Main out TRS and XLR wired together?

  • Does someone know if the TRS and XLR main outs are physically wired together? I suspect this is so since they cannot be retasked separately. I would like to know because I would like to use both at the same time with balanced XLR cables to the mixer and an unbalanced stereo amplifier with the 1/4 outputs. I guess the unbalanced 1/4 jack would short the cold signal and I would lose the noise reduction if they are directly wired together.


  • I'm not sure about wiring, but I know you can use both the main TRS and XLR outputs at the same time. I do this from time to time when I play larger venues. I always run in stereo at all shows using the XLR outs, and then when I want to run my monitors in stereo, I connect them using the TRS outs. I'll also then add in the monitor out for one more monitor behind me. When people walk into my area on the stage . . . they know it!

  • Yes, it would work. What I'm wondering is if I would lose the balanced output of the XLR. I try to use balanced connections everywhere I can since it really helps with ground loops and to some degree, noise. If the jacks are wired together, the 1/4 mono jack will short cold and ground together.