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    halipino Another suggestion that might help with any harshness in profiles, is to experiment with the "Pure Cabinet" parameter. At 0, it's turned off and that's where I prefer it for high gain sounds personally. But many users on the forum use it to smooth out the high end fizz that's usually caused by mic placement and how it affects the sound. I think with the stock setting, it comes at 3.5 or something and it's on globally and you can change it from rig to rig I think.

    I'm not sure if this will help or not but, it's definitely a parameter that's worth experimenting with and understanding because it's a powerful tool and unique feature that some Kemper users swear by and have on every profile.

    HTH :)

    I highly recommend experimenting!

    I found a bunch of info against using the merge cabinet feature if I wasn't the one who made the original profile but, I actually found in certain cases I've gotten great results by trying it when possible. If it sounds good, go with it.

    You always can save whatever you've changed in a profile as a new profile. So instead of overwriting the original profile, it saves as a new one :) just make sure to hit "save as" after hitting the "Store" soft button :thumbup:

    To quote a famous Australian saying, "Yeah, nah." (Yes I hear what you're saying, no I don't agree with you).

    I think we should give Kemper a bit of credit, that gain knob does work exceptionally well in both directions, different rigs may respond better than others though. Tweak it to your heart's content, what's the worst that can happen? (Aside from eternal damnation or going blind).

    Sometimes, your sound just need that extra push over the cliff, and where else are you gonna go?

    I also think people don't give the Kemper much credit in that department. I think its very underestimated. In my experience, the gain knob has been pretty accurate sounding even when turned up.

    I think most people's negative experiences with turning the gain up are from trying to crank the gain a lot, or from trying to turn up the gain in a profile that was closer to clean to begin with. In my opinion, as long as the profile you're starting with has some of gain to begin with,you can usually get good results turning the gain up a bit(as long as you don't go too crazy and add a bunch of gain to a really low gain profile lol)

    Obviously, a super low gain profile will sound weird if someone's trying to get searing high gain sounds out of it lol ^^ But in moderation, usually turning the gain up has gotten me some good results.

    (Keep in mind, I don't turn the the gain up more than 3 or 4 past where it was at originally on the gain knob)

    But it's true that some profiles respond better to turning the gain up than others!

    Thanks a lot!!

    That's just weird cause as far as i understand, the profile is being captured with a certain cab - so how can we change it?

    Its pretty cool how it works. Check out the manual and look for the section "Working with Amplifier Profiles, Cabinet Profiles, Power Amps, and Guitar Cabs" and the first section ("Cab Driver") explains how the amp and cab is separated in profiles :)

    But basically, there's something called CabDriver that separates the amp and cab in a Studio Profile. It basically guesses where the amp ends and cab begins and separates them so you can swap the cab sections of profiles. With Merged Profiles, the way that they're made basically makes the Amp and Cab section separated really accurately so, Cabs saved as presets from Merged profiles will be the most accurate representation of that cab and mic setup. But, using the cabs from Studio profiles sound really good and the Kempers' CabDriver algorithm seems to guess where to separate the Amp and Cab sections pretty well in my experience.

    I'm not 100% how all of it works but, hopefully some of my explanation made sense lol! :D

    I'd definitely recommend checking out the manual for some info on "CabDriver". And there's a lot of really good info in the manual too!:)

    Great thank you for your answer man.

    That might be a stupid question but can you change the cab only for direct profiles?

    Not a dumb question at all :) all questions are welcomed! We all start somewhere and I was wondering the same thing at some point when I got my Kemper lol ^^

    You can change the cab section for any profile. To save a cab from a profile, select the cab section, then hit save and save it as a preset. Then when you want to use it with a profile, just select the cab of that profile, then use the dial to find it in presets and select it. Super easy once you do it a few times ;)

    Hopefully I explained it okay enough lol

    Feel free to lmk if you have any other questions

    Some people will advise you to not tweak profiles at all. That method definitely works for some and might work for you. You just gotta find what works for you

    For me personally, I've gotten the best results by tweaking profiles. If I were you, I'd try tweaking the Definition, then Presence and Treble, then Mids and Bass. I'll occasionally tweak some other parameters but those are the main parameters I'll always need to tweak. And if tweaking those parameters didn't work out, try swapping the cab to a different cab section. Try saving a few cabs as presets, from a few profiles you really like the overall sound of. And then try swapping the cab section and see what happens:)

    Honestly, in my opinion, the cab section you use will make the biggest impact on your tone. The Cab is underestimated and in my opinion shapes a huge part of your tone. So try experimenting with that a little bit and see if you can get good results.

