica M40X, Sennheiser 280 Pro, Beyerdynamic 770 Pro(80 Ohms), Sony MDR-7506, Shure SRH840, and a few other I can't think of at the moment.

    The Audio Technica M40X's sounded the most flat and clear, and sounded clearest when loud especially. They really surprised me since they're one of the more affordable options and I really like being able to replace the cable when it breaks instead of having to replace the headphones lol. They sound great for playing guitar through and can get loud without buzzing and they sound balanced in comparison to a lot of other headphones, especially the M50X's. The M50X's are more bass hyped and treble hyped for music listening and consumers but most people go for those because they're in the same $150 price range where other entry level high end headphones sit at, and they often overlook the M40X because it's the cheaper option. After all, it does make it seem like the cheaper AT headphones would be the consumer model and the more expensive ones would be for music production.

    If you give the M40X's a shot, I think you'll be pleasantly suprised. And you might even save some cash in comparison to how much some of the other comparable options are.

    And if you're trying to decide between a few different headphones, my best advice would be to narrow it down to 2 or 3 options and then try them all out side by side. That way you can make a sure decision and never have to wonder which is best for you. Hope this helps!!^^

    MarshallCW , I think that Ibot39 is on to something here.

    Contrary to popular belief, one of the aspects of the guitar signal chain that dictates your guitar tone in a major way-is your Cab/Speaker choice and mic placement when capturing that tone or the Impulse Response being used.

    One of the consistent things among the Neural DSP plugins is the IRs that Nolly Getgood does. I think what you're liking the most about the tones you're getting is due to that.

    I've actually disabled the cab section and used the same IRs when comparing Kemper Profiles and the Neural DSP plugins, and the result was just really unnaturally tight bass/low end and a lot of high end content with the Neural DSP plugins in comparison to Kemper Profiles (when comparing just profiles and the amps from the plugins with no EQ and without any low or high cuts on with either)

    Before selling your KPA, maybe try just using the Cab section of the Neural DSP plugins along with the Amp section of your fav profiles and see how you like the results.

    If you like those results, then you'd probably be just as happy with investing in GGD ZIlla Cabs Studio or the ML Sound Labs Mikko Cab plugin. The GGD Zilla Cabs Studio is an entire library of IRs made by Nolly Getgood made with different speakers and taken with different mics, and you can mix the IRs in a really easy to use interface in order to create your own custom IR's with Nolly's library of IRs. Definitely something to look into as an alternative if it really is the IRs that are the make or break factor in the tones you like.

    It's definitely something to look into! Because your KPA unit is capable of so much in comparison to a plugin, its worth putting in some time to see if you can figure out what you can do to get tones you want out of the unit imo. I think if you sold it and went with plugins, they'd leave you wanting more out of them in some situations and you'll probably have to compensate for that with other gear. Just consider how many high quality effects and stuff like that the KPA has in it and compare to the basic few pedals in each plugin and going with the choice with more options usually gives you more versatility in some situations. But I think that's why you're asking for the community to help you see more perspectives on the situation and kudos to you for that my brother. We can learn a lot from different perspectives and I hope some of what I said can help at least a little bit lol

    Like all of us, the Profiler (Jarrod from ToneWars) is a regular guy with faults like everyone else. He's admitted to not fully understanding Refining in the past, due to getting bad results from over-doing the Refining process.

    Refining is sort of a dark art and even though the manual mentions it, it doesn't give a thorough explanation of what to do and how to do it. It just gives a vague "play stuff for a duration" basically. Even John Cordy has mentioned in videos that he doesn't fully understand it and the Kemper manual could benefit from elaborating in that section ;)

    Jarrod was actually open to learning more about it and took many criticisms from his viewers and friends. This, in my opinion, makes all the difference. Say what you want but the truth is, the guys man enough to learn from mistakes, own up to those mistakes, and let them make him better. Something that can't be said for everyone.

