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    Hi everyone!

    I've been trying to setup my Kemper and OBS studio for live streaming. I want the viewers to be able to watch live video from my camera, my guitar sound and the backing track in the background. Would like to use the Facebook live option!

    The Kemper is connected using spdif by the way.

    I've setup the video which is ok. The problems I have are.

    1)the media file (in my case an mp3) doesn't play. I've tried various mp3s but they only play sometimes

    2) when the media file decides to perform , the viewers hear 2 guitar tracks instead of one.

    Any ideas about the above? Thanks in advance.

    Hi everyone!

    Im going for a rehearsal with my powered kemper. I have created a performance with 5 different rigs and they are all the same volume. What I wonder is the volume when i connect my kemper to a cab. How should I set the master volume in the output section so it will work as a "global" volume? (like raising the volume of an amp). It will be my first time hooking up to a cab.

    Hi everyone!
    When I bought my Kemper, I bought a pair of studio monitors. Here they are

    I had no idea about monitors (i still don't have) and im extremely happy with my purchase. How are these monitors on paper based on their specifications? Also, if i get a pair of yamaha hs8 or genelecs, will i hear a difference for the better? The monitors are used for the kemper mostly and light recording, not so much for mixing/mastering!

    A multi fx block will be life saving! Oh! And a richer chorus with more options!I would also recommend the drives to be baked in to the amp block

    My additions:

    1. PoE onboard
    2. Second Morph + separate morph for gain + separate morph for volume
    3. Automatic assigning of a fixed effect to an effect button no matter where it is in the effect slots (eg right effect button always for pitch, left effect button always for delay, …). Best would be a kind of „Live Mode“ where we are able to select general effect presets that will be added to a profile in the „Live Mode“ (kind of locking feature but with the opportunity to program and save those pedal board presets and apply them as wanted).
    4. The possibility to plug in my guitar into the remote (not a big fan of wireless systems but I love to have only one cable on stage). Anyway I would not mind a wireless Receiver being built in the Kemper.
    5. Bar-based Looper with longer recording periods and the ability to safe samples (for recording purposes of ideas that come up with certain profiles).
    6. Better effect-types and -settings regarding Flanger, Chorus, Tremolo and Phaser. Also consider more trigger options like pitch based altering and activations of effects (LFO, …).
    7. Input/Output:
      - Powercon
      - Ethercon right at the KPA
    8. Multi-Gain-Profiling (eg. having the possibility to „store“ different gain stages of the amp to reflect a more natural sound experience when altering the profile)
    9. A kind of adaption of my pickups to better fit the pickups used by the profilers. Oftentimes the sound is so different from any sound sample.

    About the 9. . That's the idea! Every profile will sound different with different pickups etc The kemper responds like a regular amp.

    8) is possible yet. Look at Main Manual page 289:

    "Assigning a Second Effect Module

    To add a second assignment to the same Effect Button, just repeat the process with another effect module. You will notice the right LEDs by the Effect Button indicate both the effect category and on/off state of your second assignment. Now, you can activate or bypass both effects by stepping on the button on your PROFILER Remote."

    This is about switching on or off , two effects at the same time from the remote only

    After almost 2 years of having my Kemper and be extremely happy with it, here are the things I would like to see in future updates :

    1)Tuner at the rig manager

    2)More options on the micropitch effect

    3)"stronger" chorus effect. You have to put 2 choruses for a rich sound

    4)bbe sonic maximizer-like efffect

    5)a richer pitch block

    6)ability to implement a drive/boost effect on the amp block so we can have an effect block free

    7)save effect presets from the rig manager

    8)IF possible, having 2 effects on the same block at the same time

    Thank you VERY much!

    So the effects from DAW must be on a separate track huh? I'll give it a try thanks!

    Agreed. I don’t have Paul Gilbert size paws, and the HM Strat’s 25.1” scale, combined with the flat, thin (but rock solid) neck, as well as full access to 24 jumbo frets, makes this a joy and inspiration to play.

    I have been considering the Schaller Floyd (Lockmeister) as well.

    Question on the locking nut. Not sure if this is available from Schaller, but wouldn’t we need an R10 locking nut, due to the radius? The R10 is 15” radius, which is closest to the neck’s 17”. I will have to measure the width of existing nut/shelf.

    No, the nut is already a BR3 (korean equivalent of the R3). Get the r3 and you will be ok. Buy and a couple of nut shims in case you need to raise the nut a bit because the R3 is slightly shorter

    Indeed it has the best neck I've ever played on a guitar. The combination of scale,neck,pickups, fret access because of the heel and LOOKS, rocks hard. What do you think of the pickups? If you can't find an official floyd rose, buy the schaller lockmeister. Same thing as the OFR but with schaller's stamp on it (schaller makes the OFR). Be sure to order it with R3 nut and 32mm block