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    You mean people from Kemper?

    IIRC, the only mention to this has been made by CK at a question time (available online) after reverbs had been released.

    As GJ wrote, they might be the next big thing :)

    Nope, didn't mean people from Kemper. I was referring to people I'd see on forums saying Kemper was working on new ODs and different stomps. Most of them were just people on the different forums (not just Kemper Forum) saying stuff they'd heard, or seen posted on another forum. Stuff like that. I just recall seeing that comment being made by people in general and I was just pointing that out.

    By "for years now" part was because on one forum I was referring to, was from late 2016/early 2017. I was just commenting on what I've seen and it's all just hearsay anyways lol.

    I didn't mean any harm or disrespect and I'm sorry for any confusion caused by my phraseology. I could have definitely worded what I meant better! 8o sorry about that lol.

    I have been told for a few years that they are working on new drive and fuzz pedals.

    I really hope that we don't wait too much longer.

    It would be great to see a few released for Summer Namm.

    Before posting this thread, I actually looked for other threads on this forum and a few others regarding the ODs in the Kemper. I realized that people have been saying that they were working on new Overdrives and Fuzz pedals for the Kemper, for quite a few years now.

    The only reason I felt it was okay to post a new thread about it was because the threads I had seen were older and I thought maybe if Kemper saw that more people were in support of new ODs, and that it's still a relevant request, then maybe we'd get some reassurance that it is actually in progress and that there's a plan for releasing more in future updates. A lot of other Kemper users on this forum are supportive of it from what it seems, and we're all really hoping to see some more Overdrive stomps soon.

    I'm with you man, I hope the wait isn't too long lol. We feel your pain brother!

    (My support for more ODs hasn't hindered my love for my Kemper or anything like that, just to show some balance in the perspective lol)

    Hi Everyone,

    Not quite sure how to start this one so I guess i'll get right into it.

    Basically, I kept on seeing the "merge" function in the cab section and I didn't know what it was, so I did some research and looked into it, and found a lot of really conflicting info lol.

    From what i've gathered, it's supposed to only be used for when people are making a Merged profile from a Studio and DI profile, and people were pretty adamant about people not using the "merge" function unless you are the Profiler.

    It has actually taken me 2 weeks of research and some experimentation, before posting on here about this. People were really extreme about it whenever anyone asked about it in the past on this forum when people had similar experiences to me and it's confusing and discouraging and i'm not sure if all the info has been explained properly. And there's a few reasons for this.

    Here's what i've found :

    If you take a studio profile and swap to a cab from a different studio profile, and then try to use that same cab section or cab preset on the DI profile from that same studio profile, the only way you can get the same result is by using the "merge" cab function.

    I kept seeing people say only to use "merge" in the cab section if you're the person making the studio and DI profile.

    But i've found that if you're swapping cabs with DI profiles, the only way to get the same result as when swapping the cabs on the DI equivalent of the Studio profile is to "merge" the cab in the cab section of the DI (now Merged) Profile.

    So for example -

    If I were to do a studio profile of my rig, and then take a DI profile and make a Merged Profile from it, and then swap the cabs on both profiles to a different cab preset (using the same cab preset that's saved from a totally different Studio Profile for both), and didn't hit "merge" on the Merged profile when I switched the cab (like the majority of people replying to previous threads were saying to NOT do, because it seems like they were all meaning that you're only supposed to hit "merge" if its the cab from the original Studio profile), then the Merged Profile would sound different from the Studio Profile with the new cab swapped.

    But if i do the same process again, and hit "merge" when switching to the different cab or cab preset, the profiles sound exactly the same.

    I tried this process with Studio, DI, and Merged Profiles that I made, Profiles from 3rd Party Profile Makers, Profiles on the Rig Exchange that had Studio and DI versions of the same Profiles, etc.

    I put weeks into this because everything I was reading was saying not to "merge" cabs with DI or Merged Profiles unless its the original cab from the Studio profile. And after testing out swapping cabs for weeks now, that just doesn't seem right for some reason. The only difference between the Studio and Merged Profiles when you swap cabs and don't "merge" the cab with the DI Profile, is that it sounds like the Studio Profile with the cab swapped but with way less depth and richness and less clarity. If you don't "merge" the cabs when the option pops up in the cab section of a Merged or DI profile, it just sounds thinner and wiry and scratchy compared to when you "merge" the cab or compared to that same Studio Profile with that same cab swapped.

