Slot names in Peformance Mode

  • Hi all,

    I've got a problem with the slot names in performance mode:

    Just tried to build my first performance with Andy's JCM800. I use his DM+ profile, which I renamed to JCM800 DM+ in browser mode. Then I switched to performance mode, selected this profile for slot 1 and saved the performance as "JCM800 Performance".

    Then I did the same thing for slot 2, raised the volume there (for solos) and saved again.

    Strange thing is: The slots work, I can switch between them with my FCB1010 (Uno4Kemper) and the rig name in the lower part of the display is right. But the names in the 5 slots in the upper part of the display are wrong.

    The first one says "=A-Bassman...", the second slot says "Initialized rig". Even stranger: With the second slot selected the upper right soft switch is lighted and gives me an option "Slot Enabled", which is missing when I switch to slot 1 in this performance.

    What is the reason (and meaning) for that "Slot Enabled" being there only in one slot? And why don't the names in the slots match the selected rig names?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Got a step further by myself 8)

    The "Slot Enabled" option only seems to be there for slots 2-5, not for slot 1 (but I still don't really know what that option is good for).

    About the slot names I found that you can rename them via soft button "Arrange Slots" -> "Rename Slots" -> "Use Rig Names" and hitting the store button 4 times. Sure it is ok that they are not automatically updated when changing an existing performance (e.g. you call your slots "Intro", "Bridge", "Solo"... and Solo would suddenly be replaced by an amp name, because you switch to another amp for that part of the song).

    But for a new rig I would prefer, that the rig name would be used for the slot name.

    And I would wish for some wider and clearer information about performance mode in the manual. The basic manual points to the reference manual for that, but I can't find any information there (latest manual version 2.1). :(

    --- updated ---
    Found some more info in the 2.1 Addendum, but it's confusing to have to look into three different manuals and hope to find something ;(

  • Yeah, it would be cool if by default, the rig name would automatically entered in a blank slot and slot "enabled." it could prompt you to rename on a slot update, i.e. when you drop in a new rig. It's most confusing when you drop in a rig, over top of a different rig.. and then the name is incorrect for that rig.. The prompt to update y/n, just gives an option..

    I know.. another thread.. but hey.. getting my licks in while I'm learning!

    Gettin' funky up in here..