Elderly Guitarist needs advice

  • hi,

    I am an older player, getting use to new tech.thinking about reamping & have read a lot.

    I have a U/A Apollo Twin X

    1) my a/I has an optical in , is it ok to use a converter ie spdif - optical to connect my kemper ? If so any suggestions on what unit..please

    2) my a/I has no spdif out...can I still reamp ?............if so how please


  • You can still reamp. You only need an output from the DAW to the Kemper input and another output from the Kemper to the DAW (audio interface).

    Many people use SPDIF since there‘s less DAAD conversions involved (preamps etc.) and - personal opinion - it is easy to use.

    However, SPDIF is no requirement for the reamping concept.

  • This tells you all you need to know for re-amping and such. So, a 4 input interface would be the best.

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