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    Sure, I do support them.

    Meanwhile, I've received a replacement unit (last one from the display) and I'll get a new one when the next shipment arrives (hopefully in a month).

    I'm glad you're getting all the stuff sorted and that you're being taken care of in that way. That's great to hear :)

    I can totally appreciate how you continued to support your local music shop. But I also know that buying from an online retailer can have its advantages too. Either way, we're all people in the same boat, just trying to get our gear to play/make music :) and what we're doing with the gear we have, and how it improves our lives, is what matters the most.

    Sorry for the tangent. I didn't wanna give the impression that I was pushing you to buy local in my last post lol. I know it depends on the situation and, I support people just getting their gear in general. So I'm super happy that you got this all worked out and that you're getting a new and working unit ^^

    That's possible... I guess it's different if you buy it on a local store or directly from Kemper (or from countries that the stock is replaced often).

    I can see how that would make a difference in a situation like this. I got my Kemper Stage from American Musical Supply, and I pre-ordered it right after I saw that some of the stuff from the early batches had been fixed.

    But with that being said, I always encourage people to support their local music shop! I hope in this situation, you still can get a solid unit and still get to keep on supporting your local shop :)

    Good luck and I'm sure your next unit will be a great one! (any Kemper unit without any problems is great imo lol)^^

    I got my Kemper Stage around September and it's been solid as well. I've had it give me an error code a 2 or 3 times but only in browser mode. I've never had any problems in performance mode and bugs reported with the Stage tend to get fixed pretty quickly once found.

    I'd say it's a good call to get a Stage. They're solid and since the recent updates, have only gotten better:thumbup:

    Yes SliderJeff is correct. Go back to Pete's website and click on the profiles. It tells you what kind of profiles they are. I think he also has a FAQ page that tells you about how he profiles. okstrat am I correct?

    After going back and looking, it says on the FAQ page that after the 3.0 update, he does mostly Merged Profiles. For some of the packs it says what kind of profiles they contain. For a few I was looking at, the info just included how many profiles and not what kind. So I'm thinking, any profile packs like that, without the specific type of profiles in the description, are probably Studio Profiles made before the update that allowed Merged Profiles to be made. That's more than enough info for me ^^

    Thanks for your help SliderJeff and rik777 ! Going back and checking out the FAQ page gave me some info on the newer profile packs and it definitely helps a lot:)

    I'm super interested in the Modded Marshall packs. Are the profiles in these Studio, Merged, or both?

    I checked the website and there isn't any info about what kind of profiles are in the different profile packs, just how many profiles and info about the amps.

    Any info would be appreciated :)

    The problem is fixed :)

    The Kemper Team is always improving the user experience!

    You were right Wheresthedug

    It looks like the update was pretty much just to fix that bug. Which was much to my advantage ^^ I almost feel kinda special lol

    I'm glad my Kemper Stage and the editor are running perfectly in harmony. True Kemper Bliss :thumbup::D

    Thanks Wheresthedug !

    I'll download it and try it out when I get home from work in a few hours. I'll post an update for you ^^

    The Kemper team is always great about finding bugs and fixing them quick so I feel confident that it was a minor problem that's probably and hopefully already fixed :)

    Thanks again for keeping me in the loop!

    Hi everyone,

    I updated Rig Manager / Editor to the latest version after being prompted through a pop up in Rig Manager (as usual). I updated Rig Manager, and then updated my Kemper Stage to the latest firmware.

    I was using the editor to tweak some profiles like normal. I went to lock the cab and cycle through profiles and, everything besides the amp and cab would change.

    For some reason, when I lock the cab, the amp block locks also (but it isn't showing that it's locked on the editor or on the Kemper Stage). I tried to unlock the amp block but, it can't be unlocked because it's not locked in the first place lol. The amp block also won't independently lock either. I tried to lock the amp and cycle through profiles and it only changes the effect modules.

    After about 40 minutes of testing and trying to lock both the amp and cab both together and independently, and both through the Editor and through the buttons on my Kemper Stage, my KP Stage crashed. It gave an error message with this underneath :

    expr=HFLT : pc=0x2833b782

    file= (line=0)

    swvs="Release:" (CRC=D4F8F428)

    I wanted to report this possible bug, in hopes that it helps! I'm not 100% where to post this kind of stuff but I'm hoping that it's the right section of the forum! :)

    I'm updated to Rig Manager version:

    And my Kemper Stage is on OS Version

    You can also save the cabinet from the rig you want to copy from . You load that rig, then drag the cabinet icon in the editor to Local Library under All Presets. You could also create folders under All Presets\Local Library for this. I've made a folder called Cabs that I can put cabinets in that I like. You can also add sub-folders to organize the cabinets.