    The result of that is improved Profiles and I was impressed with what I played from his most recent pack that was done with Refining Profiles

    I checked out this pack because I have always had great experiences with the ToneWars Profile packs. The Profiler (Jarrod from ToneWars) has improved his Profiling technique and has added in the Refine process to his Profiling technique, and the results are stellar!! I thought the ToneWars Profiles were already great, but this has taken the ToneWars Profiles to another level in my opinion!

    The pack includes the first Profile pack for the Mesa Badlander, and the new pack with new Refined Profiles. The first pack had 29 profiles (10 Crunch Profiles, 13 Crush Profiles, 2 Tailored Profiles dialed in with Jarrods settings, and 4 Clean Profiles) and 25 DI Profiles.

    This new pack has 22 new Refined Profiles done with a Diezel 2x12 Cab w/G12-K100's. There are 9 Crunch Profiles with various Gain and tone-stack settings, along with 2 Crunch Variax Profiles (which sound awesome!). And there are 10 Crush Profiles with various Gain and tone-stack settings, and 2 Crush Variax Profiles (Which also sound awesome!!).

    The new Refined Crunch Profiles sound amazing and have a really great open-ness to them that I like a lot. They have a much more shaped low end, and really clear high end. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how great the new Refined Crunch Profiles sound. I ended up using a good number of them to build some really sick mid-gain and pushed tones. Throw a Kemper Drive in front of the Profile with the Klon or TS808 presets and there are some glorious sounds to be found there!!

    The new Refined Crush Profiles were like heaven for me! lol I was in tonal nirvana when I dialed some of the Crush and Crush Variax Profiles! The new Refined Crush Profiles have a really full yet tight and defined low end, as well as a really present and clear high end. The Crush Profiles have a really rich and saturated distortion and they sound fat and chewy and thick, while still maintaining note-clarity (which is the type of high gain sound that I really like). I threw a Kemper Drive in front of my favorite Crush Profiles, with the Horizon Attack 2 or Horizon Attack 3 presets with the Volume turned up and Drive turned down low, and got some really searing yet tight and articulate high gain tones!

    Another cool thing about this pack is that there are 2 different Cabs used for the Profiles. The Cab in the first version of the Badass Boogie pack, is a Mesa 2x12 Cab with 2 V30's mic'd with an ATM-410 and SM57. And the Cab in the Badass Boogie pack V2, is a Diezel 2x12 with 2 G12-K100's mic'd with a Royer R-10 and a SM57. I found myself loving the Diezel Cab so much that I ended up saving it as a Cab preset to use with other Profiles! lol

    Overall, I'd say this V2 of the Badass Boogie pack really surprised me and I am glad I tried it out! I've really loved the ToneWars Profile packs that i've tried so far, so I didn't think that the Profiles could get much better. I thought the difference would be minor. I was SO wrong!! lol The Profiles got way better than they already were and the tones are unbelievable!

    To anyone looking for a Profile pack for the Mesa Badlander, I'd highly recommend this Profile pack if you're looking for versatility and really sick high gain tones.

    For anyone interested in checking out the pack, or any other packs by ToneWars, check out the ToneWars website

    Yes and it still gets better and better! I wish other vendors release firmware updates (fixes and improvments!!!) after a so long time.
    Best investment ever!

    So true! Always getting better, and the Kemper Team continues to develop more tech like Imprints and stuff like the Kemper Kone and Kemper Kab, to further the sonic capabilites of the KPA. The fact that they've developed Imprints and the Kemper Kones, to allow the KPA to have full on "amp in the room" tone with the flexibility of Impulse Responses and an FRFR, is HUGE and it sets the KPA in another league in my opinion ?

    Come on man, just have your opinions and share them but that doesn't have to extend to you picking apart others' comments in a rude way.

    I think tons of comments you post are hilarious and ridiculous and i'm literally on the floor laughing sometimes at the absurdity. But do I go and pick apart all you say? No, I don't. Do I put it out there that I have so little respect for your opinion that I'd go as far as saying "this post is funny to me"? Nah, I don't cos that's rude as hell and I was raised better than to be insulting when it wasn't warranted. You know, there are ways to get your point across without being rude and without insults. Unfortunately, i'm past the point of being nice when you start being insulting.

