Recent upgrade to firmware caused issues

  • Recent upgrade to firmware caused issues

    Some profiles are not audible at all. When I hit a string on guitar there is a delay to output, and the sound is very compressed now on profiles that do work.
    Anyone else have these issues?

  • make sure that you are using Master Mono as the output source for the monitor output in the output menu.

    You can also use the "init globals" function in the system menu to reset the global settings to their factory default state.

  • It was really all messed up at one point, I checked output it was set to Master Mono
    I ended up doing a factory reset. Its back up now and working. I have 1 profile crunch.
    Im trying to update the firmware via Rig manager but its hung on "scanning for profilers". Im not concerned about the lost profiles I have them saved on a hard drive, but I would liek to get this back up completely.

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  • I do not understand the route from "Some profiles are not audible at all. When I hit a string on guitar there is a delay to output, and the sound is very compressed now on profiles that do work." to only having one Rig "Crunch" left!? The suggested Init Globals doesn't delete any data under any circumstances. And the normal factory reset also doesn't do it. And now there is the next issue that Rig Manager doesn't see the PROFILER!?

    You verified the Output Source of the MONITOR OUT (Master Mono). Have you checked if your head is really fed by that output. Perhaps the cable is plugged into another output and therefor another Output Source matters. Or the output volume of the relevant output is cranked down.

    Perhaps you had an issue with the Mix or signal routing of the modules DLY and REV and potentially locked modules, so that it affected all Rigs. The suggested Init Globals would have healed that situation and at least the factory Rigs would sound normally. Have you performed the Init Globals and what was the result?

    Had you done a simple test plugging headphones into the PROFILER HEADPHONE OUT as a reference?

    We do not recommend tube heads to amplify the PROFILER signal to speaker level. But if you do, you should use the return of an effect loop and the guitar input of that head.

    Regarding Rig Manager, have you plugged in a USB cable? Did this combination (Rig Manager and PROFILER) ever work before? Perhaps you are using a current Rig Manager while the OS of the PROFILER is very old e.g. 4.0. Which versions are involved?

    You can upgrade the PROFILER to current via USB flash drive at any time, If your current OS version is before 7.3.2, you need to take an interim step and install that revision first. You find 7.3.2 for that upgrade at the downlaod page at Older Sofwtare Versions. Instructions are included in that package.

    Then upgrade to the current OS 8.7.10 and perform a Factory Reset, which you find in System Settings. Hold the soft button for a moment and then follow the on screen instructions. This will recover the complete current as-delivered-state.

  • Thanks the profiler is back online. I’ll do my best to clarify what happened. And I appreciate your quick responses.

    1. I upgraded the firmware to latest version, rebooted.

    2. I upgraded rig manager to latest version.

    3. At first it was fine, while playing all of a sudden, without touching anything, the sound changed to a very compressed, muffled sound. Difficult to describe, but various profiles sounded


    4. I began to try different rigs, profiles and they all sounded bad. Some profiles, rigs, produced no sound output at all. The output LED was blinking as I played but nothing was coming out. I did verify the output source of the MONITOR OUT (Master Mono). I unfortunately did not try "Init Globals", this is a step I should have tried, but wasn’t aware of. I didn’t do the headphone test either. I restarted the profiler, no change, sound was muffled. Also forgot to mention, when problems started, in addition to muffled sound, when I hit a string on guitar, there was a delay to actual sound output of about 1 second.

    5. It was at this point I did factory reset, and the profiler was restored with 1 profile CRUNCH, and at this point the profiler was working fine. Audio was normal

    6. Upgraded firmware to latest version, rebooted. Deleted Rig manager on PC, and reinstalled to latest version.

    7. Profiler at this stage was fine. Rig manager is now connected. I have loaded up factory preset profiles, and everything is working. I just need to load up a few saved profiles I have.

    Please note: I do use the "return" on my effect loop and the guitar input of the head I'm using. I’ve been using this config for about 2 years now, and Ive never had tech issues. I am near term looking to use powered speakers for the Kemper, currently shopping around. For now, I’m using this head, and I’ve never had issues until this last upgrade. I also have a guitar interface into my PC (a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6), I have tried to get this to work so I can play into PC, and hear sound from monitors, but I haven’t been able to get this to work yet, (A little tech challenged on this part ) This is why I’m currently using my amp. Any insight you can share would be great! Are there powered speakers you can recommend?

    Thanks again for your help.
    Gary G

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  • Unfortunately, the scenarios are unclear.

    You seem to have ugraded to "latest version" twice. However, it's not possible to upgrade to the same version. Just another example, that the statement "latest version" is fuzzy. We always need to know the exact version number.

    A factory reset doesn't end up with an empty system. "Crunch" is just the hard-coded default Rig, which shows up while there is no Rig in the browse pool. So it's unclear what you have really done to wipe out all data. A factory reset restores all factory content instead.

    You are mentioning the RETURN being used by your effect loop. It's the first you are mentioning such a loop. The obvious question here is, is the issue related to Rigs with active effect loop? Perhaps external gear was disconnected, battery empty, cable broken.... What happened, when you disabled the Effect Loop, while the issue was present?

    I guess, we have way too many loose ends to figure out what happened.

  • Thanks for the responses. I think the first upgrade of the firmware which was done via RIG manager, simply did not go well. Bottom line is something went wrong, and its now fixed. I Appreciate your input.