    I guess what i'm getting at is, in order to get the same results as swapping cabs on a Studio Profile, you HAVE to use the "merge" function. Otherwise you get a less rich and thinner sounding profile tone. But from what i've read on this forum so far, is that i'm not supposed to do that.

    But i've spent the last two weeks taking different Studio and DI profiles and Merged Profiles and swapping cab presets saved from different Merged and Studio Profiles and comparing them. The only way to get results as if you're just swapping cabs normally on a Studio Profile, you NEED to hit "merge".

    I know that the "merge" function is supposed to basically initiate CabDriver in the profile and merge the amp and cab section in order to find an estimation of where they seperate. So maybe it makes sense that in order to get the same results for Merged and DI Profiles as switching cabs in Studio Profiles, where CabDriver is basically engaged automatically in every profile, you would need to "merge" the cab in order to initiate CabDriver just like its initiated in Studio Profiles. Idk but, it's just a thought.

    So when i've tried to IR's or cab presets that were saved from Merged Profiles instead of Studio Profiles, there's no "merge" option. So using the same IR on both a Studio and Merged profile made from that studio profile, will sound different and a lot thinner for some reason.

    So because of that, I've found that I get much better results using IR's on Studio profiles. And i've found that I get much better results when Merging the cab from a Studio Profile with a Merged Profile or a DI Profile.

    Disclaimer :

    I know that my findings are probably the opposite of what you're supposed to do but, because it seems so drastically different than how i've seen it explained, I felt it necessary to post and share my findings. I'm not looking to ruffle any feathers or get scolded. I'm just sharing my findings with the community, in hopes it helps others get to the tones they want faster.

    Also, when I say DI Profile, i'm referring to a Direct Amp Profile and not a Direct Preamp Profile and I know there's a difference. (Sorry guys, I'm not trying to sound snobby lol. Just putting the info out there). Merged Profiles and DI and Direct Preamp and Studio Profiles are all different.

    I know that the cabs in Studio Profiles have some coloring from the amps in the profiles. I'm not worried about authenticity in this situation. Just trying to figure out why there's so much confusion regarding this "merge" function. And maybe it's been misunderstood this whole time and if people take a 2nd looks and do some experimenting they'll understand that it isn't a bad thing lol.

    I hope i'm not offending anyone, and I know that this is a touchy subject on this forum. But I felt like after finding so much evidence that using the "merge" function was actually seemingly the way to get better sounding results (or at least better sounding in my opinion), contrary to what I had been reading, it's only right to speak up and say something.

    Hopefully when someone else gets their Kemper and is curious about the "merge" function, they see this and won't feel discouraged or anything because it actually is the way to get the same results as if you were swapping cabs with Studio Profiles.

    I definitely don't know everything. And I could definitely be wrong. But these are just the things I've realized through trial and error and experimentation. And it's my opinion and my perspective on the situation and I just wanted to share.

    Thanks for reading,

    Sean C.

    From what I've seen regarding the footswitch, it can be used as an extension of the Profiler Controller, or as an extra few footswitches on a Kemper Profiler Stage. Basically can be used to turn on and off stomps, turn on and off different parameters, and to go up and down performance banks and stuff like that.

    Not 100% sure about the specifics though. Some more research into how it can be used might be beneficial. But if you're looking for some way to add more footswitches to your Controller or Profiler Stage, this seems like the way to do it.

    I believe it connects with a TS or TRS cable to the Profiler or Profiler Stage. I'd check online for a manual though, to be sure.

    Best of luck!

    Yeah, it's been a while but a lot of other stuff's been worked on in the meantime, Sean. My guess is that it's been an ongoing "sideline" project where time has been allotted to it where possible.

