Kemper and OBS studio

  • Hi everyone!

    I've been trying to setup my Kemper and OBS studio for live streaming. I want the viewers to be able to watch live video from my camera, my guitar sound and the backing track in the background. Would like to use the Facebook live option!

    The Kemper is connected using spdif by the way.

    I've setup the video which is ok. The problems I have are.

    1)the media file (in my case an mp3) doesn't play. I've tried various mp3s but they only play sometimes

    2) when the media file decides to perform , the viewers hear 2 guitar tracks instead of one.

    Any ideas about the above? Thanks in advance.

  • 1) This could be from a limit of your computer resources are some other thing. I have never used OSB so I can't offer much here.

    2) It sounds like they might be receiving a loopback signal along with the original. Try muting everything except the guitar output track.

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  • It may help to state which version of OBS you are using. There are several versions.

    To play back a simple MP3/WMA/WAV you should just use something like media player. Any audio being played on your PC (assuming PC) will be played thru the Desktop Audio source in the OBS AUDIO MIXER section. I would not add an OBS MEDIA SOURCE in the OBS scene. That will only play during that scene (there are options to make it keep playing possibly). And it will get weird as you are changing scenes.

    You will also have to change the media source for every song. Better to use something else so you dont need to edit in OBS while streaming.

  • Lots of variables involved...

    I use OBS but not for live streaming, yet. Getting the sound set up can be confusing at first. You say "The Kemper is connected using spdif...". What is it connected to?.

    How I do it....

    My Kemper Stage is connected to a Behringer X32 digital Console. It works as a digital interface to my computer. I am using 27 channels plus 2 channels digital signal coming from the computer for stereo input to the mixer. I send all audio to the mixer. Then, in OBS I assign an audio source and select which ever channels I need to use in OBS. I disable/mute all other audio sources OBS defaults to like Desktop Audio otherwise there will be audio coming from the desktop audio and the mixer into OBS.

    When using mp3s the sample and bit rate should match the sample and bit rate set in the digital interface and the mixer. If not the mp3s may sound like crap.

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  • Depending on what the real issue is, this may help. If the problem is routing and seeing the Kemper SPDIF into OBS this could help. Since its strongest use is routing and making sub mixes of audio streams I believe.

    But for general guitar playing with an MP3 it may be overkill. And I have hear stories of every time Windows updates it wrecks all of your audio settings. So it may be best to not over complicate things.