    Did I claim to do any testing of my own or make any claims that you're being petty about?? No. I commented on the outcome the people in the video came to for their blind test. Did I need to be there to see that in a blind test all of them preferred the KPA when no bias or anything like that was involved? No. I didn't claim that I was involved and came to the same conclusion first hand. I commented about how the outcome was cool to see and how it's interesting how the preferred unit to the guys in the vid all were the same when no bias or hype or any of that is part of the equation.

    It's pretty hard to deny results of something like a blind test and for some reason, the KPA does well in blind tests. That has nothing to do with me and I have no control over that, it just is what it is.

    Somehow you equate the obvious outcome of the video in that particular situation, to something that's debatable or something and it comes down to the fact that the guys in the vid preferred one unit's tones over the other every time and there's not a way I can make a false claim about that lol. It is what it is. Don't be mad at me man, I'm not the one in the vid who didn't pick the QC in a blind shootout. Yeah, the results for me or you might be different and we might prefer different things. But my comment was about the video. And commenting on the outcome in the vid doesn't mean i'm "exhibiting my personal bias" or "laying it on others". Commenting on a situations outcome doesn't mean i'm pushing my opinion on people lol and idk how you got that from my post.

    It's crazy how just because some people still like their Kemper, and aren't running to sell their gear to buy the QC and jump on the hype train, you assume they're Kemper fanatics and its ridiculous. If people don't support your attempts to insist the QC will be better, you treat them like an enemy that you need to be hostile towards. It's totally possible to be supportive of both things and assuming someone is totally against you just because they make a comment about the obvious outcome of a video, doesn't mean they're bashing the unit you're all about in an obsessive way lol. Just because some people are realistic and see it as another tool that's capable of the same type of tones as everything else currently, and don't think it's "next level", doesn't mean they're fanatics lol. When anyone has any mild criticisms of the QC, you instantly have to jump to discredit them and be insulting in order to defend the QC and that's being more of a fanatic if you ask me.

    Keep in mind, others not preferring the QC doesn't make it bad and won't affect your experience with it. You're being defensive as if it's gonna all the sudden be terrible just because everyone isn't selling their current gear for it and because it isn't marginally better than anything that's currently available. It seems to be able to do just fine, like any other current gear. It just doesn't seem miles better than everything else like the hype and advertisement claims were, so i've been looking at the unit realistically and have been making observations based on my own interest in it. And that somehow makes me a fanatic? Come on man. Literally, all you gotta do is not be petty and not hop to pick apart what people say and you aren't gonna spark up anymore unpleasant replies like this for yourself lol.

    Whenever you hop in the comments and you start to pick apart people's posts, it starts to get unpleasant and people get nasty to each other. For some reason you seem to need to step on others' opinions to make your point. There's really not a reason to be insulting when making a point unless you're just being unpleasant in an obvious way and I honestly would prefer it never got to this point but, when it does you gotta expect people to defend themselves. There's a way to communicate with people without the insults and without being immediately offensive lol.

    I really didn't want to come back like this but honestly, this isn't the first time you pick apart people's posts in a uncool way and stir the pot on this forum and it really isn't necessary to be part of the conversation. We're not all trying to bash the QC just because we're making observations and comparisons to other top gear. And no one here is against you in the way you seem to think. There's really no need for the insults and backhanded comments and stuff. We can all communicate without that stuff and we all can critique things without it meaning hatred for that product lol

    I watched it too and it's honestly really cool to see the Kemper not only holds its own, but still remains the best of the best! And it's pretty sick that it's undefeated when it comes to blind shootouts! lol

    It's crazy how much hype and personal bias can cloud peoples' perceptions of things, until it comes down to a blind test or something of that sort. That's when the truth really comes out and in blind tests, the Kemper has always killed it;)^^

    Refining should not take more than a minute, as seen in the Guido Bungenstock videos. We might replace in the future, still.