    You'd have to save cabinets one at a time to get them from rigs, but if you have IR's in folders you can just drag them into one of these folders.

    Then as you load your other rig you can just double click the cabinets you've saved.

    This is how I swap out and try different cabs as well! Saving the cabs you like from different profiles as presets, makes it easier to try out different ones.

    This is probably one of the more simple and organized way of swapping cabs^^

    Dude, nowhere in my post did I say to take advantage of anything. YOU misread my post. Don't be that guy starting stuff over nothing lol.

    Reaper IS free to download. It is free for a trial period (yes of 60 days), in which there is no limitation of features. The license is cheap and is only $65. But it IS optional at first. You can use Reaper for free for the trial period after downloading it for free initially, and aren't obligated to buy the any license while you're trying it out. So yeah man, technically Reaper is totally free to try out, and if you like it the license is cheap after the trial period. That's all I'm trying to say and that's what you were saying too. We're both saying the same thing man lol.

    No one said you were wrong. I said you were correct and that I also had stated the same facts in my post, which I did.

    Come on man, this is a friendly forum and you picked apart my post to point out that I didn't say something, which was untrue because I actually gave the same info you gave. If you wanna get crazy technical we can but is it really worth it? Lol we're both on the same page.

    Edit : I'm really not trying to be hostile or argue with you. I think there was a misunderstanding along way because I actually included in my first post that the license was in fact $65 and in doing so, was pointing out that it was only free for the initial download and trial period. Technically, it is free. But not forever. But technically, it's free to try out lol.

    We're both saying the same thing so there's no need for confrontation or picking apart each other's posts. I know you meant well and I meant well also. No harm done:)

    Just note that reaper is NOT free ... The evaluation period is not limited in time, the the evaluation version is full featured (only a pause of 5sec at startup). But it is not free ... AND really cheap 65$ lifetime license and eligible to get all the current version updates AND the next major update (so the version 7.0) and its updates as well..

    I actually said in my post that Reaper is $65 for the license.

    And I said that there's a free version of Reaper, because there is lol. There's a fully featured free trial version and it has no limitations. And I proceeded to point out that whenever someone is ready to buy the license, that's its a pretty affordable $65.

    But the initial download IS free and the trial version is the full DAW. So the lifetime license is $65 and optional, and the program download for Reaper is free.

    The info is all there :)

    I tried to be clear but, sorry if any of my wording was confusing to you or anything like that. Not my intention lol.

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to give an update.

    I've been experimenting a bit more and I realized that although using the "Merge Cabinet" function gets you closer to the equivalent studio profile with the cab swapped, I actually prefer the sounds I'm getting when swapping cabs without merging anything!

    Sometimes when I'll swap cabs on a studio profile, with a cab preset that's from a studio profile, or can get a bit boomy and bassy. Almost like two EQs are on top of each other or something lol. Sometimes it can yield good results, and other times it's obvious why the "merge cabinet" function is only supposed to be used for merging the same studio profile with DI profile lol.

    Ironically enough, after my ridiculously long novel, I find myself preferring just swapping cabs normally as intended. Funny how we can come full circle like that!

    I've gotta agree with the users suggesting Reaper. You really can't go wrong with it.

    Its free, and the free version has no limitations compared to other "free" versions of DAWs. You can use Reaper for free for as long as you want, and when you end up wanting to purchase it, it's super affordable (only $65 for a lifetime license)

    Plus, right now Reaper is giving out a free license until July so, you'll have the paid version for the first few months.

    I used to use ProTools, Ableton, and Cakewalk. I prefer Reaper for the customization capabilities, simplicity, and consistency.

    Reaper doesn't crash often in my experience and I can't recall a single time the DAW crashed during heavy in the box work.

    I'd highly recommend it :thumbup:^^

    You mean people from Kemper?

    IIRC, the only mention to this has been made by CK at a question time (available online) after reverbs had been released.

    As GJ wrote, they might be the next big thing :)

    Nope, didn't mean people from Kemper. I was referring to people I'd see on forums saying Kemper was working on new ODs and different stomps. Most of them were just people on the different forums (not just Kemper Forum) saying stuff they'd heard, or seen posted on another forum. Stuff like that. I just recall seeing that comment being made by people in general and I was just pointing that out.