    One important thing I would suggest is to only tweak profiles that are at least close to the tone you're after, or profiles that you really like something specific about (gain structure, response, feel, etc). I've wasted a lot of time trying to dial in a profile I thought was only okay, just seeing if I could get the tone I wanted out of it. And most of the time I can but, it'll take more tweaking than was worth it. Most of the time I'll get the best tones when the profile doesn't need so much tweaking. Sometimes I won't even need to tweak it and just changing the cab section makes all the difference.

    So the people in the forum saying to not spend too much time tweaking a profile and to not waste time on profiles you aren't vibing with, definitely have a solid point and it's very valuable advice ^^ It'll save you TONS of time lol!

    But at the same time, the Kemper has a very powerful EQ and powerful parameters in the amp section that can shape the sound. It can be empowering to learn how to use them to your advantage :)

    Different things work for different people. You'll find what works for you ^^ Especially with all the advice and knowledge the others in this forum share with each other! And you'll have some great advice to go off of at least ;)

    Hi KRoll86 , I was having a similar issues with IRs I exported from GGD Zilla Studio Cabs as well.

    I haven't any compatibility issues so far because if I remember correctly, you can choose the bit depth and settings for the exported IRs. If you're still having compatibility issues, I'd look into how to set the IRs to export it 44kHz, 24 bit.

    And for converting them to be able to use in the Kemper, I believe in Rig Manager you can just drag the .wav files into your "presets" folder and they'll automatically convert to be used in the Kemper. I don't think you need the CabMaker software anymore but, I'm not 100% sure and I'll look into that for you. I'll post an update when I find out for sure for you :)

    As for the GGD Zills Cabs IRs being too quiet when exported, I'm honestly not sure how to fix it when exporting or from the GGD plugin unfortunately. I don't have this problem with any IRs from any other IR makers in my Kemper. So I don't think that the way Kemper converts the IRs is a problem. I've been using a plugin called Mikko to basically make my own IRs, and the IRs I export from that program are the same volume as all other IRs in my Kemper and on my computer. For some reason I think that GGD Zilla Studio Cabs exports the IRs a few dB lower than usual or something. I've tried cranking the input, output, and different faders in GGD Zilla before exporting and it makes no difference. I emailed GGD a few times and haven't gotten a response in months so I gave up lol. The way I worked around it was just turning up the Rig Volume parameter for whichever profiles I was using GGD Zilla IRs with. Rig Volume is in the Rig section and I use it to even out the volumes of different profiles. That seemed to be the only work around I could find, sorry.

    Hope this helps!

    bobbyodell sorry to hear it was a rough start but, I'm glad to hear you got it worked out and got your Kemper reformatted.

    There are tons of great stock profiles and just like GuyJames said, the free MBritt and ToneJunkie profiles are a great place to start and they cover a lot of ground. If you're into anything heavier and are looking for some high gain or metal/hard rock profiles I'd suggest checking out the free SinMix profiles. Also, the Guido Bungenstock and Lars Luettge rig packs that are in Rig Manager are really great too and have some awesome high gain profiles.

    Congrats on getting your Kemper!

    And welcome to the Kemper Community :)

    the current right click system works well for that as it give the option to return to saved value or default value rather than just one which double clicking would give.

    I really like the options that right clicking gives you as well. Super nice feature and being able to switch between the saved value and default value (0), gives the ability to see how changing between 2 values instantly for a certain parameter will affect the tone :)

    Such a great feature yet, such a simple feature. It's the little things that improve workflow that I've grown to appreciate ^^

    I noticed this on my Editor too. It's also like that with the High Cut on my Editor too. It's super weird lol.

    I'm going to submit a ticket so the Kemper team knows about the bug. Hopefully it'll be an easy fix and can be included in the next update. I use the Editor mainly now and having to go to the Stage unit just to dial in the High Cut and Low Cut when I'm at my desk with a guitar in my lap is kind of inconvenient lol.

    But, the Kemper Team is usually pretty good at fixing the small stuff. Hopefully it's a quick fix ^^

    It's awesome you're enjoying your Kemper Stage, and I think you made a great purchase and investment!

    The Kemper Community is awesome!

    The Kemper Team are always improving the Kemper and its software so, be prepared for years and years of support and new features for your Kemper Stage ^^

    And the Kemper just sounds straight up awesome and is such a great piece of gear.