    A mishap as in the recent videos never happens when you aim to make your own profile.

    It has never been put on video before, but now it has happened twice in a row, stayed unnoticed by the makers.

    How would you prevent this from happening what would never happen to you IMHO? Throw the global Pure Cabinet over board?

    Adding a Refinement process to the Profiling algorithm or something of that sort is a great idea, and I'd be excited to see what you the Kemper team would do with it! But even if those changes are made, I hope the original Refine option is still available:)

    It is always a positive thing to allow reaching further accuracy. The ability to keep Refining to reach higher accuracy is a very strong advantage that the Kemper Amp has over any competition ^^

    As for Pure Cabinet, it would make sense to keep both the Global Pure Cabinet option, and the Cabinet section option for setting it for each individual rig. But making the factory settings have Pure Cabinet off Globally would make it so it's only activated consciously by the user. That would make it so the user is aware of Pure Cab at the point it's activated, rather than users being unaware of having on a global blanket effect that changes the original sound of Profiles noticeably.

    It's an amazing effect and I think it definitely has a strong place in the KPA:) It's a huge positive of the KPA and should remain. But I just don't think it's the best idea to have the factory settings have it on Globally, considering people typically using the unit with factory settings are new users. It makes sense to give new users the pure sound of the Profiles without any Global effects or Global EQ's active.

    Of course, I mean all of this with respect to you and the Kemper team:)

    Jarrod posted a new vid and it turns out, he had the Pure Cab setting turned all the way down in the Output section, but PureCab was still on. A common and understandable mishap. I can see that it definitely wasn't any intentional thing and was an accident as you had predicted.

    I've actually had issues with the PureCab setting in the Cab section even with it off in the Output section (checkbox unchecked as well). I've often been setting PureCab on a per rig basis in the Cab section and even with it set to 0, it's often still on. I almost always have to turn it back up and then down a few more times to get it to turn off all the way. It's quite frustrating but, I never reported a bug or posted about it because no one else seemed to have an issue with it and I don't often like to make a fuss unless it's necessary in a situation lol. It makes me wonder though, how many people have completely turned off PureCab in the Ouput section, and then turned it to 0 in the Cab section with it still being on without their knowledge. Because at that point, the only way to tell it's on is to turn the PureCab setting in the Cab section back up and down over and over until you can audibly hear it off all the way, and that's hard to tell with no sonic reference to how a Profile sounds without PureCab enabled to begin with.

    Anyways, I thought it was interesting at the least.

    A common mistake, i'm sure :)

    He seems to have Refined this time, based off of the reaction of the first vid. Definitely a genuine guy and it takes a lot of balls to own to to a mistake and to be real about personal growth and learning things along the way. I have a ton of respect for that!

    The Kemper sounds great in this comparison IMO!!^^ As it always does!!;) You've created something truly awesome sounding CK! We all are extremely lucky to have your innovations be brought to fruition in our lifetime:)

    That's a two edged sword.

    On on hand you have QC which automagically creates a profile without asking if you think it's accurate enough and offers no way of messing with it. As of know I've yet to hear a capture which sounds identical to the source and you can't do anything about it.
    On the other hand you have the KPA which basically requires you to offer your input but if you do it right you can make it sound identical to the source as seen in the guidorist videos.
    Seeing those videos made me regret selling my Kemper ...

    A double edged sword indeed! :) But, it doesn't have to be that for the KPA.

    I think it'd be best to have both with the KPA. It'd make a lot of sense to add an automatic Refinement to the Profiling process, while still keeping the manual Refine option to allow further accuracy. Because as I've mentioned before, not being able to improve a Capture any further after it's taken is a huge drawback in comparison to the KPA's ability to keep trying to Refine to perfection :)

    And sorry to hear about you selling your KPA. Sellers remorse is rough when it hits you hard! Lol but I'm sure another KPA, or another great unit, will be in your near future ;) I'm sending you some positive vibes brother!

