Request: Whammy Profile

  • Does someone have a Digitech Whammy (preferably I or IV)?
    I need a profile with a Whammy, 2 octaves up into a distorted amp, preferably with many mids. The built-in whammy effects are really good, but I need a profile with the weird noises and glitches which the whammy produces when hitting more than one string.
    I would really appreciate, if someone profiled this for me.

    Edit: To be clear: I'm not trying to get a moving whammy profiled, I just want a profile with a whammy + distorted amp with the whammy set to two octaves up (fixed position).

  • Random harmonic glitches cannot be profiled.

    Thanks for your answer, too bad if it's not working. Anyway, I would be really interested in the sound of such a profile. If it's not the sound of the original setup, what else do you get? I'm really curious.

    Try putting the Pitch effect in ABC or D, to generate more harmonics with it than you would get in X or MOD slots. Use the kind of amp sound profile you are describing. . Make sure " pure tuning" is Off.

    I have been using my real whammy in front of the amp and I tried this with the built in effect as well. I also tried many different options, like pure tuning on and off, formant shift... However, I couldn't get the sound, I was looking for.

  • You could profile the sound of the Whammy + Amp, but moving the whammy pedal while the Kemper is sending the profiling tones would likely interrupt the profiling process. Or, it would make a profile with a very odd EQ - that might be fun:)

    When an effect has odd quirks (like the sputtering octave sounds in the old Foxx Tone Machine), even hardware reproductions can have a problem souding the same.

  • Now I get it, perhaps there is a misunderstanding. I don't want to move the whammy pedal during profiling. I just want the sound of a whammy + distorted amp with whammy set to 2 octaves up.

  • Profiling that situation would require shifting the Kemper Test tones up two octaves. That may not be possible - it may consider that sound to be invalid.

    I tried it with a software based pitch shifter. It recognizes the test tones, but the resulting profile doesn't shift the pitch. So in fact it seems to be impossible to capture that sound.

  • Hello,
    For your Rage against the machine Sound i think. Bullet in thr Head. Take a Digitech Ricochet in send & return of your Kemper. Also you configer it pre, to the stomp boxes. Two octaves up. Open string Harmonics sounding linke Toms Sound.


  • I think you're pretty much stuck with the Digitech. My other guitarist wrote a number of parts before I joined with a Digitech whammy and I haven't been able to faithfully reproduce the exact sound with the built-in KPA effects. Most of the time it's not even close no matter what I tweak.

  • Yes, that's what I've been doing. I used a Whammy IV in the loop just for this non polyphonic 2 octaves up sound. For all the other pitch shifting effects, the built-in effects were fine.
    However, I don't need this sound anymore.