Is this flaw present in 4.x as well?

  • I just discovered that when I am on page 5 of the Output menu (KAOS 3.3), if in RM I select a rig to preview or use (IOW it doesn't matter whether it's on the Profiler, on my PC or on RE) the Pure Cabinet soft button (third from the left)'s label turns into "Rate Preview"! :D
    If I engage the tuner through the exp pedal, press any other menu's button or Exit the label is redacted.

    It might be by design but is this documented anywhere? What if a new user is looking for their PC button and can't find it anywhere any more? LOL

    OTOH, there's a free slot above soft button 2, which might be used to keep the two options always visible (the Rate preview one might just be greyed out when not applicable).