    If you are thinking of limiting the options in regards profiling (which might help level the playing field with these kinds of unscientific videos), can you make it a choice so the original options remain?

    I agree!:)

    If automatic-Refinement is added into the Profiling algorithm or something, that would be awesome and it would make the KPA's overall accuracy much higher with less work! But it would still be extremely beneficial to have the option to Refine further, just in case it's still needed.

    I think the lack of an option to Refine with the QC is a drawback because there's no way to improve the accuracy of a Capture after it's taken. But when making Profiles, you can Refine as much as needed and that's where the KPA has a huge leg up in that area! Best to keep another one of the best features of the KPA!

    In the situation in the video, I think Jarrod (from ToneWars video) didn't Refine. When I asked him, he said he get's bad results from Refining and his Profiles sound further from the source Amp when he Refines. I think in this situation, at least part of the audible difference is because of a lack of Refining the Profile properly.

    Also, in the past he's been vocal about disliking Pure Cabinet for high gain tones and like many high gain Profile users-he prefers Pure Cabinet off for anything high gain and he always has it off globally. I doubt he would have had it on in the video but I'll ask him and update this post later :)

    But I have seen a lot of other people accidentally mess up comparisons by unknowingly leaving on Pure Cabinet. I've also unfortunately seen a ton of people make negative comments about the KPA's sound because they didn't know about Pure Cabinet or didn't know to disable it.

    I think the KPA's factory settings should have the Pure Cabinet parameters off in both the Output and Cab block. So many people don't know about it and many users don't take the time to read the manual (although they should! lol ?).

    Pure Cabinet is such a polarizing effect, because people either love it or really dislike what it does. And when people dislike what it's doing to the tone but don't know about it to begin with, it makes them think they just dislike how the KPA sounds and it gives a negative impression of the KPA's sonic qualities. I've even seen it turn people off of the KPA and ruin their experience with it, quite a few times.

    It tends to give high gain tones a kind of "sameness" in the high end and that effect being on from the factory settings can lead to a warped representation of how great the KPA can sound when they first turn it on. Having the option to control it globally is great but it's an effect that really should be set per rig after knowing about it to begin with, and most people don't read the manual right away.

    Since it's an effect that people either really like or dislike, and it isn't a very obvious setting, it would make sense for the factory settings to have Pure Cabinet off. Having it as an option that's not already on would not only avoid a ton of misunderstandings and mix-ups, but it would also be beneficial because the people who are using it at that point are consciously and knowingly turning it on.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents. I mean no disrespect and I'm only trying to make what I think is a truly helpful suggestion:) It would help keep these sort of mix-ups and not very great representations of the Kemper from happening so unfortunately often.

    I love my KPA and it's a shame to see misrepresentations and unfair comparisons when I personally know that 100% accuracy is possible with the KPA and I know it sounds amazing. I'm just as frustrated as you CK! The lack of proper representation for the KPA, and all of the unfair comparisons are getting to be incredibly frustrating lol

    I like his profiles, too. Which doesn't mean that they are close to the real thing - we just don't have a reference (and they probably are not even close if he's doing profiling like shown in this video). But it doesn't matter at all - his profiles sound great and are fun to play. However this video is a bit unfortunate - whatever Jarrod could do to screw up this comparison, he did (using different overdrives, lack of refining). Whoever will bumps into his video as a first movie comparing the two units will be under impression that QC is awesome (got the sound almost spot on) and Kemper sucks at profiling (was not even close to real amp). This is simply not true - both units excel at it, for what I can hear, but one requires more patience and work. Skipping refining / or insufficient refining seems to be the most common sin of youtubers. Guidorist showed exactly what to do to correctly profile an amp - there is absolutely no excuse at this point for not doing it.

    I never really thought about it like that but, the accuracy of the Profiles doesn't really matter as much as how good the tone is to begin with-in the context of buying 3rd party Profiles and not having heard the reference Amp.

