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    You are playing live with connected Mac and Rig Manager running? If yes, than my question is why? If not than my other question is how can new beta version of RM influence the Profiler?

    English translation might be helpfull :)

    Kemper Main Manual 7.5, chapter Effect Loop (Pink), page 236:

    .....The "Mix: Pre/Post" option is available in both Loop Mono and Loop Stereo modes and determines whether the Mixc ontrol affects the signal on the SEND (“Pre”) or the RETURN and ALTERNATIVE INPUT (“Post”). Since this makesno difference in most situations, we recommend leaving the button at the "Post" position, to guarantee the lowestnoise floor......

    This may be solution of your problem. I am using Stage with with Boss RC-10R with no issues.

    I hope this helps.

    Here are more details as addendum to what ST already wrote:

    Kemper Main Manual 7.5, page248:

    Setting up Performances

    You can navigate through the 125 Performances using the up and down buttons of the RIG navigation cross on the

    front panel of PROFILER Head, PowerHead, Rack and PowerRack. Use the left and right buttons or the <PAGE>

    buttons to select a Slot within a Performance.

    On the PROFILER Stage, use the TYPE knob or the Up/Down Buttons to navigate through the Performances and

    the <PAGE> buttons or the Rig Buttons to select one of the five Slots.

    By default, all Slots are pre-loaded with a default Rig, which happens to be based on the ancient Rig “CK 0”. The

    Performance itself has a default name. Once you have selected the Slot, choose the Rig you want to assign to it via

    BROWSE. The Rig will be copied and displayed in the highlighted Slot. At this point, we should mention that any

    edits will be lost if you select another Performance without storing it first.......

    See Main Manual 7.5, page 55:

    In Browser Mode, you can step or scroll through Rigs in your browse pool according to the selected View and Sorting. The option “Group of 5/Single Rig” on page Remote Settings in System Settings determines, if the Up/Down Buttons step through the Rigs individually or by groups of five in Browser Mode.

    This works for all Profilers except Stage!!!

    Ok, so if I'm in browse and I make a change to a rig then save it again it will create a duplicate?

    From the Main Manual 7.5: Pressing Store in Browser Mode will offer you three different options via the soft buttons: “Replace” will overwrite the currently selected Rig with the new version while keeping the original name, “Store as” will save the Rig under a new name and won't delete the original Rig. “Rename” will allow you to change the name of the current Rig.

    If you press the STORE button with a module or section in focus, you have the option to either save a preset of that specific module or section, or to save the entire Rig. If you decide to store a preset you will have the same options to “Replace”, “Store as”, or “Rename”.