Switching Input & Output for different guitars

  • Hi. I’m seeking advice from those of you with more experience than me pls (only had the Kemper about a year).

    I have a Deusenberg, a Strat, a Tele & a bass and have set up different inputs & outputs for each as they need different clean/distortion sense & eq to sound their best. I keep the Input & Output locked so they won’t change when I move to another song.

    I tend to use the remote & different rigs for each song with switches 1 - 5 relating to verses, chorus, Bridge, etc.

    I’d like to grab a guitar on whim, quickly change to the relevant In & Out settings & know I can play any song in my set without further change. So, is there a way to set up a remote switch or program something so I can click a button (for example; which I may have labelled, ‘Tele’) and both the Input & Output will simultaneously change to what I require? Ideally I would have 3 or 4 switches so I can easily move between 3-4 guitars.


  • All parameters you mentioned are listed in MIDI Specs of Kemper, so in theory you would need a programmable MIDI controller which is able to send a few SYSEX messages. This is very easy to do from DAW, like Logic Pro X, but I'm not sure there exists any hardware controller capable of doing it (some keyboards, like Roland FA-06 would be able to do it, too but it is an overkill probably and stepping on a keyboard might be a bit awkward. Your last option is soldering iron and Arduino :)

  • For fun, check with the guys at Disaster Area Designs. They do all sorts of midi controllers that are guitar-specific. Even if it doesn't exist, they could tell you what's possible.

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