    The fact that we were told something's in-the-works is good-enough for me 'though; it means it will happen, hence my statement to that effect. ;)

    I hope so! I always trust your judgment and if you're feeling confident about it, that's good enough for me too! Lol

    Thanks for always being the voice of reason Monkey_Man

    As Nicky said, Kemper have confirmed they will inplement new effects including OD in future but we don’t know when.

    personally, i don’t think CK will release a large list of pedal models like Blues Breaker, Klon, Morning Glory, OCD etc. It just isn’t the Kemper style. I think her is likely to identify a few key OD circuits and styles and create a generic model for each of them. Say 5 or 6 categories then create massively wide ranging control of each of these models to fine tune them into any effect you want. That way they won’t be stuck with the “which flavour of Bluesbraker do you want” as Ruefus mentioned. This approach would also be consistent with the way Kemper have approached the Delays, Reverbs, Wahs etc in the past and has proven to be a very successful way of doing things.

    I like this concept a lot and would much prefer this sort of approach rather than a few super specific overdrive stomp models.

    I'm hoping they release at least a few different legendary and landmark OD circuits that can be tweaked a lot to cover a large variety of tones. Definitely the best approach. :thumbup:

    removed CAPS LOCK

    No problem. I didn't know Caps Lock was a problem in the context of a thread title. My apologies

    No offense meant or anything^^

    I changed it from All Caps to a more professionally Capitalized Title. I felt the title being demoted to no caps and all lowercase made it not seem like a title lol. No offense meant there either!

    Kemper has been working on it and new / updated drive stomps will be available in a future update.

    How far off this will be, I can't say, but if I had to guess I reckon it won't be long now. The Release version of Rig Manager and Kone & Kabinet support need to be rolled out first you'd think 'cause they're in-the-mix currently.

    I definitely understand that the things that Kemper has in the works have to be released first. Things such as the Rig Editor and Kemper Kone. And like another user said, there's other effects that are supposed to be released first. So in my opinion, it didn't seem like any Overdrives were going to be something focused on in the fiture. So I figured I'd drop a "feature request".

    No harm, no foul lol.

    With that being said, Kemper could be planning on releasing more Overdrives in future updates for all I know lol but I have no idea. I've heard in the past that Kemper was working on more OD Stomps but it's been a long time since I've heard any updates on anything Overdrive related. I personally would love to see more variety in that area, that's all. I just hope it happens at some point in the next few updates.

    I love my Kemper Profiler Stage and it's the best gear purchase I've ever made. I rave about it every chance I get because I honestly think it's the best technology available for an alternative to playing Tube Amps in this day and age. But it could use some more ODs and effects, that's all :)

    I love my Kemper Stage unit and since getting my kemper, I've completely embraced Kemper and have incorporated my Kemper Profiler Stage into all of my recording and live setups.

    Profiles are amazing when you find a good one and feel better than any amp modeler I've tried! (and I've tried most of them before switching to Kemper)

    The effects are great and I really can't complain. They hold up against Strymon and other really highly regarded effects pedals imo.

    But the one thing that I continuously feel is lacking, is the OVERDRIVES.

    I love the Green Scream as much as anyone else and it's a great all around Overdrive Pedal but, it would be great to have some more variety. I know there are others in the Kemper and I do use some of the others when I find a place for them but having even just a few options like a Klon, An OCD, a horizon devices Precision Drive-like pedal option (an OD that's meant to tighten up your tone and add attack and saturation, would be amazing!

    What does everyone else think? ^^

    Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I really appreciate it.

    It was a pretty sparse topic on the forum so I figured I'd start a new thread.

    I really like the guitar tones for Periphery and heavy bands kind of like that. But I don't think I'm looking for anything too specific like a specific guitarist or anything like that. I've triee a few times in the past and realized I like to build on tones that I heard from another band or artist and really liked.

    I'm definitely going to look into all the recommendations you guys made! Thanks for your input ^^

    I'll post an update after checking some of them out!

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering what profiles or profile packs people recommend for playing Progressive Metal and Djent??

    I already found a great BE100 profile pack for Progressive Metal and Djent but, i'm curious what profiles or profile packs other people in the Kemper-verse are using for heavier genres of music like Prog Metal, Djent, etc.

    Let me know what profiles or profile packs are your favorites, and what you guys recommend!

    -Sean C-

    Hi everyone!

    I recently got the MattFig BE100 V1 Profile Pack and I must say,

    I am truly impressed and I have been pretty picky about profiles since getting my Kemper Stage. I've been searching and searching for a great Friedman BE/HBE 100 profile for a while now, and have tried out some good ones, but nothing was giving me that, "this is what I've been looking for. My search is over" feeling. Many profiles I tried were good, but nothing blew me away until I tried out Matt Fig's BE100 Profile Pack!

