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    I have a keytone pickup exchanger pedal that works nicely for that. If you’re looking to go from humbucker to single coil sounds and vice versa, take a look at some YouTube videos of people using the GEQ-7 EQ pedal for this and mimic that with Kempers equalizer.

    This would be an incredible feature. I think there’s a workaround as well . See the video link below where he takes just a distortion box straight into a DAW then uses an EQ match to reproduce the sounds of the guitar and amp combination on a Foo Fighters recording. It’s pretty straightforward to do in an Daw and there are several plug-ins to do that. You can also do it on an iPad with a fab filter Eq plug. I think you can export those EQ curves as IR files and then load them into the cab section of the kemper??

    Agreed it would be a killer feature to do on the Kemper

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    Did you get the settings for that Morgan before you liquefied it or did you just wing it? If you have the settings, please share because that is a great amp, and I would like the liquid version of it that true to it

    Ahh. So when I’ve been tweaking a few slots in a performance with Rig manager attached and meaning to save just the slot I was working on at that moment I have actually been saving the tweaks to ALL the different slots in that performance I have tweaked. Yikes! That explains a lot of my problems with Rig manager. When Rig manager is attached, is there anyway to save only the slot you are working on and not the whole performance?

    There is no reference to any existing Rig in the browse pool. It gets added. A Rig with the same name could already exist. But according to your example the new one has Definition set at a different level and the creation date is current.

    I’d like to clarify something for myself. You stated that hitting the store button three times saves the entire performance, which would save all the changes of any tweaks you did in ANY slot of that performance under certain circumstances.

    I believe it’s when the profiler is plugged into the Rig manager, If you tweak and switch to another slot, the tweaks in the slot you were just in still stay there until you switch to another performance and back. So in that situation, if I was just wanting to save the tweaks I did in the slot I am currently in and hit store three times I would actually save the tweaks in all the slots I have been in and tweaked in that performance bank?

    I agree that the USB audio feature isn’t much use for recording as I have a decent MOTU interface with multiple ins and outs. However, there are two areas where it is killer. One is on the go quick ideas with a laptop or iPad without the need to have another interface with you. The other (much more interesting to me personally) is the ability to run Roxsyn and Midi Guitar 2 on my iPad with the Kemper. Imcan aslso see live uses for guys who trigger the odd sample or intro music from a laptop or iPad live.

    That’s where I have found a great use for USB audio. I can easily plug an iPhone, or iPad into the kemper and immediately have all the great audio programs that are available for that platform like midi get 2 and Roxsyn as well as the free TONEX plug-in. I use a cheap $20 Pedal to control the balance between the two units and I can easily achieve dual amp set ups, and all kinds of crazy effects. Awesome for live use!

    Has anybody had much luck from the commercial profilers out there getting them to provide their settings (if they saved them) that they used during profiling for previous stuff you’ve purchased? I’m hoping some would provide that for free without trying to resell the same stuff as a liquid profile pack (assuming that they did save the settings and they are just upgrading a profile to the new liquid profile and reselling it).

    it’s a pretty diverse piece and I’ve already got five of the performance slots dedicated. I was trying not to have a sixth spot to have to switch to a different bank because I’d like to keep my performance as tidy, one for each song, was just wondering if what I was trying to do was going to be possible. not a big deal, but sometimes somebody has a way of approaching things that I haven’t thought of.

    no remote. Just the head.

    I do have a two button dual, foot switch, controller, as well as expression pedal going into the back. I use the two button controller to scroll up and down Rigs/slots. I guess I could program that to morph? Only problem is I just need that for a couple of songs and you have to choose the dual foot switch globally in the system menu and not per rig , so I have to go back and change my settings in between the songs I need to use the switch or morph.

    I’m surprised that the delay pitch harmonic effect has doesn’t an overall mix knob so my situation would be easy to handle. Maybe I missed something as most effects do have an overall mix knob. I thought I scanned all the controls, but I can look in a refrigerator and miss the ketchup sitting right in front of me!

    As others have said, you can’t turn things on/off only change continuous values.

    could you use the Fx switches I - IIII? You can use these to toggle states so both delays can be assigned to the same switch. On position would be Delay A. Pressing the switch would turn off Delay A and simultaneously turn on Delay B. This would only work if the song always has at least one of the delays on.

    I have the profile head, not the stage. Is it possible to toggle states with fx slot buttons one through four and keep it rig specific?

    trying to see if I can set up a morph that turns off an effect and turns another one on at the ends of the pedal range. Reading to the manual it says it can adjust any continuous parameters. I take it that means it cannot turn an effect on and off. The reason why I want to do this is I want to turn off one delay type and on a different delay type during on certain part of the song without having to switch to a completely different rig slot. I don’t believe that the pitch harmonic delay types have an overall mix knob that I could inversely modulate with the morph pedal, so I would need to turn one off delay type (dual delay) and turn the other on. (unless I somehow missed that on the interface of the effect ). any ideas or help is appreciated.