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    In my experience the difference in pickups/guitars is more pronounced in the Kemper than it is if you were standing in front of an amp changing guitars. Perhaps it just seems that way because instead of listening off axis 5 feet above the speaker in a traditional amp on the floor setup you are listening to what the mic would hear up against the grill. The difference between my ceramic pickup guitars and traditional magnet is night and day obvious with the Kemper, where with traditional amp setup was obvious, but not as stark a contrast. This is a good thing because now when I need a certain sound I know what guitar to grab, whereas before I felt like I could grab any guitar and make it work.

    I've had mine for a few weeks now and I have no regrets. I'm playing guitar every day now instead of once or twice a week, it just sounds that good. I had an issue with one of my effects switches when I first got it, but after banging on it 20 or 30 times with my foot it came around and now works perfectly

    I changed the title to make it more clear. It was my first reaction choice of words because I've played these guitars through helix/15 different amps and it's never been amplified, so when I got the kemper is when it was obvious - so kemper seems to be more sensitive - it's not a negative, just doesn't play well with these saddles. No matter how you palm mute it shouldn't matter - I palm mute that particular riff like that because it sounds the best to me (obviously not with this combination of gear :P). like chu said I've gone through the journey of hearing something weird, figuring out what it is - and hopefully might save someone who owns a kemper 50 bucks in the future. No need to attack my technique :).

    Sorry to be blunt , better technique and/or better guitar !

    Lol. There is nothing wrong with my technique. It's palm muting. I can use 6 different "techniques" it still makes that noise. I've clearly identified it's the saddles. Whatever graphtech makes them out of creates that harsh vibration when a string is palm muted, the muted vibrating string causes the saddle to resonate it's sound more clearly. It's the fact that the kemper is far more sensitive than the regular guitar -> tube amp chain and it's picking it up clearly. It's just a PSA. Nothing against either product, just an interesting interaction.

    Thanks for the replies! Sorry it took me a bit to get back to recording this. I've had the sitar sound before, tried switching up my palm muting (I can kill it a lot faster with a really heavy palm mute - but it's still there.

    Normally in a mix, or even playing if it was really subtle it wouldn't bother me, but check it out! It's pretty grating! I honestly think I'm going to have to swap to different saddles as diart1 suggested. Might be a PSA for people with kempers thinking about Graphtech saddles! (keeping in mind I have 2 guitars with graphtech saddles and they both do this at the same volume - both teles though!)

    I've discovered a flaw with my Kemper... It captures the sound of what's coming from my guitar/strings/pickup TOO good. I've got 2 guitars with graphtech saddles. I have never noticed it before, because it's never been amplified before, but when I hit an open palm muted D string it makes a scraping "Plinkhzzz" sound (like pinging an old filament lightbulb with a string). It's not the pick contact with the string because it rings out. I thought it was the profiles, but every profile does it (moreso distorted profile), both guitars do it. I tried a gibson (usual tuneomatic bridge) and while if I listen hard I can still hear that sound, it's much much quieter. All seymour duncan pickups.

    It seems like the kemper is picking up every single little detail of the signal and amplifying it. I can't quite figure out why. I tried it in headphones and a powered FRFR, recorded it, and it's there in all instances. Is there any setting to reduce the sensitivity of the input or something? It is most obvious when playing a song like Bomb Track by Rage against the machine.

    Normally this wouldn't even cross my mind to do, but everyone here has been so helpful and this forum has been such a great resource when I was researching if a Kemper was for me.

    I'm posting because I'm actually giddy, like a little kid. I've never been so blown away by a piece of gear. I know this sounds like a sales pitch. I just can't help it. It's as good as everyone said it was going to be. It's "real". I've used so many effects processors, dsps, amp modellers... and I could always hear the artificialness. With this I forgot to even look for it. It's just not there. It sounds like a real amp, I get lost jamming on my headphones. There's no thought unless I want to give it thought. I find a sound I like and I'll play for an hour without even thinking about what doesn't sound right, because it just sounds right. I've written two riffs already after about 3 months of just not being inspired by my current Mesa setup. That's it, I could talk for hours. I'm so over the top with this thing.

    Thanks everyone. Like so many others here... I'll never buy another amp again.

    Now I can go broke buying guitars and speakers :).

    Thought I'd update this to inform any other Canadians thinking of ordering from the online store. Total initial price was what was listed on the site charged to my CC (2245.00 in this case). Order was processed in a day or two, shipped a day out after that, and took about 5 days to arrive at my door (I got it Friday). So all in all ~8 days from purchase to delivery to Canada (with 7 day delivery noted on site).

    It was sent via UPS Worldwide Saver. I was absolutely sure I was going to get destroyed on customs clearing fees by UPS. It was 10 dollars. So I payed for the stage + 10 dollars. That's it.

    I'm just figuring everything out on it, probably put close to 10-15 hours on it in 2 days. I've found the cleans/driven cleans/moderate distortions I'm after. Almost immediately. I knew what I wanted and it's giving it to me. I have yet to find a great "heavy" distortion. It might be the pickup in my guitar though, or the way I'm listening to it. I use Sen HD600s to monitor at the moment and I have to MAX the main output volume to hear what I want to hear. It's kind of loud, but if I turn it down at all it sounds just slightly better than every other DSP. At Max volume it sounds heaven.

    Anything for Tone Junkies, Selah or Top Jimi? ?. Just got mine a few weeks ago and have just been focusing onto the freebies so far.

    This might make me have faith in Black Friday again!

    OP posted one for tone junkies already, 2nd post. It's great because it also works on their reduced packs that are already cut in half. Got the Mark V for 5 dollars

    One comment I got from a fellow Canuck on a different forum was that he'd have to pay import fees if buying from the Canadian Kemper store. That I found to be rather odd, and didn't believe it.

    Interesting. I hope that's not the case. Nothing in the checkout led me to believe that. Hope I'm not met with a surprise fee when it actually comes through. Now I'm thinking though... will I get charged the german VAT, or the 2245+ my provinces sales tax upon delivery?

    Just bought from the Kemper Online Store. Tried to buy one at L&M in canada and all stages are backordered due to an issue with the CSA, or at least that was the note left on Oct 21st by the store manager. It shouldn't affect US stores, but maybe they are having grief of their own with the CSA equivalent.

    Also the kemper store is kind of sketchy, all the pages load slowly, the theme is weird, have to log in separately, and my CC company blocked the transaction because it looked like fraud, gmail sent the signup e-mail to spam folder and flagged it as a bot. Concerning when you are not used to that, so any other Canadians thinking of buying from the store I'll let you know if I get mine :).