    Accuracy matters a lot in the actual Profiling process though, and as you mentioned, not putting in the step of Refining to ensure the Kemper is getting as close to 100% accuracy as possible is leaving the Kemper shorthanded in the comparison and it's an unfortunate mis-representation of the Kemper's profiling accuracy.

    The guy loves his Kemper and is one of us so I don't see it being an intentional thing. He seems to really have had bad experiences with Refining in the past. I'm sure that just comes down to the method used for Refining.

    As you mentioned before - now that vid of Guido Refining a Profile to 100% accuracy gives people the info they need to Refine properly.

    Before, there wasn't really any official info available from Kemper about the proper way to go about Refining a Profile. The manual mentions Refining a little bit and briefly says a bit about what you can do when Refining. But it's kind of a "dark art" and was kind up for interpretation up until Guido's recent vid on the Kemper YouTube channel haha.

    But you're totally right, at this point when there's finally some solid info and a few videos on Refining, people should have all the info they need now :)

    yeah. Jarrod and I disagree on refining

    I love Jarrod and he's a great genuine guy. But unfortunately, we disagree on Refining too. When I asked him about it, his experience with Refining was the opposite of what I've heard from everyone else.

    In my opinion, it is not a well-done video. He did'n do profile refining(after Guido's video I think it is important step ) and set definition parameter without checking against AMP sound. I must admit that QC came out pretty close.

    Once he added the different ODs, and didn't Refine, the comparison was invalid unfortunately. Fun comparison concept but a few minor flaws in the way it was executed. He's a really nice guy and loves his Kemper so it was all unintentional on his part. But still-the different OD's, not Refining, and setting Definition without referencing the Amp's original tone-were too many unequal factors that added up to an unfair comparison.

    Its so surprising Jarrod doesn't Refine too, because his Profiles come out sounding Killer! Lol

    I start auditioning all Tone Junkie profiles by first turnong OFF the compessor stomp and delays ? they completely drown out the profile. I also can’t understand why Jonathan feels the need to stick a compressor in front of a heavily driven high gain amp like Mesa Triple Crown or Single Rec. Those are some seriously compressed sounds to start with.

    I just recently checked out the Triple Crown and Mark V Tone Junkie Profiles (Flash sale made each pack $2!). I was extremely surprised to see the that not only the compression in the Amp section of each profile was turned up, but there was also a Compressor added in front of the Profile too! Hahaha I was like, "what the hell??! Who on earth ever needs this much compression on anything-EVER??!! Hahahaha ??" I had such a good laugh because it was so over the top and ridiculous! Lol

    I think the Tone Junkie guys might not be very familiar with high gain tones in the first place. They seem to go about setting up high gain rigs the same as they set up lower gain stuff. It takes some work to get any Tone Junkie Profiles to sound "modern" or "high gain" at all. Which is unfortunate because they make some amazing lower gain and mid gain stuff. It'd be sick if they were at that level with higher gain stuff too!

    But yeah, I typically completely turn Compression in the Amp and disable any Compressors in the Rig when I'm working with anything above a mid-gain Profile. One a certain amount of Gain is there, you're squashing something that's already squashed and that sound usually doesn't work for many situations :)

    You'd made a capture of a cab powered by an arbitrary random neutral sounding amp.

    Sounds odd to me and VERY far from accurate.

    Amps and cabs always belong to each other.

    You just described it so simply and my dumba** needed a paragraph to explain it lolol:D:D:D

    Didn't mean to cause offence. What I mean is, is there any manual or link you can direct me to which has this info? You mentioned TGP, no longer a member there haha

    I'd just be surprised if the QC's full rig captures did not allow you to separate the cab from the amp. That would seem like a step down from the Kemper's amp+cab modus operandi.

    Was trawling the 900-page thread on TGP, and someone said you could also capture just the cab. How does that work?