    The High-Gain profiles were mostly what I was looking for because I mostly play progressive metal, hard rock, and heavier styles of music. But I was really surprised that I ended up loving the Mid-Gain and Low-Gain profiles too!

    The High-Gain profiles are super rich and full sounding. The different High-Gain profiles are each dialed in to be a little different from each other, to allow for really versatile tone-shaping. And although the gain is up pretty high, you get really great clarity and definition of each note. The profiles are fat sounding, and chewy, and rich, and aggressive. I ended up only adding a bit of presence to some of the profiles (I like bright and cutting tones.) and that was it! Other than that they were everything I was looking for! There are even HBE profiles too! (Which are my personal favorites of the pack at the moment)

    The Mid-Gain profiles are all extremely versatile too! They're extremely dynamic and expressive, and sound amazing. I didn't plan on using them much but I jam on a Mid-Gain profile daily now, because the Mid-Gain profiles are THAT good.

    The Low-Gain profiles were a really pleasant surprise as well. For a clean tone, I wouldn't normally go to a BE100 first, but this pack changed that for sure! The last 2 clean-ish guitar parts I recorded, were recorded using one of the Low-Gain BE100 profiles from the pack, and they came out sounding chimey, and glassy, and rich. I'm really into the BE100 LG Plexi Fat profile at the moment. And the fact that there are all these different tones dialed in on different profiles, makes this profile pack worth a lot more than it's going for!

    And if you're into swapping different Kemper Cabs, you'll get some amazing results too!

    As for the DI profiles, they are also really awesome sounding. I tried them out through my Diamond 4x12 Custom Cab w/ 2 V30's & 2 G12H speakers and they sound KILLER!

    I really can't say enough good things about this profile pack. The profiles are great sounding in a mix, and sound especially amazing when playing guitar live or jamming (I tested through a Headrush 112 FRFR, and through a 4x12 cab), which isn't always the case when a profile sounds especially good in a mix. So you get the best of both worlds when you get this pack. The MattFig BE100 V1 Profile pack is really great, extremely versatile, and is everything you could want and need from a profile pack. The BE100 tone is captured to the tee, and the different profiles are all dialed really well. If you're looking for a Friedman BE/HBE 100 profile pack, I HIGHLY recommend getting the MattFig BE100 V1 Profile Pack. It has so much versatility, so you can get any tone you're looking for with ease. The profiles in the pack are really high quality and sound awesome, and you definitely WILL NOT BE disappointed!

    Check out Matt Fig Kemper Profiles at

    -Sean C

    Every time I try to save from RM, the option grays as if it saved, but it never does lol. I've seen some other posts from other users having a similar problem.

    Saving the changes made on the editor, via the Store button on the Stage, the save functions work properly.

    So far I've only been able to test this with Performances in Performance mode. I'm going to test it out with Rigs while in Browse mode and hopefully I'll have better luck!


    Guys, I want you all to raise a glass tonight to Timo, Arne, Oskar, Georg and Jan. Without them, Rig Manager 3 wouldn't finally be here.

    Best, GS

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. We all appreciate it and know it took a lot of work from all of you to make this happen for the Kemper Community. It'll be a HUGE upgrade to workflow for a lot of us.

    Much respect 8)

    And again, thanks a bunch!

    Again, honoured to have been able to help, Sean, and FWIMBW, reading your "new take" on Pure Cab™ gives me the impression that you've got a solid handle on it now, probably more so than we "average" Kemperites. :pinch:

    You've definitely been a HUGE help! ^^

    Thanks for your wisdom and kindness , it's much appreciated!

    It's been a pleasure getting your experience and take on Pure Cabinet and it's totally increased my overall understanding of it, and given me some insight I definitely didn't have before! Thanks for letting me pick your brain lol8o

    I'm allergic to phase cancellation in the higher frequencies, so I use it to minimise this where needed.

    This is its intended use, so Sean, most of your questions, including the recording-related one, are answered by this "basic" understanding. Phase cancellation in the HF area is often perceived as harshness, as you put it (aptly IMHO), so this would explain your observations about its smoothing of said frequencies.

