[SOLVED] Full Factory reset on Kemper Stage

  • Hello,

    I am unable to do a full factory reset on my Kemper Stage. I searched for "reset", "factory reset", "recovery" etc on the manual and nothing popped out.

    I did it once but don't know how to do it again. I tried starting the kemper while pushing the soft1 button and the system buttons but I couldn't enter the recovery screen.

    Can anyone help me?

    I want to erase EVERYTHING and put it like stock. Please don't tell me that I can do it with Rig manager etc... I want to do a FULL reset with the proper factory reset.

    Thank you very much.

  • Apparently the button combination for the stage is the SOFT1 button above the screen + SYSTEM button pushed together while turning on. This way the purple recovery screen appeared for complete factory reset.

  • I had problems with my stage and the support asked me to follow those steps :

    In order to reset the PROFILER to the as-delivered-state please perform the following steps:

    1. First, consider to create a backup as this process will delete all user data and reset all settings.

    2. Upgrade to the current PROFILER operating system release software. The steps are described in the manual.

    3. Press and hold the System button and the soft button 1 (left button over the display)

    and turn on the device, so that the Profiler Stage will startup.

    4. Keep holding the buttons until "System Maintenance " appears on the display.

    5. In Maintenance Mode press "Recovery", "Flash Init", "Yes", "Ok".

    6. Then press the EXIT button and reboot or simply restart the PROFILER via the chicken-head knob. The PROFILER will now start empty without any data.

    7. Restore the attached backup via USB memory stick. The process is explained in the manual. The PROFILER will restart automatically.

    8. Shut down. Press and Hold the two buttons RIG and SYSTEM while powering on. Keep holding until message appears "Initializing…".

    The PROFILER will now start like a brand-new device under current software and will ask for your confirmation of date, time and Owner Name entry.

    Don't know if you need to follow all the procedure.....(backup, etc...)

  • A usb stick isn't necessary. In maintenance mode you have 2 options. 1 is "flash init" the other one is "Flash&Factory reset". I just selected the factory reset option and done. The key is on how to enter the maintenance mode, which I didn't find in the 360 pages manual. As said before, SOFT1 + SYSTEM TOGETHER while starting up.