    By "for years now" part was because on one forum I was referring to, was from late 2016/early 2017. I was just commenting on what I've seen and it's all just hearsay anyways lol.

    I didn't mean any harm or disrespect and I'm sorry for any confusion caused by my phraseology. I could have definitely worded what I meant better! 8o sorry about that lol.

    I have been told for a few years that they are working on new drive and fuzz pedals.

    I really hope that we don't wait too much longer.

    It would be great to see a few released for Summer Namm.

    Before posting this thread, I actually looked for other threads on this forum and a few others regarding the ODs in the Kemper. I realized that people have been saying that they were working on new Overdrives and Fuzz pedals for the Kemper, for quite a few years now.

    The only reason I felt it was okay to post a new thread about it was because the threads I had seen were older and I thought maybe if Kemper saw that more people were in support of new ODs, and that it's still a relevant request, then maybe we'd get some reassurance that it is actually in progress and that there's a plan for releasing more in future updates. A lot of other Kemper users on this forum are supportive of it from what it seems, and we're all really hoping to see some more Overdrive stomps soon.

    I'm with you man, I hope the wait isn't too long lol. We feel your pain brother!

    (My support for more ODs hasn't hindered my love for my Kemper or anything like that, just to show some balance in the perspective lol)

    Hi Everyone,

    Not quite sure how to start this one so I guess i'll get right into it.

    Basically, I kept on seeing the "merge" function in the cab section and I didn't know what it was, so I did some research and looked into it, and found a lot of really conflicting info lol.

    From what i've gathered, it's supposed to only be used for when people are making a Merged profile from a Studio and DI profile, and people were pretty adamant about people not using the "merge" function unless you are the Profiler.

    It has actually taken me 2 weeks of research and some experimentation, before posting on here about this. People were really extreme about it whenever anyone asked about it in the past on this forum when people had similar experiences to me and it's confusing and discouraging and i'm not sure if all the info has been explained properly. And there's a few reasons for this.

    Here's what i've found :

    If you take a studio profile and swap to a cab from a different studio profile, and then try to use that same cab section or cab preset on the DI profile from that same studio profile, the only way you can get the same result is by using the "merge" cab function.

    I kept seeing people say only to use "merge" in the cab section if you're the person making the studio and DI profile.

    But i've found that if you're swapping cabs with DI profiles, the only way to get the same result as when swapping the cabs on the DI equivalent of the Studio profile is to "merge" the cab in the cab section of the DI (now Merged) Profile.

    So for example -

    If I were to do a studio profile of my rig, and then take a DI profile and make a Merged Profile from it, and then swap the cabs on both profiles to a different cab preset (using the same cab preset that's saved from a totally different Studio Profile for both), and didn't hit "merge" on the Merged profile when I switched the cab (like the majority of people replying to previous threads were saying to NOT do, because it seems like they were all meaning that you're only supposed to hit "merge" if its the cab from the original Studio profile), then the Merged Profile would sound different from the Studio Profile with the new cab swapped.

    But if i do the same process again, and hit "merge" when switching to the different cab or cab preset, the profiles sound exactly the same.

    I tried this process with Studio, DI, and Merged Profiles that I made, Profiles from 3rd Party Profile Makers, Profiles on the Rig Exchange that had Studio and DI versions of the same Profiles, etc.

    I put weeks into this because everything I was reading was saying not to "merge" cabs with DI or Merged Profiles unless its the original cab from the Studio profile. And after testing out swapping cabs for weeks now, that just doesn't seem right for some reason. The only difference between the Studio and Merged Profiles when you swap cabs and don't "merge" the cab with the DI Profile, is that it sounds like the Studio Profile with the cab swapped but with way less depth and richness and less clarity. If you don't "merge" the cabs when the option pops up in the cab section of a Merged or DI profile, it just sounds thinner and wiry and scratchy compared to when you "merge" the cab or compared to that same Studio Profile with that same cab swapped.

    I guess what i'm getting at is, in order to get the same results as swapping cabs on a Studio Profile, you HAVE to use the "merge" function. Otherwise you get a less rich and thinner sounding profile tone. But from what i've read on this forum so far, is that i'm not supposed to do that.

    But i've spent the last two weeks taking different Studio and DI profiles and Merged Profiles and swapping cab presets saved from different Merged and Studio Profiles and comparing them. The only way to get results as if you're just swapping cabs normally on a Studio Profile, you NEED to hit "merge".