    Often metal engineers employ mic'ing techniques that encourage a harsh edge (caused by phase cancellation brought about by off-axis mic'ing), particularly to the attack portion of sounds used for rhythm parts, 'cause this allows the tones to poke through mixes more-easily, and this, IMHO, explains why we hear more metal guys saying that they seldom, if ever, use it.

    Thanks for your explanation! That was a HUGE help towards getting a solid idea of what Pure Cabinet does, and how/why people use it.8)

    I hadn't taken into consideration, that phase cancellation might be intentional and might be part of the sound intended for a specific profile. And now that I've heard it explained as you just did, It makes so much more sense why I haven't been hearing about many people using it on high gain profiles, especially for recording.

    I wonder, in instances where phase cancellation is intentional for a studio profile, if those profiles would benefit from Pure Cabinet in a live setting. Because the tone was used to cut through a mix in the studio, but it might sound smoother and more "alive" in a way with Pure Cab being used at a low setting. And by that I mean, in my opinion, profiles that sound a little harsh can sometimes sound more rich and alive in a way with Pure Cabinet, if it isn't being used at a high setting. I'm sure others won't feel the same, because we all have different preferences and opinions. But in my opinion, Pure Cab can make a profile sound a little more alive and rich at a low setting. But on the other hand, it starts to smooth out some of the frequencies that some people might say make each profile unique.

    Although, I must say, I experimented with my 5 favorite profiles right now, and tried each back to back, and then again back to back after setting Pure Cabinet to .3 on each rig, and the profiles still sounded REALLY DIFFERENT in comparison to each other even with Pure Cabinet ON. I think when some people are saying that they think Pure Cabinet makes profiles sound the same, that the Pure Cabinet setting they're using for their profiles might either be a high setting, or at least the stock 3.0 global Pure Cabinet setting, and when I use it, i'm only ever using it at .6 or lower.

    What range do you typically dial in Pure Cabinet around?

    And again, Thanks for your explanation !

    I still have to take a listen and try this. I always thought this was more for if you were running into a power amp and traditional cab but my assumption here was probably wrong.

    I'm not sure if Pure Cabinet affects your tone if your Cab if disabled and you're running your Kemper through a power amp and traditional cab. But I'm not totally sure to be honest lol.

    I was under the impression that it was a parameter meant to smooth out harsh high end frequencies that are often associated with mic'd up cabs. Almost like it's supposed to take out whatever harshness is caused by the mic used for the profile to give a more "in the room" type of sound. But that's just what I've always thought from what I've read and my experience with it.

    Do you use it for recording? I'm trying to figure out the general consensus on using it for recording. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it for Live use, and I can totally see how live you would want a more amp in the room sound and feel. But for recording, I'm wondering if people are leaving it off and dialing out harshness is post processing? Or if people are using it to get the effect of it for recorded guitar tones too?

    I dont use it.

    But I can see where it can be a benefit but I always urge everyone to try new profiles with it OFF so you know what the actual profile sounds like then turn it on to see if it helps for your situation.

    Edit: I always wonder when someone says most profiles sound similar if it's due to this being active.

    I completely agree with this. Everyone should definitely try their profiles with Pure Cabinet OFF in the "Output" section (without it off here, it will still be activated, even at 0 in the "Cab" section.).

    I always try this first and then experiment with low levels of it. I have it OFF in the "Output" section and set it individually per rig in the "Cab" section.

    In my opinion, it smooths out some of the harshness at low settings, but at higher settings can start to add some high frequencies in not too fond of on most high gain profiles.

    My main question I guess would be, what people think of using it for recording? And how can it benefit your tones while recording?

    And by low settings of Pure Cabinet I mean usually less than 1 (I seem to prefer it at .3 - .5), and that's if I end up using it at all. It's about half and half for high gain profiles.

    Great bag for sure, but basically it's a Line 6's Helix ripoff :D

    Yes true, but with a bigger pockets and a bigger top pocket size, as well as a bigger size bag overall lol. But yeah, basically. The L6 bag would also be a good option but wouldn't have as much space and I doubt would fit 1 to 2 Expression pedals with the Stage in the big main compartment like the Headrush bag because the Helix unit is smaller. But, either would work for Stage and would be a great option.