Performance mode skipping performances going up and down

  • I cannot reproduce such issues with OS 8.7.10 just hitting the up and down buttons of the RIG navigation cross of a Head model nor the up and down foot buttons of a Remote or Stage. If I hold a bit longer, scrolling starts as intended. If Rig Manager is connected or not makes no difference. I can even hit a button multiple times (hearing multiple mechanical clicks of the button) and the PROFILER follows steping up or down the corresponding number of Performances.

    If you cannot control single steps versus scrolling with the current OS, please open a support ticket and send a video demonstrating how you hit the button and how the Performance gets loaded.

    Dear Burkhard. Lucky you. I was on holidays and made a video today. It still appears randomly. I will sent the video to you. I am on the latest OS.

    Best regards


  • The same is happening with my Kemper Head. Despite requests to both address and fix the issue, the problem has remained unsolved for over two years now. It always annoys me when software developers reply with the tired old chestnut, "can't reproduce the issue" With due respect, Mr. Burkhard, we're not interested in what you can or cannot reproduce. The issue is real as is evidenced by the this thread and we are humbly requesting a fix.

    Kind regards,


  • My Kemper still randomly skips performances using the exterior buttons. It always has and the new software 8.7 hasn't changed it. What 8.7 did was increase my analog output volume tremendously. I have since compensated.

  • This happens to me as well, usually the first time changing performance after boot on the Toaster itself. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. Also, every now and then the performance changes on screen but the sound doesn't change or at least doesn't match the performance. I'll see if I can try to film it tonight.

    EDIT: Boring video I also shared in the ticket

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  • still happens randomly to me with the exterior buttons as well. I ended up buying a midi controller to switch performances so I could quit hassling with this long standing issue.

  • This happens to me if I accidentally fat foot both the ^ and 1 at the same time. For both up and down with 1 and 2. Not sure if this is a "feature" but if so, would be nice to be able to disable it!

  • this issue has been a intermittent problem ever since I have owned my profiler. It still often does it if I use the up/down buttons on the front of the toaster. Live I use a foot switch that lets me choose a bank channel and then the slot and then it sends the direct message to the profiler so I won’t have this issue.