    No worries, no offense taken my friend :)

    I didn't mean to give off a defensive vibe or anything like that. I meant no offense on my part either and I'm sorry if it seemed that way. That definitely wasn't/isn't my intention.

    I was just trying to explain because I felt like there was some miscommunication. We seemed to be mostly on the same page before that so I was just confused lol but now I totally get what you mean. Part of why I've been so vocal about that drawback is because it seems like such a step down from the Kempers capabilities, like you mentioned. I think we're thinking the same thing lol and you know what they say about great minds thinking alike ;)

    I read about the QC's full rig Capture limitations from one of Dougs posts but I heard the QC's manual is up online. I'll definitely look around online for some more solid info for you. I too, get really into researching as well so I totally understand the want for more information. I'm the same way haha!

    And regarding the Cab Captures, I think the way to do it would be basically like Capturing a full Amp+Cab Capture with a few differences. So you would mic up the Cab you want in the way you'd shoot your IR, and then you'd use a totally clean and flat power amp or a PA or something like that which doesn't add coloration as the amp, and then you'd take the Capture of that. And then theoretically, you can stack it with an Amp Capture like an IR. But I'm not sure how well it works because I don't think anyone has tried it. It's like the preamp Captures and power amp Captures, and at this point they're more ideas of what the QC might be able to do but it hasn't been tested yet. I'm not sure what I think of it. But I can see Cab Captures stacked with Amp Captures being boomy in the low end (just like when you use 2 IR's on top of each other and it gets really boomy and dark sounding lol) based on two interactions from two power amps being stacked on each other. But, for all I know it could work out pretty well lol

    Just seems like conjecture at this point. I can't imagine the QC being unable to swap out an IR.

    On stacking Captures: Might be handy if you can capture a pedal and then stack it, but we'll have to wait and see if the system works as advertised.

    No conjecture from me when giving you info you asked for, my friend.

    I think you might be mistaken, or misunderstanding lol. No one is saying you can't use different IRs with the QC.

    In a full rig Amp+Cab Capture (which is the equivalent of a Studio Profile) there is not a way to disable or mute the Cab to allow using other IRs with that Capture. In a full rig Amp+Cab Capture, the Cab has been mic'd up so there's no IR involved.

    It isn't like throwing an IR on Profile or DI Capture. I think you're thinking it's like that, and you think I'm saying you can't just swap the IR with any kinds of Captures. Definitely not what I mean brother haha.

    Full rig Captures have a mic'd up Cab in them and the QC currently has no way to separate an Amp+Cab within a Capture and no way to mute the Cab in full rig Captures. The QC doesn't even have a way to tell what part of the Capture is the Cab so a full rig Capture is stuck with the mic'd up Cab sound from when it was made.

    If you're working with just DI Amp Captures (no Cabinet, equal to a DI Profile) then you can use different IRs with it.

    With Kemper Profiles, an algorithm called CabDriver figures out where the Amp ends and Cab begins in a Profile and it allows you to turn off the Cab for any type of Profile so you can use different IRs or Cab presets.

    That Cab flexibility is limited to Amp Captures. That's my only point lol. You asked about the difference between Profiles and Captures and what about the QCs limitations were being discussed and I'm just explaining haha. No conjecture on my part regarding anything I've said about Captures. These are things Doug Castro has literally said on TGP and I'm just passing on the info after you asked lol:)

    I don't see the difference though. Both devices can do direct profiles. And the cab can be added or switched on each? So why is this being typed as some revolutionary feature?

    The only difference is that with the KPA, you can swap the cabs no matter what kind of Profile, versus with the QC it has to be a DI Capture.

    It's definitely not a new feature or anything and I think the point of my post might have been missed lol. I was trying to point out with the all kinds of Profiles you can swap the Cab but you can only swap the Cab in certain kinds of Captures. The only new feature the QC has is the ability to stack Captures. And then I've also heard people talk about Capturing each individual part of an amp to stack Captures in crazy ways but that's a really rare use-case that I don't see being a common thing.