Kemper spdif with Audient Audio Interfaces

  • Hello, I used to run my Kemper into my Apogee Ensemble via Coax in and O Issues.

    Now I want to switch to Audient Interfaces, probably ID44 MK 2 . It has 2 ADAT in/outs.

    Does anyone know if I can hook up the Kemper through these ADAT in/outs with a Coax to spdif Box or directly through optical cables?

    I cant figure out whether the ADAT in outs can do SPDIF..maybe someone here uses Kemper with audient digitally?


  • I think your interface has optical ins and outs so you’ll need converters, It looks like it’ll run SPDIF or ADAT so should be fine with the KPA. I have an Apollo twin and I bought a cheap converter from Amazon. It works really well.

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  • I think ADAT can do 8 or more channels, SPDIF does only two. If you use a convertor to SPDIF just know you can only use the two channels.

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