    I know that the "merge" function is supposed to basically initiate CabDriver in the profile and merge the amp and cab section in order to find an estimation of where they seperate. So maybe it makes sense that in order to get the same results for Merged and DI Profiles as switching cabs in Studio Profiles, where CabDriver is basically engaged automatically in every profile, you would need to "merge" the cab in order to initiate CabDriver just like its initiated in Studio Profiles. Idk but, it's just a thought.

    So when i've tried to IR's or cab presets that were saved from Merged Profiles instead of Studio Profiles, there's no "merge" option. So using the same IR on both a Studio and Merged profile made from that studio profile, will sound different and a lot thinner for some reason.

    So because of that, I've found that I get much better results using IR's on Studio profiles. And i've found that I get much better results when Merging the cab from a Studio Profile with a Merged Profile or a DI Profile.

    Disclaimer :

    I know that my findings are probably the opposite of what you're supposed to do but, because it seems so drastically different than how i've seen it explained, I felt it necessary to post and share my findings. I'm not looking to ruffle any feathers or get scolded. I'm just sharing my findings with the community, in hopes it helps others get to the tones they want faster.

    Also, when I say DI Profile, i'm referring to a Direct Amp Profile and not a Direct Preamp Profile and I know there's a difference. (Sorry guys, I'm not trying to sound snobby lol. Just putting the info out there). Merged Profiles and DI and Direct Preamp and Studio Profiles are all different.

    I know that the cabs in Studio Profiles have some coloring from the amps in the profiles. I'm not worried about authenticity in this situation. Just trying to figure out why there's so much confusion regarding this "merge" function. And maybe it's been misunderstood this whole time and if people take a 2nd looks and do some experimenting they'll understand that it isn't a bad thing lol.

    I hope i'm not offending anyone, and I know that this is a touchy subject on this forum. But I felt like after finding so much evidence that using the "merge" function was actually seemingly the way to get better sounding results (or at least better sounding in my opinion), contrary to what I had been reading, it's only right to speak up and say something.

    Hopefully when someone else gets their Kemper and is curious about the "merge" function, they see this and won't feel discouraged or anything because it actually is the way to get the same results as if you were swapping cabs with Studio Profiles.

    I definitely don't know everything. And I could definitely be wrong. But these are just the things I've realized through trial and error and experimentation. And it's my opinion and my perspective on the situation and I just wanted to share.

    Thanks for reading,

    Sean C.

    From what I've seen regarding the footswitch, it can be used as an extension of the Profiler Controller, or as an extra few footswitches on a Kemper Profiler Stage. Basically can be used to turn on and off stomps, turn on and off different parameters, and to go up and down performance banks and stuff like that.

    Not 100% sure about the specifics though. Some more research into how it can be used might be beneficial. But if you're looking for some way to add more footswitches to your Controller or Profiler Stage, this seems like the way to do it.

    I believe it connects with a TS or TRS cable to the Profiler or Profiler Stage. I'd check online for a manual though, to be sure.

    Best of luck!

    Yeah, it's been a while but a lot of other stuff's been worked on in the meantime, Sean. My guess is that it's been an ongoing "sideline" project where time has been allotted to it where possible.

    The fact that we were told something's in-the-works is good-enough for me 'though; it means it will happen, hence my statement to that effect. ;)

    I hope so! I always trust your judgment and if you're feeling confident about it, that's good enough for me too! Lol

    Thanks for always being the voice of reason Monkey_Man

    As Nicky said, Kemper have confirmed they will inplement new effects including OD in future but we don’t know when.

    personally, i don’t think CK will release a large list of pedal models like Blues Breaker, Klon, Morning Glory, OCD etc. It just isn’t the Kemper style. I think her is likely to identify a few key OD circuits and styles and create a generic model for each of them. Say 5 or 6 categories then create massively wide ranging control of each of these models to fine tune them into any effect you want. That way they won’t be stuck with the “which flavour of Bluesbraker do you want” as Ruefus mentioned. This approach would also be consistent with the way Kemper have approached the Delays, Reverbs, Wahs etc in the past and has proven to be a very successful way of doing things.

    I like this concept a lot and would much prefer this sort of approach rather than a few super specific overdrive stomp models.

    I'm hoping they release at least a few different legendary and landmark OD circuits that can be tweaked a lot to cover a large variety of tones. Definitely the best approach. :thumbup: