Kemper Headphones

  • I hear so often that people hate their sound on their headphones.

    I'm a bit of a heaphones collector so i have my pairs that sound okay with the kemper BUT

    most of the headphones are spectacularly unlinear.

    So far i like the JBL Synchros 500, the V-Moda Crossfade m100 and the Sennheiser HD650 the most

    but how cool would be Kemper headphones that sound linear an pleasing to guitarsounds.

    Maybe this could be a Problemsolver for many players tha need to play with headphones.

    Here is one idea for these headphones

    a linear mode and a eqed mode that simply sounds nice with guitarsounds, a bit darker, less 4k and so on for recudes fizz

    or just rebrand the the crossfades :D they are not as linear as the Sennheiser but sound nice with guitar <3

  • Ahh good to know ! they are not linear either so

    maybe they sound well while playing but for tweaking they are not linear enough

    that is why i would love to have both options ... avanton mixphones are a bit like how i imagine

    perfect headphoens for the kemper

  • Nice guitarsound seems to be a matter of taste. I like the Beyerdynamic DT 770 with the Kemper. They should meet your expectations (a little bass heavy, 4000k dip, quite linear).

    PS: I wouldn't give too much on the curves ;) (…namic-dt-770-pro-250-ohm/ vs.…770-pro-250-ohm-softskin/ ...the Softskin seems to have a MASSIVE effect around 200Hz *irony off* :D )

    My biggest fear is when I die my wife will sell my guitars for what I told her they cost.

  • I like my pretty unlinear V-Moda headphones too for guitar sounds but i would never ever tweak my sound on these headphones. And this is the point ...

    And of course the sealing makes a lot of a difference when it comes to the frequency response ... i guess with these results they measure with a head instead of freefield measuring . The curves are the only objective way to judge a headphone. And while there is a fluctuation of the results like you see in the highs of both headphones when you compare them the low mid make obsolutely sense to be way more pronouced with a better sealing ...