    Congrats on getting your Kemper Stage,

    & Welcome to the Kemper Community :)

    If you really like getting into the tall grass and spending hours sculpting your tones, you can pick a good basic profile that gets you most of the way there and then tweak to your heart's content. However, unlike the amp modeling approach that Fractal and Line 6 employ, you don't have to. That was a big selling point for me.

    Anyway, hope this is useful. People often assume that all amp modeling products are the same at heart, but the Kemper is its own thing. I think that's why it's done so well.

    This is something I LOVE about the Kemper, and its something I try to explain to people. Many extremely uninformed people believe profiles are stuck where they're at sonically because they're basically a snapshot of a tone. But that's just not true at all. With the Kemper, there's actually a lot of tweak-ability so you can change the way a profile sounds.

    The major distinction between the typical modelers approach and Kempers approach is that although you can tweak the profiles and have a lot of flexibility, you don't have to in order to get a great tone. You can get a great tone fast and because profiles are dialed in already. But if you want to basically build a tone from sceatch, you can do that too by using a profile and tweaking it and changing the cab and you can basically take the same approach as you would with a modeler and get great results that way too.

    The Kemper is such an awesome unit because it's capable of plug and play for the people that don't want to mess with tweaking much, and it's also capable of tweaking the profiles quite a lot so you can get almost any tone you want. And it truly sets the Kemper aside from the competition and imo gives it a big advantage. It's definitely part of why it's done so well, like you said ^^

    The issue for me is that they are not predictable, so for me its another variable to play with and get bogged down with.

    In other words, you find a profile you quite like, you start changing IR's ( fairly randomly as you don't know the effect they will have) to get more different ( not necessarily better) sounds. I then look back and think I've just lost 2 hours and not got any further.

    So I agree with the above, try a profile and if you can;t get it how you want via e.q. etc. within 5 mins, move on...personally I avoid IR's now..

    Yeah that's my gripe with using traditional IRs as well.

    The solution that works for me, that I've been talking about, isn't the same as using traditional IRs. So it isn't like trying out countless files lol.

    If I'm not happy with the cab in a profile but really like the gain structure and response of the profiles amp, I'll pull up a plugin called Mikko and I'll basically dial in and make an IR for the profile. Because of how the UI is, it saves me tons of time. And having control over the way the cab is mic'd up has gotten me better results than I've ever gotten when using IRs and is way faster than auditioning hundreds of IRs lol.

    And honestly, for me there have been times when trying to find a new profile has been just as daunting and time consuming as going through a bunch of IRs. I guess it depends on your methods and workflow though. To each his own, right? Haha

    My previous thread was deleted because I capitalized the title. People are very sensitive these days. :thumbdown:

    I've had a threads title changed to all lowercase because I used all caps as well, so I feel your frustration lol.

    All caps being frowned upon so much is a mystery to me too, my friend lol. But truth be told, I see mods and other users using all caps in posts all the time so, I think it's more frowned upon when it comes to titles of threads. It's natural to want to emphasize things when communicating this way with others. That's just my opinion though.

    Whats funny about this is that my threads title that was changed to all lowercase, was also a thread about more overdrives in the Kemper hahaha :D

    More overdrives has been a request that a lot of users support. I know I'd personally love some more OD options. I've heard on the forum that there are some more ODs possibly in the works right now and might be released in a future update ;)

    If there's one thing the Kemper teams great at, it's listening to users' requests and continuously improving the Kemper. I have a good feeling about more ODs possibly coming at some point in the nest future :)

    The cool thing about the cabs that get used in pre-made kemper amp profiles, is that often they are cabs or speakers I have no idea about. Which is cool. I feel like instead of going down the IR rabbit hole, it'd be better to just change a profile if I dont like it lol

    Yeah I typically like most of the cab sections in profiles.

    And yeah, going down the IR rabbit hole is time consuming and expensive lol. Instead of auditioning a bunch of IRs to find the right one, I just dial one in and it's like virtually mic'ing the cab up yourself and then shooting IR that way. So it's easier than going through hundreds of IR wav files for me personally lol and its easier than finding another profile. Because I usually dial in an IR for profiles that I really like the feel and response and gain structure of, and I only go through the trouble if I find myself wishing I could tweak the way the cab was mic'd up in the Profile. So I don't need to for every profile I use.

    For me, it's an easier process and eliminated my constant looking for IRs and that rabbit hole. But it might not be for everyone.

