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    Latest addition to the herd. Fender Aerodyne P Bass. Local music store is shutting down one of their stores and had a clearance sale. Got this for $800. Action was too high but intonation was spot on. I've set it up and it's now my favorite Bass (I have 3). After I get through playing around with it I'll put on a set of Light (45-95) Flatwound strings on it. It sounds great as is but I prefer the feel of flatwounds for bass.

    Get one of these and sell your remote (or keep it for the Rack)

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    You could try something like this..

    I use one to run a single guitar into 5 amps but it will also allow you to run 5 instruments into a single amp. each channel has an on off switch so when you change from Strat or Acoustic you would switch off the guitar channel and switch the PSG on.

    How this would work with a Hilton VP, I don't know, I use a Goodrich VP with my PSG and it doesn't seem to like wireless units in passive or active mode. At least not the wireless unit I have. Have you tried running the Hilton wireless with the Sennheiser?

    If you have the money, you might get a Player and try it in the FX Loop of of the TMP and see how you like it. If you don't like it, send it back. If you do, let me know how it works out, I have a unpowered Rack and a TMP.

    I got those numbers from the video posted. The Player manual lists the effects but I didn't see any total number of FX included and didn't want to count them. How many are actually available n the Player?

    edit: Looks like he got the number of FX slots available wrong too. The video says 5 but my understanding is 4.


    I don't own and have never used a Kemper Player or ToneX. I quit using modelers years ago when I upgraded my Line6 POD xtLive to a POD HD500 and went back to amps due to a serious lack of satisfaction. Two years ago I came across a good deal on a Kemper Stage and my amps don't get much use these days. A year later I bought a Kemper Rack and a Fender Tone Master Pro, sold the Stage a couple of weeks ago and then the Player was announced. I've been looking for info on the Player and decided it's not something I could use because I don't play out anymore and I have no interest in pedal boards. I considered getting a Player to use with my Pedal Steel Guitar just because of the size but I can use the Rack and iPad just as easy and not limit the number of FX.

    Having said all that, if I were to by either unit it would be the Player. because ...

    1. Kemper has 110 FX and the ToneX has 4 . Kemper has 27.5 times the FX for a price difference of $300. That alone seems enough to justify the cost difference. Plus, upgrades paid and free will be coming for the Player, idk about the ToneX.

    2. Kemper offers 4 USB in/out audio interface ToneX offers 2 USB channels in/out.

    3. Kemper is designed for an external screen, which for me means easier to read from an iPad on a stand rather than a small screen on the floor. Not to mention easier to tweak settings or select rigs or use Bluetooth for backing tracks.

    4. As far as "more accurate profiles", the sound difference is almost undetectable to my ears on what videos I have seen. I have no way to tell what they sound like live in the room.

    I'm pretty sure the Player ships with a power supply and requires 1.5 amps. I can't point to the videos that I reviewed but there're out there. Main thing is it ships with the correct power supply (see user manual)

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    Burkhard can you verify this?

    No, I don't believe you are doing anything wrong. I just tried and got the same result. Saving to Local Library immediately crashed Rig Manager. I re tested this with my Power Head and everything works as expected so it seems to be a bug that only affects the Player's integration with RM. Burkhard  Kemper Support #1

    I just updated from RM 3.4.5 & OS to RM 3.5.15 & OS yesterday. Was worried about bugs but haven't tested anything yet. Are you saying if I do not have a Player I don't need to worry about this bug? I'm hoping that is the case.


    :D I believe they do know... A lot. It's common digital audio knowledge, my implication.

    The Kemper Profiler USB Audio should support all sample rates. For all users needs. It should not be a compromise.

    I don't use the Kemper as an audio interface so it doesn't matter to me; I don't use the S/PDIF either.. I'm using a 32 channel digital mixer. Just a short time ago the Kemper didn't even have USB audio and I never gave it a second thought. The mixer can operate at 44.1 or 48 but I still use 44.1 because of the devices mentioned in my previous post and my ear doesn't hear the difference anyway. Looks like for now if you have to have higher sample rates your only options are to use S/PDIF or invest in gear that can handle it.

    Side Note: This discussion belongs in Feature Requests.

    Sample rates higher than 44.1 will encounter some issues on many playback devices. Most all playback devices can handle 44.1. When I make my backing tracks (on SD cards or usb stick)they will not play on my loopers or my drum machine.

    Hi . I have noticed difference of volumes right and left channels main outputs via XLR in my Kemper stage. I didn't find any adjustments in output section to correct this difference . The difference is about 5dB .. Using headphones everything is ok .

    Could anybody please let me know if is adjustable, and if so - where to find this set up.

    If not ... maybe is simply broken ?

    Many thanks in advance .


    What are you running the L/R xlr's into? When you say "The difference is about 5dB", where do you meter it? It could be the problem is the gain pots on the board/ interface. Does this happen for all profiles? Check each channel one at a time and set the gain to -18db on the meter for each channel and the see if all channels are set the same on the gain pots.

    One way to adjust is raise the gain on the channel that is lower or lower the gain on the one that is louder. I'm talking about the gain setting on the mixing board or interface the Kemper is plugged into. Don't link the 2 channels together or you won't be able to control separate gain settings.

    But if the cause of the imbalance is due to an internal setting on the Kemper, the problem should be corrected there first and the above would not need apply.