Strange behavior of the remote

  • I attached a video.
    You can see the remote after the boot of the profiler head (newest official OS).

    The remote does not boot until finish, it stays in a situation in which one button is blinking red.
    Then I push that button and the remote finishes booting.
    If I don't push the button, the remote will stay in this blinking situation and will not boot until the end.

    Does anybody know what is the problem of the remote?

    Problem with Remote

  • Hello.
    Yes, it is the original cable.
    I didn't try another cable because the Ethernet cables, I have, are longer than the original Kemper cable.
    What is the problem of the Remote? Doesn't it get enough power? But if so, if I hit the button the remote boots correctly.
    So I don't understand why the cable could be the problem. After pushing the button, the Remote works fine with the connected cable.

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