    I just making the suggestion based on the threads title and your original post. I personally usually like most stock cabs, and when I don't I use the Mikko plugin to make IRs just for the profiles I really like, instead of going down an IR rabbit hole lol.

    Edit: I've also saved the cab sections I really loved from certain profiles, as presets. So that way I could try them with other profiles and I've gotten some really great results that way too ^^ I'd definitely recommend trying that out too if you haven't yet. Having access to really cool cabs and being able to save them as presets and then use them with the profile of your choice is an awesome thing! The Kemper is so powerful, it's ridiculous and awesome lol :D

    Do any of you use these or just use the cabs that come with the profiles you buy? Not interested in getting the Kemper Kabinet yet since I only have the stage and it's not powered.

    I usually find that I like a lot of cabs that come with profiles but almost always want to find a better cab sound that works for me.

    I use a plugin called Mikko by ML Sound Labs to create my own IRs. You get to use a bunch of different mics and can blend up 9 mics for an IR and depending on the pack you buy, you have access to a bunch of different speakers in great cabs to make your IRs. You virtually move the mics around on the speaker to get the IR you want. So basically, you're virtually shooting your own IRs using the cabs that have been captured and using the mics provided in the plugin (there's 6 different mics and you can blend a combination of 9 mics in a mix).

    For me, it changed my workflow and has eliminated the need to buy and go through thousands of IRs lol. It's given ne the ability to make IRs tailored for each profile if I'm not loving the cab section. Being able to fine tune IRs virtually and the UI being so easy to use, has been awesome.

    There's a free version but you can't export IRs unless you buy one of the Cabs in the plugin. I personally got the Essentials pack because it seemed like the best value (there's like 9 cabs in it)

    If you're not happy with the cab sections in profiles and want an alternative to trying out ridiculous amounts of IRs, I'd highly recommend it. I recommend it every time I see someone ask about IRs. Being able to make your own seems better than buying a pack and hoping you find some good ones.

    Or if you're looking for free IR packs, check out SeaCow Cab Impulses. Their IR packs are all free and they're very extensive and include a lot so if you don't wanna make your own, that's a good option too.

    I hope this helps!

    Audiopilot For some good free IRs, check out SeaCow Cab Impulses. There's a ton of totally FREE IR packs and they're pretty good imo. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for free IRs.

    On the other hand with paid IRs, I'd HIGHLY recommend a plugin/standalone program called Mikko by ML Sound Labs. You basically get to virtually create your own IRs. You can mix up to 9 mics on different cabs and you get 6 different mics to use (SM57,MD421, E906, KM184, M160, R121). You virtually move the mics around on the speaker and create your IRs that way. Wayyy better than going through thousands of files lol. I recommend the Essentials Pack which is imo the best value (you get 9 cabs to use to make your own IRs).

    Being able to make my own IRs has been awesome and it's eliminated my need to buy IR packs (unless I wanna buy another Mikko cab for access to more speakers for my IR creating 8o) over and over in hopes I'll find some IRs that work for my sound. I can literally create an IR just for a profile if I'm not loving the cab section in a profile. And it's changed my experience with the Kemper for the better. Having total control over the IR's to shape my tone is a factor that's SO HUGE and very underestimated.

    There's a free version of Mikko and you get to try out one of the cabs, but you can't export IRs. But it's a free way to try it out and see what you think.

    But if you're trying to go the other way and strictly looking for free IR packs, check out SeaCow Cab Impulses

    Hope this helps! :)

    Edit: im not affiliated with ML Sound Lab or anything like that lol, I realized re-reading my post that I sounded like an advertisement hahaha!

    Honestly I was just blown away by Mikko when I tried it so, I recommend it when it comes to IRs.

    welcome to the family 😊

    As Ingolf said, ultimately it’s your choice. For me it was about the feel, not just the great tone.
    on “ToneWars “ my friend Jarrod had 5 players (mostly metal, hard rock) I was the old classic rock guy. All but the owner of the Axfexlll picked the Kemper for tone&feel

    If you aren’t into endless tinkering, I would go with the Kemper

    Good Luck

    I love Tone Wars and really enjoyed both Kemper vs Axe FX III Fight Nights! Lol

    If people in basically a blind test not knowing which is which, almost all picked the Kemper between the two units when asked to pick which felt more like a real tube amp, then that really says something!

    Its super cool you were on an episode and I had no idea you were so active on the Kemper forum. That's so awesome!