Obtaining Commercial Profiles from Providers No Longer In Business?

  • Hi All,

    Lately I've been on a hunt for the best JCM800 profiles. Following the suggestions on this forum, I've found a few packs I would like to purchase, but seemingly unable to do so. For example vradstudios has a soundcloud site with some great clips, but vradstudios.com doesn't seem to be alive anymore. Also Premier Profiles was recommended for great JCM800 profiles, their site is still up, but when I put the item in my cart and go to checkout, it says they aren't setup to take payments at this time.

    This made me think, what are the terms of ownership after a commercial provider leaves the space? Could someone who owns those profiles sell to me, could they be given to me or provided to all on the RigExchange? Has anyone encountered a similar situation where you wanted some commercial profiles but they could no longer be purchased, what did you do?

  • Why don't you mail Premier Profiles and ask them what's going on. There are other vendors too that sell JCM800 profiles. Vendors don't accept others trying to sell their profiles to someone else. You wouldn't like that either if it was your profiles. Don't get me wrong I'm not picking on you. It's not legal either to upload others profiles on RE. Free or not. But if someone sell their kemper it's accepted the profiles will be included in the purchase. If some profiles won't be able to purchase at all, tough luck and accept the fact. Like I said there are always other vendors.

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