Kemper Player can not enable post effects

  • In some profiles, downloaded to my Player - I can not figure out how to enable post amp/cab effects - any effect I put there is not working

    Any ideas ?

  • I’ve come across this on the Amalgam super Bass Profiles.

    I started changing outputs to whatever and back and had it working but keep forgetting something I’ve done because I’m back to step one

  • exactly same - it happens with Amalgam Super Bass Profile - I think the profile is "locked" - I remember on the old unit, I had to unlock it to be able to activate the effects - but I do not see any option to unlock In Player RM

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    Locking is a global setting. It doesn't happen on a Rig level and isn't stored by Rig. Therefor it cannot be transferred to the Player via Rig transfer, And the Player has no Locking feature.

    My suspicion is, that the effects section has been switched off in those Rigs. If such a Rig gets imported into a PROFILER Stage, the section gets automatically activated. But it seems, the Player doesn't do that. Our engineering is looking into this. In the meantime you need to make sure that the Stomps, Stack and Effects Section of those Rigs are not switched off, which should normally not be the case.

    The only workaround coming to my mind: Switch on effects section in Player via NRPN comands:

    CC #99 value 04

    CC #98 value 66

    CC #06 value 00

    CC #38 value 01

    66 is for the effect section. Stomps section is 64 and stack is 65.

  • I have figured out this workaround:

    . I just saved the stack as a preset and then open the new preset and import that stack in it.

    Then add whatever effects I need

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