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    So why don't you follow the instructiosn from Kemper support? I did it already on two devices (Stage, Rack) and it helped me to solve the problems. Just to be 100% precise - procedure for Stage is slightly different.

    I would recommend to start creating performances on the device (Profiler) itself because doing this with rig manager could be sometimes a bit tricky :-(

    - to create performance directly on the device see Kemper Profiler Main Manual 7.0 page 237 and further:

    "Setting up Performances

    You can navigate through the 125 Performances using the up and down buttons of the RIG navigation cross on the front panel of PROFILER Head, PowerHead, Rack and PowerRack. Use the left and right buttons or the <PAGE> buttons to select a Slot within a Performance.

    On the PROFILER Stage, use the TYPE knob or the Up/Down Buttons to navigate through the Performances and the <PAGE> buttons or the Rig Buttons to select one of the five Slots.

    By default, all Slots are pre-loaded with a default Rig, which happens to be based on the ancient Rig “CK 0”. The Performance itself has a default name. Once you have selected the Slot, choose the Rig you want to assign to it via BROWSE. The Rig will be copied and displayed in the highlighted Slot. At this point, we should mention that any edits will be lost if you select another Performance without storing it first........."

    - to cretae performance with the Rig Manager see Rig Manager Beta Manual page 25 and further:

    "Handling Performances

    Right click / C -click inside a column in list view opens a popup menu with the option to create a new Performance. This Performance will be empty at first and only the first slot will be enabled. As you can see, also Performances can be edited using an inspector on the right side of the window.

    There are several ways to populate the empty slots with Rigs of your choice. We found, the preferred way to do so is to open a second windows with your Rigs in focus and drag those onto the empty Performance slots. To open a second window, right click on a location of your choice and select “Open in new window”.

    Once you will have filled up your new Performance, it is time to tweak it to your liking. Double clicking the slot’s name to edit it, drag the slot around to shuffle the order.

    Managing Performances

    A Performance in PROFILER has a fixed location, in difference to the Rigs or Performances located on your hard drive, which are stored in a pool. As a result, managing Performances can require you to act slightly different depending on if you work in your Local Library or within the memory of your PROFILER.

    Performances in the location PROFILER

    This list consists of 125 entries and empty spaces are labelled as such. It reflects the memory content of your PROFILER.

    Windows version: Dragging a Performance to another one swaps both. Holding C while dragging will result in a copy (in other words the Performance you drag onto will be replaced).

    Mac version: You can be drag and drop in between rows. This way, you move and insert a Performance elsewhere. Holding K (option) creates a copy instead of moving an item."

    Hope this helps!

    Why is this not a full factory reset?

    What else do you want to reset?

    I am not an expert but I received different procedure for factory reset from Kemper support and as I already mentioned it is slightly different for Stage and other profilers. It starts with putting Kemper into system maintenance mode. Maybe your scenario do the same but as I said the procedure from support was different. I am afraid I can not say more to the subject.

    But this is not real full factory reset! The procedure is slightly different for Stage and the other Profilers. So the best is to contact support and they will give you all necessary info + latest content. I did it already for both Stage and Powerrack ant it worked like a charm!

    I agree that solution with ICE Power is more technically clean and compact but the price difference is more than 110 EUR (I am counting with sale of V30) + it is definitely more time consuming and some basic "electricity" knowledges anre rquired. "My" solution is plug n play and result is in my view excellent.

    But I don' want to argue about this subject. My intention was just to show an alternative for those with unpowered Kemper who wants enjoy excellent Kone features, are not "electrician" and have limited budget.

    My initial input started with "to whom it may concern" and seems to me that neither you nor digbob are the right audience :-)

    To whom it may concern.

    I am Stage user and have been wating for the powered Kabinet. But after a while I decidet to go quicker way - I bought:

    - Harley Benton G112 Vintage Cabinet

    - Hotone Loudster amplifier…er_portable_power_amp.htm

    - Kone Speaker

    Than I replaced original speaker in HB G112 (Vintage 30) with Kone and have to say it works perfectly!

    Now I will sell Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, so overall it'l be very cheap solution comparing to the expected price of Powered Kone Kabinet.

    Kemper Profiler Main Manual 7.0, page230, 231:

    User Interface 2

    This page is only available on the PROFILER Stage.


    If you don’t need the TAP, TUNER or LOOPER buttons to function as their default, you are free to assign other switching functions, or to deactivate them altogether. The soft button “Button Assignment” opens the “Assignable Buttons” sub-page. Use the three soft knobs on this page to change the assignments according to your needs. The option “Switch Up&Down” allows you to switch the functions of the Up/Down Buttons.

    I don't know if this actually help you. When I 1st time read about Headrush 108 I was excited, I bought it but then I was very dissapointed. Regardless what I did (placement against ground/walls, different eq's etc) it still sounded very muddy/boomy/bassy and it was almost impossible to obtain reasonable sound. Maybe for the heavy metal it would be ok but that's not my cup of tea :-) I've sold it and now I have Hotone Loudster + Harley Benton 1x12 Vintage 30 (I am planning to replace Vintage 30 speaker with Kone) and I am quite happy with this solution. It sounds great with my Kemper Stage.